IISc 2006-2008

Hi friends… for this year’s batch, let’s continue our discussions here… regards paras

Hi friends...

for this year's batch,
let's continue our discussions here...


Hey seniors,
wht was the cut-off rank for GD/PI calls from IISC last year...... Can u please please compare iisc vis-a-vis iit kanpur and iit madras

Could any one of you please direct me to a link from which I can download the application form?


how come no seniors have replied to the thread...
does anybody know about IISc DOMS..
where does it stand...
is it worth it..
guys I need info about this...
IIsc DOMS plz help..


can u tell me when will the gd/pi calls will be issued....

Hey,Are there no seniors replying to our queries?When will IISc send the GD/PI shortlist? Waiting eagerly..........What was the last rank called for work-ex people?What is the pay-package like?ATB for the results!Thanks!

Me too
When are the results expected?

Seniors please help