Indian Overseas Bank CWE/PO -IV candidates

Selected Candidates for Indian Overseas Bank in PO 2015-2016

Welcome Indian Overseas Bank PO candidates

Hii guys iam from you have any idea about where last year PO candidates from telangana were posted and where was their training? ?

Heyii guys..,,,,, 973 openings me se bas itne....

hi folks!!!

Anyone from delhi 

Guys I too am part of you.. Congrats all..

Me too.into iob.frm chennai

Hi guys got IOB and i m from delhi. Can any body tell that when got know our location?

Congrats all. Does anyone have an idea of when we will be called for joining?

Hi everyone I am too an iobian, does anyone have any knowledge regarding when offer letter will be given by iob, and by what time we all will be set for training.

anyone from AP.....

Next process would be bank releasing the notification for PO-4 candidates .The details regarding training and other things would be given by them .Till then we have to wait ...

Anyone know Probation period in IOB for PO ? Is it 1 year or 2 years?

Anyone have any idea about iob training centres?

COngrats all. I also got IOB. I m from Lucknow up.

Anyone from maharashtra???

Got Selected in IOB. Whats next ? Can any one tel me what will be the process next? 

my personal num - 9952066804

Make sure everyone check their registered email id regularly .

##copied from last year notification

Email notification specifying the document(s)/certificate(s) to be submitted to prove

their eligibility will be sent to the candidates individually at the email id provided at the time of online registration.