IMS admissions counselling service - Feedback needed

Hi Puys, I was looking for some feedback on the admission counselling offered at IMS. Anyone with any personal experience with their services?

Hi Puys,
I was looking for some feedback on the admission counselling offered at IMS.
Anyone with any personal experience with their services?

would appreciate a response if anyone has approached them..!!

I havent been to IMS consulting.... but one of my friend approached them and he had a ISB and IIM-A, SPJain call.... he said they were pretty well versed with the International MBA scenario. Indian 1 yr MBA ke liye he felt the charges were too much... but yeah overall pretty neat

IMS is really bad.. Trust me I have been there and one of the reasons why I did not get an admit from top colleges despite high GMAT and being from IIT is IMS.

Their views on Essays is very shallow. They have two counsellors Shobha and Vaishali (if I rem the names right) and trust me both of them are no good.

One of the most important lesson I learnt paying them around 14k was that, please try and write your essays on your own and keep re-reading them and editing them. IMS is absolute waste of time and this is the opinion I have gathered from many of their students whom I used to meet.

Didn't mean to offend any one through this message though.

Thank You

Wow.. Those are two completely contrasting views..!!
I saw some of the student profiles that they placed, and was really impressed..

Anyone else who has worked with IMS recently..?

No personal experience. What I know from few of my friends, IMS consultants are good for 2nd tier colleges and things. For top colleges, you have to do your own bit more (80%) and can use them as support staff to do some editing. Don't depend on them to choose the contents for you. For my friends, it worked well and they are admitted but again it was not because of only IMS but some final touches from them.

thanks pra.
Appreciate all your responses people.

I heard from one of my frnd who had his counselling in IMS Adyar, Chennai. He got an admit from top ranked UNC . He feels IMS is good and far better compared to others such as princeton review.

I am presently taking IMS admissions counselling service and the experience has been really good though I got through 2nd Tier schools only but I will say that is because of my profile rather than IMS.One of my friends went through IMS also and he got into top 15 school. I could not stop and laugh at the post from a guy who says he could not get into a top school because of IMS even though he is from IIT.Here is an advice, your college does not matter if all you are left with is its name and no good experience at college to show.Hope I could help.Best of luck.

Never make the mistake of going to IMS. They do not have teachers and keep changing their schedule for students to adjust the teachers in all their centers. MAny times the teachers too give only half the time mentioned in the schedule to the class. IMS is only a money making machiene and not for those who are using their parent's hard earned money.