Hello Puys,All those who are done with their IMT GD/PI process,can share their experiences on this thread…Please follow the below given format…Date-Center-Slot-Cat percentile-XII marks-X marks-work ex-extracurriculars:-GD top…

Hello Puys,All those who are done with their IMT GD/PI process,can share their experiences on this thread..Please follow the below given format....




Cat percentile-

XII marks-

X marks-

work ex-


GD topic-

PI-Grade your PI on scale of 5(5 being highest).

Please use this thread only for sharing the GD/PI experiences....For discussions related to the Interview calls and any other queries, please stick to the earlier thread...No irrelevant posts please.. And mods please make the thread sticky.All the best to everyone.

My GD/PI experience: hope it helps..

13th feb, morning 8:30

Venue- IMT Ghaziabad

First they will make you all sit in a big classroom where they will verify your documents..will take 30 to 45 minutes..then everyone will move for GD in groups..

GD: short case, Japanese PM visiting India on Republic Day is a good sign of India Japan relationship. but China doesnt have good relation with Japan and is watching that we are ignoring her for more friendly relations..discuss the consequences.. and what should India do?non sense topic..everyone was coming with non sense arguments like we should be afraid from China..china has largest population and similar economy with India ( 😲 )..I tried to bring the discussion to main issue as to whether we should focus on relationship with either just one of them or have friendly relation with both of them and be neutral ourselves.. average performance..

PI: two males..M1, M2.. M1 asked professional, career related ques..and M2 asked on personal background and opinions in general..

M1- What are you doing currently?

me- Talked about my role in it..explained the whole idea..and how is it faring..etc..

M1-you have filled 2nd preference as Marketing, why? what do you know about marketing?

me- told.

M1-what is the difference between a street vendor and a marketing Director?

me- (oh well!) talked about education, wide reach, more influence and convincing power..more creativity in campaigns..and good network..(basically I was blank and spoke anything that I could think) added that I will learn more about Marketing after first that should not be an issue..

M1- have you learned music? (i have mentioned in achievements that i got various awards at college level)

me- No.


because my parents were not serious for this..they are more education centered..and wanted me to focus on studies only..

-Do you want to learn in future?

me-yes definitely.

over to M2

he never heard of my hometown, asked about it..and what difference I have seen in Delhi/Noida and a suburban did you handle it..

me- told everything in detail..was very comfortable coz I was just being original.

M2- any advice you want to give your juniors from school who wana move to big cities..

me-told about not getting distracted towards glamour and focus on your objectives..and dont lose your identity blah blah

M2- which social networking site you use? (I mentioned social networking as my hobby)

me-mostly Twitter



M2-Do you follow shashi tharoor?

me-yes, I started following him after that Sunanda controversy..

M2-do you think social networking was responsible for the tragedy?

me-i dont think so.. social networking is just a platform to 'express' cannot be held 'responsible'..the problem lies within the was a personal problem between them..twitter just spread the word..

M2-what's your opinion about GM crops?

me-told..they are beneficial..should be promoted..most of the ppl have unscientific biases for these unconventional crops..but they are actually improved in nutritional quality, resistant to pesticides, crop yied..blah blah..they'll be good for agriculture overall.. can leave now..

me-thank you sir!

nothing extraordinary...very average sera sera..

Hi guys...

13th Feb... GDPI centre - XIMR, Mumbai, 12.30 pm slot
CAT - 99.66%
XII - 88.8
X- 89.83
Work Ex - 19 months at Aditya Birla Group
Hobbies - reading

GD topic was about the use of Facebook and Twitter in improving the recruitment by companies... Complete fish market. People went off the topic saying that after the selection in multiple companies, candidates can use social networking to judge which company is better by interacting with officials from the company... I argued the case saying that it lays a bad impression but every person except me being a fresher, didn't understand my point. Summarised the GD well enough.

PI - The same two person panel that supervised the GD. One of them knew about the plant I am working in... So he kept asking me about the various people in the company, my job band, the customers of the product, the manufacturing process. The other guy asked me about my engg grades, which were lower than my school scores and continuously degrading down the years. Asked me about GDP and fiscal deficit... politely declined. Some questions on Hobby - Reading. Barely took 10 minutes.

All other candidates were interviewed for around 20-25 minutes. Mine was very short - 10 minutes approx. A little skeptical about conversion. Let's see... Fingers crossed...

My GD/PI experience

13th Feb, 8.30 AM
IMT Hyderabad

I have done my B.Tech in Bio Tech, and currently working for an IT company with a work ex of about 3 and a half years.

