Imdr pune ? What is the cutoff for cat?

I got 69 %ile in CAT 2012… Can i get admission in IMDR pune?

I got 69 %ile in CAT 2012..

Can i get admission in IMDR pune?
my cat result this yr oa -88.31 qa-88.59 va-83.29 10th 83.67(SSC) 12th 95.8(state board) cgpa -7.837( for 10 - SASTRA university) work ex- 18 months (till now and still counting) in TCS do i have a chance to get a call... ...General category .
@maddi.nagarjun with all those marks you should also have common sense to not ask off topic questions in somebody elses thread.

Kindly please tell me that will it take Feb CMAT, MAT and ATMA scores for its PGDM general or marketing course? And What is the last date of submission of application form? Any Info will help.

IMDR college was good till 2-3 years back, but nw it has gone to the dogs. plz dont join the facebook group seniors are misguiding. things have changed in IMDR in last one year. The director is crazy and takes abrupt random decision, makes remarks on the backdground of stdents. It is very humiliating. i knw some of my friends who are suffering there