IIML GDs and Interviews - 2002

Hi folks, I’m posting this after my IIML GD/PI today (10th March). The GD topic was “Do rural Indian families need roti or mobile?” and there were 6 participants. The GD was very peaceful with everyone beating around the bush :: There were …

Hi folks,

I'm posting this after my IIML GD/PI today (10th March). The GD topic was "Do rural Indian families need roti or mobile?" and there were 6 participants. The GD was very peaceful with everyone beating around the bush There were even periods where no one was talking (very surprising for an IIM GD). Don't think too much would have come out of the GD (from the panel's point of view).

As far as the interview is concerned, I am not too happy with the way it went. They asked me what 'Limited' stands for in 'Private Limited'. And I just fibbed saying that limited companies dont issue any shres in the public/open markets. At that point they asked me whether I was sure and I replied saying that I was guessing. They politely reprimanded me by saying that I shouldn't be guessing if I didn't know the answer. At that point I told myself 'Bye Bye Lucknow' But anyway, they continued questioning me about how I'd not be able to get as big a salary I'm getting now and how that would affect my prospects in the marriage market! I gave some fundu replies which were politically correct. Then they asked about analog and digital filters and I answered them without too many problems, except for a moment when I got confused between digital and discrete signals. Then they asked me about a couple of management related subjects in my graduation. Followed by 'Why is a currency note called a note?'. I again told them I was just guessing (told them before hand this time 😃 and used words like probably and maybe) and gave a cooked up answer. They responded saying something like 'You seem to be a man who can make wild guesses and come up with creative answers (but that's not what we are looking for)' and gave me the correct answer which is 'Note is derived from promisory note (the statement that you see from the RBI Governor saying "I promise to pay the bearer a sum of rupees")'. That was it. They thanked me, I thanked them and the interview was over. Was (and still am) pretty dissappointed that I didn't make full use of an interview where virtually no stress or presure was there. Also I wasn't grilled too much on acads or work related high level techie stuff. Not too optimistic as of now. Looking forward to attending the Indore interview on thursday (13th) and carrying forward the lessons of this interview. All the best to you folks.


hi frenz,
even i had my gd/pi on 10th
my gd topic was "is space research feasible for developing countries"(something like this...don remember the exact topic).there were 7 ppl in the gd,one didnt get a chance to speak and the panel reprimanded us for not giving him a chance , otherewise the gd was good...no fish markets
the interview was ok . they started by asking about my parents , why dont i want to do a job , what managements books i read , problems on japanese economy , difference between japanese and american companies . then they praised my good marks in operations research and asked me why simplex method is called so and tried to convince me that my answer was wrong and that i come from a pathetic university and college , asked me full forms of pert and cpm which i couldnt recall , asked me to draw the graph for y=x^2 and asked me if i was sure of my answer and whether it was concave or convex .
the interview lasted 15 mins and i thought i did an ok job of it
best of luck to all u guys

sorry for being in the wrong thread.
ANYBODY WITH 60% AGGREGATE AROUND IN ENGG AND HAVE GOT IIM CALLS, PLZ "PM" me. its to help me out to draft a convincing answer for my low acads.
hope ull all help.

thank u

can some of the delhi guys esp deepak post their iiml interviews transcripts?......to see a trend between bangalore n u guys


hi all

My IIM L exp is over and hope i get to c more from them..

Dont know wht to make of it...keepin fingers really crossed

GD topic " madhushala unites while temple /mosque divides masses"

turned into a real market ....cross talks and stuff..and panel reprimanded us for no t keepin time...they had alloted us 10 mins bu the had said it so casually tht no one took it seriously

iview went even funnier... wit they askin me abt my batch mates in college who had passed out frm IIML and their current whereabouts and wht they thought of IIML.. gave usual stuff funda abt tht...Cudnt ans som math qns like wht is rank of a matrix???and som Gk qns lik wht s APJ abdul kalams recent book...

did ok is wht i guess...but iview was a real drag...first ten mins were abt my frnds and mynative place ..no proactive discussion abt tht too..i felt it was more like they goin thru the motions ...havin made up mind already abt wht they want to do wit me...
anyway hoppin that whthever they have decided it' tuirns up positive...
best of luk to rest



My IIM-L intw was better than A (not as stressful), but not as cool as K. The GD went pretty well. The topic was "Madhushala (the pub) unites, while temples/mosques divide". I spoke only 4 or 5 times, but made sure i made sense each time i spoke. Said stuff like "the essence of this topic can be captured by the saying Man is alike in his vices, but different in his virtues", "It is not temples/mosques that divide, but intolerance for other's faith" etc.

