IIT Madras

The final results for IIT M are out : http://gate.iitm.ac.in/mba2004/ Mine flopped. I thought i did well… :disappointed: bhar1234

The final results for IIT M are out : http://gate.iitm.ac.in/mba2004/
Mine flopped. I thought i did well... 😞

I have got through IIT Madras.
Anyone got through from Delhi?
Reply immediately.

yup, am from delhi, made it....the results have been around for some time....got the confirmation thru post too!!!


Got thru IITM. I am from Chennai. Anyone planning to join IITM get in touch with me at [email protected].


hi guys!
me too got thru IIT madras. i have calls from SCMHRD , but iam not going there. please let me know if u have any idea of how good is IIt madras. i personally feel that the brand name of IIt in itself is a very big think , these SCMHRDs cannot even stand in front of the IIT name.
If IIT starts to give B.A.(Eng) , today , it wud be a big hit... all i mean is that IIT would be much better. but i wud also like ur opinion on this matter. Please whosoever has anything tell me please share the same on the board.
hope to c u guys in madras ...... please also lemme know if u r joining or not....


Me also got thru IIT chennai .. i agree with u Sidharth that the brand name of IIT C is far better than other institutes..

i think there are a lot of ppl who hav applied for IIT C from Delhi since there i met so many ppl from Delhi. Anybody joining IIT C plz get in touch with me ....

Does any body has any info on placements there this year..

hi gunjan,

nice to see that ppl do think the way i think abt IITs. well iam joining IITM for sure until and unless i get IITkgp which seems like a distant dream as of now. where you from.... me from delhi and i have found out that there are abt 15 odd ppl from delhi this year.

regarding the placements, even you know that MBA has started just sometime back in IITM and so it wud take time to come up to the level of IIT B/D/Kgp. Also IITM is situated in chennai so industy interaction shall increase for sure and starting a career after MBA and getting 1 lac less than what other MIGHT get is not a bad deal. so i wud suggest that the brand name of IIT can do wonders to us (and hardwork) and once we r out in the industry, there is lots of scope to a brighter job.

share whatever information u have regarding placements etc. and in the meantime iam also trying to find out whatever i can .


hi guys
I too think that the brandname of IIT carries a lot of weightage. While talking to people at IITM they told me that the Symbiosis institutes are going down.
Well I am from Delhi, joining IITM and I have sent my fees as well.
Regarding placements They have all top companies coming to their campus.you can have a list of these from the IITM website.
see you soon at IITM


As far as I know the Final Placements in IIT M are good but as for the summers you will have to slog it out to get summer placements.

Plus two years of Sarang makes it all worthwile.

hi guys !
iam back

yaar can someone of you tell me as to which is better : NM or IIT madras and why. iam getting very much confused now. The last date for IITM is also closing and the results of NM are still not out. please let me know ur views on this issue. NM has the adv. of being in bbay but then what abt IIT. so please help me decide abt this quickly. I have already cancelled my admn to SCMHRD and IITR, so there is nothing much to choose from right now.


Dear friends,

All of you planning to join IIT Madras can add yourself into the listed yahoogroup.


Wishing you all the very best.



Hey Guys, I've also been selected fot IITM! I'm from Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore). This is the only final call I've got, and so it's my only hope. I've been reading the PLACEMENT BROCHURE for 2004 (downloadable pdf file). And the number of companies that come for Summer Internship / Final Placement adds up to 62! Guess the final placements will pick up in the years to come. But, when v come out, I guess it's going to be in the emerging stages. Guess placements r only a matter of pride, for most people settle with the company they did internship, and they promise higher compensation. So, v'll have to find a really good company for our internship. My only doubt is how will the other biggie-Bschools rank us? (For eventually, v'll be competing with them for placements.) Do u guys think v will get the same recognition as IIT D or KGP?

hi guys!

what happened ... no more posting on this thread ???? i just wanted to know who all have finally decided to come over to IITM. there must be ppl who r awaiting results of other institutes. even iam waiting for NMIMS. so all of you who have finally decided to comeover or awaiting results - please mention abt the same here.


hiya guys

i am a new user n posting for the first time........got thru iit madras .......even remitted the fees.......waitin for nm amnd iiml results.......mad at nm right now fr delayin their results......was countin on that......

well thats life for u........anyways wat do u guys think........iit m worth goin or not irrespective of the iit brand.......while the insti infra is gr8.....dept. infra may be on the lower side........but i did like the course structure and faculty seemed decent........and then the million dollar question........placements.......well i dunno.......i guess we will have to slog........lets keep sharing info......


Hey guys, good to see quite a few people think IIT Madras is worth the effort! That gives me more to cheer about! So, what u guys gonna do till July? Do u guys have any plans to "get prepared" for some MBA stuff?
U can mail me at [email protected]
My yahoo! chat id is balajiarnold
Hope to know u people better!

I am taking admission in IIT M and wud like to know who all are finally accepting IIT offer. SO plz all those taking admission there shall post here so that we can get in touch with each other...

hi there guys

glad to see ppl keeping this discussion alive.....well lemme introduce myself....i am suman 22/m/baroda......a chemical engineer and sittin at home fr the last year..........

well thats abt me......


hi there guys

its me again.....lets post some more guys .more josh expected :drinking: ...yes dutch courage needed.....

well sidharth...buddy even i was having the same dilemma as u.nm vs iit madras........i assure u i was like this fr a few days.... .literally

but rational thinking broyght me to the conclusion that nm is better AS OF NOW.....i do agree that these iit soms have a very fast learning curve...but as of now it wud be imprudent of us to leave nm to join iit madras.....

well all said and done.. i still think iit madras wud be a good bet if we have its limitations firmly in mind and slog and really make up our minds to total the program......

all imho..open to argument......



hi there guys again....

looks like im comin to iitm after all...didnt clear nm by along way......:(
it will be nothing short of a miracle if i clear iiml.....so count me in.....

well thats it 4m me....