IMS CET[2015] Test Series - Scores and Discussion.

Test schedule:

SimCET 1  12th December 2014

SimCET 2 19th December 2014

SimCET 3 9th January 2015

SimCET 4 23rd January 2015

SimCET 5 30th January 2015

SimCET 6 13th February 2015

SimCET 7 27th February 2015

SimCET 8 8th March 2015

Simcet 1 scores. When will be the percentiles be out.

I got 93/200 (poor score)

Guys how do the SIMCETs compare with the actual level of CET?Thinking of joining a test series but confused between TIME and IMS..

When are the percentile scores and rankings are going to be declared (of SIMCET 1)

Also can we get question paper of SIMCET 1 from somewhere

Simcet 2

Got only 77. I am feeling devastated. Looks like jb is a distant dream.

Folks can you share your scores?

Can anyone share their marks and the respective percentile..I missed both SimCet 1 and 2.

puys one doubt regarding jb from.

I come under obc-nc category but while filling the form I did not see any option for people under non creamy layer. Do we need to select OBC category or others?

Please help.

Hi guys. I am an OMS candidate. Few queries .. @Rohit143 

1) I wanted to inquire about the cutoff for JBIMS for CET exam .

2) What are the total seats for OMS candidates in JBIMS ?

3) Do i need to fill JBIMS form or it is included in CET form ? Are the CET forms released ? Coz deadline of JBIMS is on 5th ? 

Which mocks, do you think, should be taken along with IMS for CET'15? 

I am planning to join IMS CET crash Course..Need genuine inputs..pls help me fellows...!!

With around 2 months left for CET (the last exam of the season), I thought of sharing a plan that anyone can follow and improve score significantly. This is not a list of shortcuts, this is not a quick-fix, and this is definitely not a 'how to get 99.99 percentile' post.

A lot of students have been asking me how to increase score from their current level to say a level of 150, typically a good score to get a 99.9+. Some students have asked how to start preparation from scratch. This is how one should ideally proceed:

1. Write a mock. There are a lot of free mocks available online. Take any of these free mocks and note Score/Genuine Attempts. (Example: 127/150 or 97/100)

2. Take another 2-3 mocks. Free, if possible with a gap of two days and take average of your score and average of your genuine attempts.

3. This gives you a fair indication that on any given day, you will have the ability to attempt more or less a certain number of questions based on your current level of preparation.

4. Every day, based on how much time you can put, start preparing for CET. This might include attending some coaching, some online video based learning, solving coaching institute material, if available. The focus till about 15th February (a month from now), should be to build a certain confidence level in all the topics.

5. Never mark questions randomly at the end in your mocks. Do this only in the last 1 or two mocks in the final week to get practice of doing that. Till then, attempt only genuine questions and consider score only from such attempts.

6. In every subsequent mock, increase your attempt target by 3/4/5 marks, and score target by 3/4/5 marks depending on your score. So if in the 8th mock, I am at 140 attempts with 120 score, target an attempt of 144 in the next mock with 123 score. The progress will never happen overnight.

7. Follow trusted sources for preparation and visit official websites before asking questions or spreading incorrect information. This creates a lot of issues for other aspirants and unnecessary panic. For CET, visit DTE website. Also, make sure you do all registration formalities in time to avoid last minute problems.

8. Join a test series that you think can offer you value and good practice. What works for one may not work for the other. Just because a series is giving more number of mocks in lesser cost, doesn't make it the best. How many mocks to solve also depends on you. One can realistically solve 30 more mocks till CET. Again, just a number. I have seen people cracking CET without writing a single mock. I had solved around 30+ mocks (to be on the safe side)

9. Solve as many questions as you can. Including mock + practice material. Familiarity with all types of questions is important. A frequently asked question is how to prepare for VR. The answer is 'solve as many questions as you can'. That's it.

10. Work really hard. There is no substitute for genuine dedicated efforts. You can start your preparation even now and get a good score in CET. Having that faith and working towards it will definitely help.

What was Your Score in SimCet3?

99.67%ile - 114 marks, Have to buck up for that 99.9%ile mark!!

A lot of students write CET mocks and check their percentile score or rank. There are several reasons why you should avoid this:

First of all, in real exam scenario, percentile is going to be calculated on the basis of scores of more than 50,000 students. That's easily more than 10 times the number of students writing a specific mock. Also, how do you calculate percentile? You need a considerable base to calculate percentile position, esp. if you are calculating it to two decimal places. If you have just 100 students writing the mock, how on earth do you give percentile figure like 98.41. Weird. If someone tells me this percentile, the first question that I will ask is how many people have written this mock? How are you calculating it?

Does this mean that you should completely ignore percentile? No. Instead of percentile, as mentioned in my earlier post, focus on percentage score from genuine attempts. Focus on accuracy. Once you get your score, and you want to know your percentile, visit this link:

This was shared by DTE after declaring CET 2014 results. So when you write the next mock, open this document and check your percentile. Imagine someone saying I wrote a mock of so and so test series and got 99.9 percentile at 120 marks. That's the biggest disservice that you can do to yourself.

Need to join one more mock series. Any suggestion?

Gave SimCET -2 (non-Proctored). Got only 95/125 (genuine score).

I feel the IMS mocks are way too tough as compared to actual CET. These low scores are demoralizing me. 

Please share what do you feel.

@sawant.prasad please guide

please share your oliveboard free mock scores........found it to be easier than the sims

Hi i am starting a watsapp group for cet prep, where we can discuss things related to Cet at one go.. I will start the group once 7-8 Puys show their interest. Please PM me ur number incase u wanna join

Some guidance required. I intend to take up cet test series of IMS but have a few questions.
My city does not have an IMS center, so would i b able to give Proctored simcets from home?

if not, will b able to have them as unproctored ones?

Urgent discretion required.

thank you.

In initial 3 genuine attempts of IMS mocks, I scored around 100-105 attempting 135-145 with accuracy around 75%. I am able to attempt QA, DI, LR with 80% accuracy but in VA my accuracy hovers around 60 due to which over all accuracy comes down. Also, I haven't touch Visual Reasoning yet.

@sawant.prasad , please guide. What should be the next steps