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Friends… If you are searching stuffs related to Indian Institute of Mass Communication Entrance Test, then visit these blogs… These blogs are moderated by IIMC Alumni Association… Lins… IIMC Entrance Counselling and…


If you are searching stuffs related to Indian Institute of Mass Communication Entrance Test, then visit these blogs....

These blogs are moderated by IIMC Alumni Association...


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hiiiiiiiii..can anyone give information about any coaching class for entrance of IIMC or Jamia Milia Exam in kolkata?..i m not satisfied with my own preperation for those exams.......pls suggest me some coaching institute....T.I.M.E. or Erudite provide cat exam they provide coaching for mass communication entrance??????

1. A good level of general awareness is must to crack IIMC entrance as most of the questions will be asked from this field only. Go through the main social, political, economical, International and sports news of the last six months. It's good if you have collected the newspaper/magazine cuttings of major events. In case you haven't arranged it, do it as soon as possible through net or elsewhere. There is no need to read one year-old magazine.

2. Don't read anything new two days of the entrance. It will be better if you revise old stuff.

3. For better analysis of news, you can read magazines like The India Today, Frontline, Outlook, Pritoyogita Darpan or Competition Success Review. Among papers, reading editorials of the Hindu and the Indian Express will help you a great deal.

4. In the examination hall, be positive from the very first moment. Don't think those who have cracked IIMC entrance test were from some other world. They were like you, like me. If they can, why can't you?

5. While attempting question paper, avoid making grammatical errors.

6. Don't write lengthy answers. It's the content that matters at IIMC, not the length. If you have knowledge about a particular topic, you can convey your message in 400 words, on contrast, if you are short of facts you can waste a lot of pages of no use.

7. Write what you think or feel about a topic, not what you have read about it in a magazine or in a newspaper. Convince your point properly and don't write contrary points about the same thing as it may confuse the examiner also.

8. Attempt the shorter questions (abbreviations, one, two or four marks) first as those will be less time consuming and will give you the maximum score. Avoid writing wrong facts and unnecessary things as it could be easily pointed out by the examiner.

9. Duration of entrance exam is two hour, so don't waste much time on one answer. Time management is very necessary, better if you keep a watch in front of you.

10. Written test carries 85% marks, so score as much as possible in it as it can compensate your marks in case you do badly in the interview.

Suggestions for the interview

Interview is your personality test. It is what you have imbibed in your persona in last 20 or 21 years. So, there is nothing particular that I can suggest you but a few advices I would like to give you, are

1. Your appearance is the first thing a panellist will notice. So, get dressed smartly. Better, if you put on formals.

2. Don't lose your confidence at any point of interview. Be specific and straightforward in your answers. Panellist can create weird situations but don't get pressurised.

3. Don't present the wrong facts to convince your point to the panellists. They are specialists in their own field and if you try to make them fool you will be on the losing end. If you don't know the right answer, tell them politely.

4. If you have any published work with you, show it to them, it will give them a good impression.

5. Don't let them feel as if you are coming in journalism accidently. Convince them you are choosing the field because you are the most appropriate person for it.

I hope these suggestions/advices will definitely work for you to get into IIMC. And last but not the least, even if you won't get through, don't feel inferior. If you believe in hard work and are focused in your life you will definitely get success, if not now then later, if not at IIMC then somewhere else. It's your attitude that will win you the race, not the success in just one entrance.

Many people could not get into fields where they wanted to go but they still became successful because their attitude towards life was positive and no work was small or inferior to them. Thanks. And all the best.

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hey anyone here who has clered the english journalism paper for IIMC??/

you have visit the this web site"> IIMC

i m totally puzzeled from wer shud i prepare for iimc entrance

plz sm1 gv me the list of top 5 mass and comm coll in india

Hello. I am planning to apply for the 2014-15 PG diploma in IIMC. the eligibility says the date of birth should be 01/08/1989 or later. my Date of birth is 19/05/1988. am i eligible to apply ? please let me know urgently. Thank you.

iimc or symbi banglore?

hi....i wanted some information regarding Delhi School of Communication ( as IIMC too is a mass comm college hope you can help) their site it is written that DSC is "Not in the purview of AICTE approval but authorized study centre for Hissar University (UGC approved)"..basically does it fall under AICTE category or does all AICTE rules apply to it or not? Kindly pls clarify ASAP!

Thanks in advance 😃

Hi, does anyone have any clue as to what to prepare for Advertising and PR entrance?

Has anyone gone thru last year'syear's(2014-15) adv n PR qpaper?? The first question gives quotes of Leo Burnett and David Ogilvy and asks to critically analyze with AS MANY EXAMPLES OF ADS as v could!! How to tackle this type of questions??? What kind of ads is it tokin abt?? Please help!!!! M not from advert background!

how difficult did you guys find the advertising and pr question paper this year?What about the 1st and last questions?

Greetings and Hi there,

Just a couple of questions. I would really appreciate if someone could take out the time to answer these three questions of mine.

1. Which is the most sought-after course in IIMC? Is it R&TV Journalism or A&PR Journalism? It surely isn't English Journalism, is it?

2. I wanted to pursue R&TV Journalism in IIMC. However, as fate would have it, I didn't get 'The Call'. But I did get it for English Journalism.

Is it worth doing English Journalism (if I manage to get through the GD/PI round) when all I hoped for was to get into R&TV Journalism? Would it be satisfactory (in terms of job satisfaction) in the long run? 

3. I am a noob when it comes to Journalism. Would somebody be so kind as to explain me the highs and lows of English Journalism as a career? 

Thanks in advance. Cheers. 😃

Hi puys...I have a couple of questions... I got a GD-PI call for ad and PR...can any seniors(or rather ex-students) share their gd-pi experiences or shed some light on the kind of topics we should focus on? Also what kind of questions are focused on in the interview?

not a question about iimc but does someone know how good sri aurobindo centre for arts and communication new delhi is for an advertising and pr diploma?

When will the gdpi final results be out???? The iimc office told me it will come out on either 14 or 15! Any more info people???

Congratulations to all those who made it to the second list!! Well deserved!

How good is Dhenkanal Campus as compared to Delhi Campus?