IMT Nagpur [2010-2012] Final Converts

Hi Puys, All who have converted and joining IMT-Nagpur lets know each other… Please ask ur queries here and I request seniors to throw some light on them… I am in for PGDM- Finance… from delhi (NCR-Faridabad)…

Hi Puys,

All who have converted and joining IMT-Nagpur lets know each other...
Please ask ur queries here and I request seniors to throw some light on them....
I am in for PGDM- Finance.... from delhi (NCR-Faridabad)...

Hi Puys,

All who have converted and joining IMT-Nagpur lets know each other...
Please ask ur queries here and I ask seniors to throw some light on them....
I am in for PGDM- Finance.... from delhi (NCR-Faridabad)...

Thanks for starting this thread. I m in for PGDM- HR .

i hv got a call 4 pgdm hr too

I got call for IMT -N Finance ,not joining it .All the best to waitlist people :splat:

got a call from PGDM-FT. Wont be joining though.
Congrats to all the call getters.

me PGDM (FT)

Sayantanbnrj Says
me PGDM (FT)

Everyne pls keep on adding ur homecity as well...

Converted PGDM - FT and not joining.. made up my mind. All the best to waitlisted guys.

joining... pgdm hr. m frm vizag.

puys, how're placements at IMT-N? last yr every coll has had bad placements. wat abt this time? wat abt the avg packages n % of ppl placed so far?

i have got pgdm finance at imt,nagpur......i want 2 switch over to pgdm full there anyone who wants 2 switch over from full time to finance......plz tell me....urgent........i want 2 know that in pgdm full time,do we have freedom 2 choose spec of our choice in 2nd yr or is it only marketing?

Hey, I am from Ahmedabad. I got through IMT Nagpur PGDM.
I am a little confused on whether to take it up or not..
Can somebody help me with it?
Wat about the packages of IMT-N for 2010?

got pgdm finance.....m frm bhopal....done through analysis n hence joining...

Hi all i got PGDM HR, i am from jabalpur

Guys for all your querries, please refer to this post, i had posted it on Pg 80 of the 2010-2012 IMT....... thread and now i am posting it on this thread for your convinience


Hi friends,

i think it is time we put a consolidated post with good information about IMT N because there seems to be a lot of confusion on the threads about the college

I am from 2009-11 batch and i am also a member of the placement committee

Lets start with the 2009-11 batch quality

Our batch has a highest CAT %le of 99.4 and an average of 91

we have a lot of experienced people from companies like SAP, EnY, Infy cognizant, etc etc

Now for the college Infrastructure

College infra is great, good sports, very chilled out campus life, no resrtictions, strict attendance policy (85%)

We have TT, Tennis, Basketball, football

Library is the best in the west and 5th best in the country

Hostels are decent, however we have common showers which i did not expect myself when we joined

Mess food is ok, somethings are good, but you tend to get bored with it

Canteen sucks except the Samosas

We have a co-op store which serves good food like pizzas, burgers etc

Internet connectivity is good and we have another leased line activating next year so willl get better

Now about the Faculty

Excellent, we have good Marketing faculty members, maybe the best you would find anywhere

We have the likes of Subodh Sir, Jaysimha Sir, Gadgil Sir and others

Decent with Dr Salman Ahmed being the best faculty on campus and Asia's 2nd best Psycologist

Some new HR faculties have been appointed i wont be able to comment on that

I think the Operations faculty in IMT is the best and that is the reason why a lot of students from our batch have opted for Ops electives



Now for the Placements
As of now the placements are close to 70% with the highest on campus pay of 8.1L and off campus of 18L

This year we had lot of big companies coming to campus and that has made the placements better, much better than last year

The average if calculated may go to 5 but actual average, which is anything a student normally gets is 4-4.5

We had good companies participating this year and we expect the placements to be much better for our batch

The lowest has been 3.6L but the profile was good

For Marketing, we had FMCG, Auto, Financial services and other sectors giving good profiles

Profiles given include Channel Sales, Market Research, Business Marketing etc

Highest was 8.1 on campus and 18 offcampus (this is brand management)

PSU banks, private banks and research firms were major recruiters

Profiles include Credit Analyst, Business Analyst and Research

Highest on campus till i left was 6.5L

Average was 4-4.5L

Not many people had opted for ops

The highest for ops was 8.1L and it was into supply chain

Highest again was 8.1L
Average was close to 5L and we had big companies recruiting for HR

Profiles included, Generalist roles, Recruitment, Training etc

Was a decent year for IT placements with highest being 6L and average being about 4L

(Figures here are all approximate as i do not have the exact figures but they should give you a clear picture)

Summer Internships
This year we had a much better summer internship season compared to last year

Out of a batch of 315, about 60% took up prjects through thier own contacts and 40% thru campus

We had highest stipend of 15,000 per month on campus and lowest was 3000pm

A word of caution:
Core Finance internships are difficult to get so you need to be prepared to work in different profiles

Something to cheer
We are probably the only school in tiered 2 segment which has 3 out of 5 big advertising firms giving good summer internships

We had profiles like Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Customer Profiling, Market Research, Performance Management, Supply Chain, Equity Research etc being offered for Summers

Some Final thoughts

One of our seniors has got a publication to be published in Harvard this year which is a big achievement by any standards

The learning in IMT is good and the faculty is also good

You need to be a self starter and you will get a great value add

If you are coming only for placements and you want a sureity that you will get more than a certain amount of money, then you might want to look at the average and take a conservative approach and then make your decision

Hope this gives a clear idea of things


Got in PGDM (Full Time) n i m joinin it .. I m from Mumbai..

got in PGDM(Finance), paid the frst installment, hometown bareilly(U.P.)

Got a call too for PGDM (HR)...

prateek_2121 refering to ur query, finance is one of the sought after specialisations here, think u can re-considering ur decision? but if u still want to shift to PGDM-Full time, there's anothr time later when u can do it. If few seats become available in any of the streams after the initial process of allotment, the college takes out a notice informing the students of the same and u can then fill in an application for a change. This process happens around october.

In Full time, u can opt for ANY specialisation as major, not just marketing, though it is one of the 'hot' streams people with FT go for...

i hope this answer helps..

take care and all the best !!!