The intw started off with them (2 guys, one OR prof and and IR prof), asking me to tell them a little about myself. I started to launch into my prepared intro starting with "I am working for covansys ...", but they interrupted me when i got so far and told me "All that is on the form. Tell us something v don't know". I thought for half a second and thenm said "I like reading and listening to music" and then paused for a sec. They said "continue". I said "My fav bands r Metallica and Nirvana". Paused again. "continue". "My favourite authors r Ayn Rand and Richard Bach". "continue". At this point i ran out of things to say (in retrospect i should have spoken abt my strengths and so on, but past is past ! ). so i asked them "Sir, is there something specific u want to know ?" "No, the Qn is general and open-ended". Luckily at this point, the other prof (the IR guy) intervened and asked me about a subject in my 7th sem - Industrial org and mgmt. I told him that i had studied accountancy in the first module of that. They asked me abt "Breakeven pt". I gave an explanation, but they asked me to draw the graph. I wasn't sure i remebered it correctly and said so. I also said I'll try. I drew the Total cost line as flattening out and was questioned about that. That is when i realised that i had confused the total costs and unit cost. I said that and they asked me if i remembered the graph. I said that i didn't. they then asked me about 6 sigma. I said that it has to do with total quality mgmt and said sthng about 1 defect in 1 million. They asked me if i knew more about it, which i didn't. Then they showed me a 500ml bottle of mineral water and give 5 uses for it apart from saying that it can be used to store sthng. I started off by saying that u could fill it with water and use it as a measure of weight. I said that it will weigh 500Kgms. They exclaimed "500 Kgms! " I said "Sorry sir, 500 gms". They kept shaking their head at this.Then i said that it could be used as a paper weight. As a flower vase. Here he interrupted me and said "that is storing sthng. can't count that". I had ran out of ideas and said that. They then asked me where i had purchased my tie. I said that I had bought it from Pantaloon, Chennai. they asked me abt its material. I said that it was a mix of polyester and sthng else. (Actually, the damn thing was all silk ! I hadn't tht that silk ties came for less than 700-800Rs). They then asked me Y i wore it. I said that it was considered part of formal attire. They then asked me how many buttons my shirt had. I said that i had never counted. They asked me Y i hadn't. "I never tht it could help me". "People do all sorts of things that don't help them" Here i saw a real oppurtunity and said "As i had said earlier Sir, my fave author is Ayn Rand and according to her philosophy - Objectivism, before every action u should ask urself Y, What for". "So Y r u wearing a tie ?" "I want to get an admission at IIM-L. For that i tht i had to be in formal dress for the intw and tie is considered part offormal dress. that is y i chose to wear it". Then they asked me abt Covansys and abt y IT companies generally look only at overseas mkts for clients. I said that it was because the main thing IT firms could offer clients abroad was a cost adv. they asked me to explain what i meant and i said that what would be charged 80-100 $ in the US could be done by IT firms here for 20-22 $. they then asked me which other calls i had and then wished me luck.

Now got only C left on the 22nd. Hoping that will go well !


Hey Ravi,

Excellent experience post. You surely give all of us a front seat of the proceedings

ravi Says
Here i saw a real oppurtunity and said "As i had said earlier Sir, my fave author is Ayn Rand and according to her philosophy - Objectivism, before every action u should ask urself Y, What for"

All those years of reading Ayn Rand.. held you in good form I say . I have to say... that was smart and fast thinking. Nice to see you could lead a lil discussion the way you wanted it to go.

Awaiting your next major experience at C

Best of Luckie on that.



sorry for the delayed post.... had my IIM-L gd/pi on 12th afternoon...was a miserable experience. Started of wit a bad performance in GD...n i was the last guy to be interviewed for tht day for my panel...

