IIML IPMX Class of 2013 Aspirants

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What is the Experience eligibility criteria for class of 2013?
As per the information on website, it was 6 years by march 2011 for the class of 2012.

This thread is created for Admissions and related queries of all those who are aspiring to join IIM Lucknow's 1 Year Full-time MBA Programme IPMX (International Programme in Management for Executives) at Noida Campus for Admissions to 5th Batch (Class of 2013).

More organized information can also be found at the following official blog of IPMX:

Life At IIM Lucknow IPMX | 1 Year Full Time Executive MBA at IIM Lucknow's Noida Campus

The IIM Lucknow website will be updated with Admission Notification in July 2011 at Post Graduate Programme

Hi dhanda.arun,
Though the Notification is not yet out, but the criteria for work ex. is likely to remain unchanged. So it should be post qualification (ie. bachelor's degree) full-time professional experience of 6 years or more as on 31st March 2012.


Hi Arun,

Many changes appear in the criteria, among other things, every year. However, you may expect the required work Ex to be 6-7 years.


Hi Seniors,

Thanks for starting this forum and addressing our queries. I have a quick question, by March 2012 I will have 5.5 years of experience I know IIM L consider applicants with 6+ years of experience. Do they have any relaxation in past on work experience? Do they consider people with 5.5 years of experience? Please suggest. Thanks.


Hi Rahul,
It will not be possible to qualify the eligibility criteria with 5.5 Years of work experience. I know the work experience requirements are as of 31st March ( Most of the Degree courses in India end only in April/May or June) so only those people who have completed 6 years of work ex., and are approaching to complete 7 Years of work experience, would only be eligible to apply. But let the official Notification come in July and then only you should consider this as confirmed.


Thanks Sirji, Do you see any changes in pipeline for this Selection Criteria?