IISWBM Solution Center 2014-16

All queries regarding admission to IISWBM for the 2014-16 session are invited here.We, the current students of this institute, will try our level best to satisfy all your doubts and queries to the best of our knowledge. ATB for ur CAT result…

All queries regarding admission to IISWBM for the 2014-16 session are invited here.We, the current students of this institute, will try our level best to satisfy all your doubts and queries to the best of our knowledge.

ATB for ur CAT results......πŸ˜‰

India's first b school got rewards for it's exemplary contribution to management education in India......😁

Is there any quota for NC-OBC candidates in IISWBM, like there is in IIMs??
I have applied for CAT as NC-OBC candidate, since the IIMs have OBC quota and I have also applied to Bschools having OBC quota. Now if I wish to apply for IISWBM as a general candidate (assuming that there is no special reservation for OBCs in IISWBM), can I do so??

can we apply after getting cat %ile ?wat benifits do we get by applying b4?

Hello Everyone,
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If you have any queries regarding MHRM, you can ask me....

Thanx.. πŸ˜ƒ

cat cut off ?????? somebody plz.. already applied for mba day...

are there any sectional cut-offs ??

hi! with a CAT percentile of 79 can i expect a call?

Got just 66.04 Have applied for MBA & MHRM. Any chance in MHRM? I'm having 3.5 years of work ex.

I have got 63.85 percentile in CAT 2013. i have got 8.48 CGPA in B.tech , 83.6 % in 12th and 76.8% in the 10th.I have applied for MBA (day) course.what are the chances?

hey IISWBM ASPIRANTS.....hope u had a nice time...

first of all...congrats for ur cat score!!!dont get demotivated,if u havnt done as much as ur expctatn....in life,winning isnt everything,giving ur 100% is...πŸ˜ƒ

now...i know u guyz have a lot of qstns...so,here,i will try to give relevnt infos...which in my opinion will solve all the qstns....🍻

1)last year,cut off was low-65%.....bt it was unxpctd....if u hav over 75 %ile,u can expect a call..
2)no need to send cat score card separtly....u can call the office to be sure on this..
3)a call lettter of gd-pi will be sent to all the selectd candidates,mentioning date and time of interview
4)interview will be held in february..
5) in stead of taking pressure on will-i-get-a-call-or-not issue,spend ur time on gd-pi-write up preparation.....iiswbm gives only 10% w8age on cat percentile...so even good percentile holders should do dat
in this case,i want to give u da example of myself....last year,my cat percentile was 70%+...still i got selected over a candidate with 80%+,coz my pi was extremely good!!lookround
6)brush up all current affairs....spcly business news,corporate news,laws etc....last year,we had a write up on latest budget and its pros and cons
7)gd most probably will be a case study...nd it will test ur moral character as well....😲.....for introverts,dont worry....in iiswbm gd,moderators give ample time to everyone to sum up at the end....dont shout or fight at gd,try to sum up it well...
8)for pi,freshers-brush up ur grads education very well....am from medical background,still got qstns from biology...impossible is nothing😁
for work ex holders-u will be bombarded work related and project related questions...mg
9)be in formals on interview day.....nd it holds true for galz too....creates a good impression and also shows that u are serious....😁.
10) dont take unnecessary pressure on ur little shoulders.....u guys are born awsm...😁....do as i say,and mission iiswbm will be successful......i bet.....TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND SHOUT-ALL IZZ WELL😁
thats all from my part.....if u think i have missed out some important issues...dont hesitate,throw questions.....we r too happy to help u guyzz.....πŸ‘

hi seniors am a final year b.com student. got 60.89 percentile in cat 2013, x-78.63%, xii-73.43%.do i stand a chance of getting a call for mba day

does it accept MAT score???

all the best to IISWBM aspirants, iiswbm is lot more than what it looks like
you can ask me anything you want to know about our college

my cat per 73.02

12th-80(both west bengal state board)
b.tech mechanical engg-8.14
exp-21 month in manufacturing sector
what are my chances of getting a call and to convert.

ne news regarding shortlisted candidates for mba day?

i got 73 % in Cat
is last date for applying to iiswbm over ??
i got the information that percentage of students placed is 70-75 % only. is it true ???

hello bachcho..........😁😁

as we see u guyz r sooo interestd regarding gd pi call.....so i thought bout sharing some infos of last year....πŸ‘πŸ‘

Last year around 314 were called for gd-pi. First list converted - > 173(145+ 28) Second List -> 23

But, dnt start dancing and taking it easy.

1. Almost every MBA aspirant from Kolkata, makes converting IISWBM a priority.🍻🍻

2. There is a First-cum-first-served basis, as such there might not a second list after all... for your batch.πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

3. If u dnt make it to first list, u might be condemned to a 2 month long wait for next list.😠😠

Hope I didn't scare too much ..mgmg

Regarding GD-PI experience, i have only two suggestions Study smart and Relax (both of which i did not do )😠

As you may have noted, in the GD there usually a case Study. Regardless, of the details, it will basically have an inherent contradiction.(for example, a new industrial project, leading to loss of homes of several hundred people.)

In such cases, a few pointers may guide you.

1. Never take an extreme position (For ex. So, what people get displaced every time a new project comes up ??? )πŸ‘

2. Never be forceful and take decision for the group.😲

3. While evaluating the alternatives, keep an eye out for "Social Welfare" aspect. if u can suggest some practical implementation, it would be superb.😁

4. My personal favourite Wait for someone to start.Let the people fight to take control. Then after the World War ends, there is a lull, use it

Finally, even if u screw up the gd, never fear. Here, our professors rightly believe, that a gd may dominated by undeserving candidates, while the truly deserving, but shy soft-spoken candidates may lose out.🍻

So, they give special importance to PI and discovering the manager in you

Regarding PI , Only remember one thing,u are walking in to a mine-field . The questions won't be remotedly hard, but for every answer u give, be prepared for 10 counter-objections and 20 shakes of their heads ( They want to check ur confidence). mg

Regarding Myself, they had given me such a nice head-ache, that i made the stupid errors in acads . But then they gave a moment to pause, i realised my mistake, corrected myself, and apologised. They were most forgiving.

lastly, look out for the essay, especially if u are a slow writer, because u will get about 10 minutes.

I think i have discussed the major points related to gd. Haven't I ? mg


my cat score is 49.9 percentile.I have applied in both mba and mhrm 2014-16 batch..Is there any chance of getting a call ??what is there procedure?? Will cmat feb2014 marks be counted ??