We were given some time to go and have our break fast around 8.30 AM 😁

Around 9 AM, we were asked to go to a lecture hall where the registration process took place based on the panels we were listed in. Then, we were asked to wait in another hall, until all the registrations completed.

Around 9.30 Am we were asked to move to our respective halls based on the panel number for the GD/PI.

The group consisted of 8 guys, 6 guys did not turn up for the GD/PI.

We were given a case , and 5 minutes to read. We got the same case which has been mentioned in the below thread. it was about the Japanese PM visiting New Delhi on the 26th Jan and how it might effect our relationship with China and Japan . We had to discuss on this.

The GD was really smooth, we had plenty of time to speak, where every one complemented each other and added some relevant points and finally concluded with the whole group agreeing to continue the current ties with both Japan and China.

Then we were asked to summarize the GD, but we were hardly given 5 minutes to write😠

Then we were asked to wait outside the lecture hall ,and the PI started with the invigilators being the same(2 faculty member, one male and one female).

My interview was somewhat as follows:
M: Describe about yourself ?
I spoke about completing my education in Hyd, then work in Hyd

W: Asked me if had not been to any another place , cos of my previous answer.
I spoke about the cities I've been to.

W: Asked me something that I found different in these places
I spoke about the food being tasty in Himachal p

M: Asked me how come I did my B.Tech in one field and I ended up in the IT industry. (I expected this questionmg)
I justified my answer, but I'm not sure if it sounded convincingp

M: Asked me some question on my work ex.
I answered most of them, but some of my answers sounded bad😠

M: Then I was asked about the exchanges where my employer was listed and the current revenues.
Answered those questions.

M: Based on my above answer, he started asking me about derivative trading , especially options.
I was able to answer the questions, cos I've done some trading in Options😁

M: Asked me who the railway minister was and why was he in the news.
I answered, told cos of the interim railway budget which took place yesterday.

M: Asked me about the interim railway budget
I answered, that I had not gone through the budget(and i sat there expecting them to ask me about the IPL auctionsembarrased)

W: Asked what kind of news I read and do I follow politics
I answered, I just glance through the headlines and I don't follow politics😠

That was it guys.

Anything could be asked, just be relaxed and the interview would go smoothp
ATB for your GD/PI 👍.

Puys, please follow the link below for my GDPI experience.

All the best 👍

are gk ques being asked in every interviw??plz answer.......

Hey. Can you tell me if attested copies of college marksheets would suffice? I have applied for dulicate but havent received them yet.

Date- 14 Feb



Cat percentile-98.37

XII marks-91.2

X marks-93.2

work ex-7 months

GD topic-was a case study about how as a zonal manager you would handle unethical behavior. Was a typical fish market. Nobody was able to make any point. The moderators had to intervene in between and the gd ended only in 8-9 minutes.

PI- Asked about my job, politics, do you think delhi is the crime capital?, are advertisements offer or invitation to offer(since i am a commerce graduate). Very light gd, lasted about 15 minutes, pleasant people.

14TH Feb, 8:30 AM

Cat - 98.74
Acads - 88.2 85 83.7
Work ex - 28m HCL , 3m IBM


Case Study : You are the regional head and due to certain new policies have to fire some of the employees few of which are in the company for 30 yrs. how will you communicate.

Experience - Took 2-3 mins for it to become a fish market. Those unable to speak much were asked their views at the end(I was one of them). 11 member with one absent.

Panel - 2 people. one guy and one lady. Both middle aged. lady always had a smile on her face which was good.

Stats - 5 mins to read the case. 15 to discuss. 5 to write down the summary of discussion.

PI Experience -

I appeared in IMTG interview last time out also and have to say the panel this time as well was good, very welcoming and chilled. Some of the questions or points put to me were:

How is it today?
What do you have to say about your GD?
Isn't market same as this GD case where people won't listen to you?
How is GDP calculated?
Why only 3 months in IBM? Why did you leave?
What other calls you have?
Have you prepared for the interview season?
Rank IMT amongst the calls you have? Honestly.
What do you bring to and do for the IMT brand if you get selected?
If you get a placement from IMT and then leave the company after 3 months won't that affect IMT Brand?
What do you do in your free time?
What do you know about 'cloud computing'?
only pros? no negatives? Security?

Thanks! All the best for your future. It was lovely talking to you.

That's it. A hassle free and chilled process. The questions were based on the answers I was giving and also on my personal details form. Good luck to all who have yet to interview. Cheers!

kindly enlist the documents that I need to carry to the centre....also tell if we are allowed any paper to jot points DURING the discussion is taking place...

Hey guys i forgot to take the photocopy of the original personal detail form i filled. Will two duly filled original form do or do I need to get 1 original and 1 photocopy of it. I have my intrvw tomorrow 8.30 am. Please help.

