Imarticus Learning Review

Heart-felt thanks to my trainers and the management at Imarticus. My journey from being an amateur to a polished professional  (now working at BNP) was made seemless. Anyone planning to pursue CFA or an investment banking aspirant should surely consider the IFAP Program at Imarticus.

Bingo.. i completely agree to that. Best part is that is has contacts with the some really good banks. Just that it should have some more branches across mumbai 😃

Hey thanks for your post, motivated me enough to visit the institute.. spoke to a professor there, counselling session was nice, looking forward to join the course.

i got a call from there, what is this all about ?

I have enrolled for the CIBOP course there. Jasjeet mam helped me with the course details. Awesome counseling - feel privileged. Strongly recommended... 

i did the ops course in Chennai and took an offer in Bangalore as it gave me a better package. Imarticus does nice interview preparation, i think that helped.

I am scared to do the course, what if i dont get placed, as they dont give any guarantee ?

nobody can guarantee a job, but i have seen people with really bad profiles not getting jobs. These banks look at knowledge and if you have that, they will hire. so chill, look at the training content to be sure @ aastha

i agree with Sujata,

i have also done a course from there. they said placements are difficult as i had a drop which resulted in completion of my grad in 4 yrs. i thought i'll atleast learn and get certified, but they managed to place me as well.. Imarticus Learning has definitely kick started my career. let me know if you need some help to decide.. @aastha

Anyone here who has done IFAP course here in Bangalore from Imarticus?

i did this.. its good. I dint opt for placements because i had to go abroad, but they still offered quite a few interviews.. 

thanks for your views, i have joined a course on basis of this, will keep updating you guys so that it can help others make the right decision.. 

hey i met jasjeet kaur and she told be about the financial analyst course at Imarticus learning. i am interested, can i join ?

i dint do IFAP but i completed the CIBOP course. going for my JP interview tomorrow. Hope i get selected....(Feeling positive)

@jaishreerane : How was the interview ??

Did you get the job then ?

no i dint, guess i was way to nervous as it was my 1st interview. you should look at their office, it just kept me shut.. 

I have another one soon. Hope i dont mess up.

@lakhanivinay2 : i have to take admission in Imarticus learning, what is the process. And how is the institute ?

@jaishreerane sorry to hear that, good luck for the next one.

Do you know why you failed the interview? you can prepare better when you know that right ?

plz someone help me decide B/W ifap or cibop...feeling confused??

very good