Indian School of Business Co20 - Admissions

This group is dedictaed to applicants for ISB's Class of 2020. Admissions Close on 15 Oct 2018 (R1) and 15 January 2019 (R2)

Please fix the dates, since this may mislead applicants. The deadlines are actually 15th September 2018 and 15th December 2018.

Do the essay topics remain the same for Round 1 and Round 2 applications?

Hello everyone! I am an entrepreneur, and an ISB student. I am looking to connect with entrepreneurs/people who've worked in startups, applying in this cycle or the next, and who need assistance with application and interview preparation. e-mail: [email protected] 

Is there a networking group for applicants for ISB class of 2020 ? EEO / YLP applicants as well !!

After how much time does the manager receive the evaluation link, after I have recommended him as my evaluator ??

Hello everyone! I am in the current class of 2019 @ Hyderabad campus. I know how you all must be overwhelmed with emotions right now as the interview dates are approaching. 

I benefited a lot from the PagalGuy forum during my application days which brings me back here to help you in any way I can. Feel free to PM/comment here if you have any questions about admissions, interviews, or ISB life in general. 

Can help you in interview preparation through mock interviews and general guidance from top B-School alumni! Send me a PM if you need help!

Hi all

I have been selected for Isb class of 2020. Is there any group for admitted people?

cycle 2 results out ?

PrepMinds is offering a range of services, especially for ISB aspirants. What could be better than hearing from the horses' mouth? Get connected with ISB Alumni and kickstart your admission process for ISB. We have a few exciting offers as well. Hurry up!! 

Hi all, I have received an interview call for R3. I clearly remember choosing 'Hyderabad' as my campus preference while applying but in the printed application it says 'No Preference'. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks.

Cycle 2 results out ?

could anyone here ping if they opted for Business technology management specialization from ISB corusera. 

 attended pgp pro interview.thought it went on well.but got a rejection yesteday.contemplating next step.has any one got through this phase ? 



I am an alumni of ISB. I am giving away for hard copies of my course packs at a very reasonable price. Course packs are case studies and study material at ISB. Having this in advance and reading through it will position you better in life and also at ISB, or any other MBA college. Please contact me on 9819283732 for further details. 

Any converts for people who interviewed on 4th or 5th Jan?

Congratulations ISB and IIM one year folks

Interesting to know about this thanks for share    

I have 24 months of work experience but in between due to health reasons I had to take sabbatical leave /LOA of almost 1.5 will I still be eligible for class of 2021. Also due to COVID 19 recession I had to loose my job so I don't have option to further work and increase my work experience.