Would be very helpful if people also state the answers that they gave instead of stating just the question in PI.


which one is better PGDM(FT) or PGDM(Finance)?

Hi all, I tried to download personal details form(PDF) from IMT official website. But it throws me an error that file doesnt exist. Do any of you face the same issue? Please respond as i have interview on 23rd.


Center-IMT Ghaziabad

Slot-12:30 PM

Cat/XAT/GMAT- CAT 99.58

XII marks-79

X marks-82.8

work ex- Final year student

GD topic- Hiring through Facebook and Twitter. After the first 2 3 people gave their inputs it turned into a fish market as expected. Some one ( @ank5445 read Lamba) asked everyoe to speak one by one. Till the time my chance came to speak the round ended. The panel asked the remaining two of us to give their inputs. Overall poor discussion. My performance- 2/5.

PI- Very very vague PI. They weren't taking more than 10 mins with anyone. 12th person.

My experience-

P1-Middle aged male P2- Middle aged female

P1- have u got placed?

P1-which company?

are u planning to join?

so u jeopardised someone's chance of getting placed?

if u don't get into a good college this year than will u do?

why MBA this year only?

competition is so high that u can't be sure of getting placed even after doing an MBA.

ME- I am confident that a college such as IMT is able to place most of its student with an above average package

P1-u might not get into a college next year too.

ur acads r also low at 70s.(forgot to mention absolute GPA )

asked about my fav subjects ( I don't know anything related to IT )

told him C

asked further

told him DS

asked further

told him DBMS

asked further told OS

asked the 2 most basic questions of OS

what is kernel

what is shell

me being me, i didn't even know the answers to these 2 questions. heard "shell" for the first time.

P1 asked biggest company by market share in cloud computing

answered MS hahahaha

P1-really? what is its maket share?

Me- don't know that

P1 CEO of MS

Mr Nadella

P1 doesnt he have a first name

Me dont remember sir (stressed out now)

previous CEO

me mr. steve

doesnt he have a last name

don't remember ( me going into a "shell" )

CEO of oracle

no idea

chairman of Infy

Mr Narayan Murthy


me mr S. Balakrishnan

P1 really?

then P2 chilled out

u have mentioned travelling as ur hobby how does IT help in travelling

i answered it beautifully (started to get int my groove and relax )

what is virual trading (mentioned in hobby)

i explained

i thought they were checking if i knew about it or not but they actually didn't know

asked "Is it a game? " me-

P1- what is bitcoin

answered nicely now in full confidence coz the interview was now starting to come to my territory

P1- ok thank u


only 10 minutes very very very vague interview. nothing about me. why mba? my interests? nothing. weird interview i would say. maybe P1 was trying to grill me but poor PI.

Performnce- 3/5

Anyone from Gurgaon having Interview tomorrow(21-02-2014) at 08:30 ?? I am booking a cab. Anyone intersted in sharing??

Date- 22/02/2014

Center- Xavier Institute, Mumbai

Slot- 12:30 pm

XAT percentile- 97

XII marks- 91

X marks- 93

work ex- 30 months in Reliance

GD topic- Milkha Singh said Dhyanchand should have got Bharat Ratna before Sachin Tendulkar

GD was a fish market. No individual was allowed to speak for more than 5-10 seconds and I felt the topic wasn't discussed at all. In the last 5 minutes I was able to convince the groupto let everyone put forward their opinion and wrap up the GD.


Two panelist, both male.

P1: couple of questions on my college

Me: answered

P1: Why marketing?

Me: gave my reasons (P1 looked satisfied)

P1: Can you define Marketing, how is it different than sales and advertisement?

Me: Spoke at length about marketing, gave an example, said marketing is a broader term than sales. (P1 looked satisfied)

P1: tell me about your work profile?

Me: told him along with the current projects I am handling.

P1: tell me about ..... term ( I dont remember the term) used in Project Management?

Me: no idea. told him I wasn't into project management.

P1: tell me about the deal between Facebook and Whatsapp ( amount and how they fixed the amount, was it a good deal)

Me: we discussed on this deal though P1 wasn't satisfied by my answers on how they arrived on the amount.

P1: Do you such huge deals can go wrong

Me: said yes, gave them examples.

P2: how many elements are there in periodic table ( why this question )

Me: i told them what I knew

P1: questions on Bhopal Gas tragedy, CM of Kerala & Tamil Nadu, setting free 7 people accused of being Rajiv Gandhi assassins

Me: answered all ( I told them I do follow current affairs)

No questions on my hobbies ( I was prepared for that). but overall interview was good.

ATB to everone.

The GD PI experience :

result kab ayega?