IMS NMAT mock 2020

Posting scores for Ims nmat and other admats

Hi all, please post your IMS NMAT Mock 2020 scores along with the score of nmat official mock test

Did anyone give their official NMAT mock 1

NMAT 101

 Quantitative Skills 83.25

Language Skills 56.61

Logical Reasoning 63.27

Overall 203.13 

( i scored 229 in nmat official mock 1 )

Hi all, How was your score in IMS 104 NMAT mock. how was the difficulty level ? and specially how was LR section ? 

I scored 173 and LR was very tough. 

This is the official score-percentile mapping by ims for NMAT 101.

scored 215 in the adaptive ims nmat mock 1




Are the scores in the adaptive Nmat out of 360 or 324?

I want IMS NMAT mocks(4 or 5) but buying the whole package of test series would be stupid at this point. So if anybody want to share, that would be great. I'll pay the reasonable price.

 Hi, I am trying to give IMS 101 NMAT mock, but i'm not able to move to the next question. It says you have not seen the entire text (Paragraph). I have tried scorlling and stuff.  Can someone help me? 

if anybody have nmat mocks of IMS ?? Ready to pay.

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