the intw started off wit bein asked abt my performance in gd(by P1)... told them it was bad n was asked reasons for it...they told tht am i not competent to fight it out wit others.... told them cldn;t pace myself in GD n ended up talkin less...was asked abt other gdz which i attended... told them IIM-A.... was asked abt my gd performace there... told them tht i did well... now P1 started looking into my form n P2(seemed a like bihari to me... bad accent) looked into my marksheets... was asked a few Q'z on Entrepreneurship(had a course on it in final sem)... answered well.... was asked abt managerial skills n organsational skills... told him... was asked whether they were diff n told them Yes... he asked which book did i read tht from... told him tht it was personal opinion... he got angry n told tht they r the same n managerial skills encompasses organisational skills..... then asked me abt industrial engg n wat i learnt in tht ( had tht course in final sem).... told him... he asked me to name a 2 industries which i visited... told him.. BHEL (my dad works here) n VTPS( a thermal power station.... wanted to direct his Q'z towards this)
was asked abt thermal power stations... told him....then started trouble... he asked me who manufactures thermal power stations... acutally he meant who manufactures steam turbines....i replied NTPC.. he was upset tht i cldn;'t tell BHEL which manufactures steam turbines.....then went on tell me tht NTPC sets up the thermal power stations... i was really pissed of by his Q then...then he asked me abt NHPC... told him.... (it set ups hydel power plants) asked me diff between ntpc n nhpc... told him....then he asked me y r they diff... y not one organisation can look into both forms of power generation... Told him tht they come under one org.. tht is union power ministry ... actually i was rite but i wasn't too sure abt my reply.... then again he asked me y r they diff.... told him tht the ministry wanted to deregulate inorder to work efficiently... he was really upset by my reply..... now P1 asked P2 abt y i was bein asked on power engg.... P2 told him tht i took up a lot of courses on power systems... now P1 started off... he asked me to name a private company which is into power generation.... told him tht TATA grp... told me tht i was wrong n were really surprised by my reply... i told them tht i've read abt it tht TATA is into power generation... they were not convinced.... now P2 told P1 abt DESU(delhi state electricity...) n i had no clue abt it when asked on it... i thought it to be a company name ;)... P2 now asked me abt power sector reforms... told him somethg vaguely n told them tht i was not sure....told me tht i was wrong n mocked at me tht i din knew anythg abt power sector reforms... then he asked me whethr i knew anythg abt indian constitution... dunno y i told them YES... he started off asking under which article women r given reservation....(dun remember the Q exactly).. told him i dunno... under which article can president can dissolve the govt.... forgot the answer.. told dunno.... thtz it n they said thank u...
then they asked me howz my interview performance.... told him tht it went bad.. was aksed y.. told him i cldn't answer a few Q'z.... was asked abt my interview performance at IIM-A.. told them tht i did tht well.... then they asked how'd i feel if i get thru IIM-L.. told them i'd be very happy ;)... then they told me.. " then u'd tell everyone tht u got thru IIM-L witout performing well in the interview".. told them i won't be doin tht way .. then P2 said..we've seen a few guys in the campus last yr... who after joinin there went on wit unethical means bby tellin everyone tht they got thru witout doin anythg in the int...told them again i won't be doin tht n told them tht interview is not the only criteria for selection...so now they asked me whether i'd get thru IIM-L wit this kinda performance in the interview... told them i dunno abt my chances but tht interview is not the only criteria for selection... told him other criteria(din specify them cos my gd went bad) other than interview for final selection of the candidate... asked me wat all calls did i get... told them A,C,K,L... was asked y not B,I.. told them tht i mite not hav cleared the sectional cutoffs in 1 or 2 sections... then they wished me gud luck n asked me to leave.... i was very disappointed by my performace n they din ask anythg abt my extracurrics.... i asked P2 wld u like to see my extracurric certs... P1 said NO n told me tht u'd already written in ur form.. we'll luk into it anyway... P2 asked me wat all i've done in extracurrics... told him.. by then P1 was in a real hurry n asked me to leave.. cos i'd already written them....my interview was over in 10 mins flat... all the guys in my panel had their interviews for 10 mins except for one iitian n i was the last one for the day.... other panel were interviewing for atleast 15-25 mins...

on the whole my IIM-L gd/pi was a disaster...except for my justification of selection in the end of the interview... had a not so gud week starting of wit IIM-k in chennai on 6th followed by BIM in blore on 11th(met bingo there:) ) and IIM-L on 12th.... got to give my best shot at IIM-C on 22nd

had my iiml gd/pi on 15th at bangalore. and my performance was real bad.
the gd topic was like"WTO discriminates against developing nations". i cudnt bring in any new ideas but gave instances to validate some points. spoke about 3-4 times. in the end i felt my performance was not up to the mark
in the iview the 1st thing they asked was why didnt speak at all in the gd. i told them iwas short of points and that i did speak some relevant ones. then asked me why i didnt request for a change in the topic.
then they asked me if i knew ahat an arrow was. i asked if they meant it in the ordinary sense.they told the they wouldnt have asked if it were so. ( somebody has some idea on this?? )
then a question on FW Taylor's work( cudnt remember ).
asked me to interpret 2 graphs : one looked like a normal distribution & other no idea.
i cudnt give them he formaulas involved in normal distbn.
then again 2 sets of graphs one with aa heading frustration & other deprivation. 1st one 2 paralle lines and other 2 non parallel ones. Again no idea .
Some GK stuff:
Indian connection with sudan - cudnt recall the oil explortion by india in sudan.
finally something i was able to anwer.
Perhaps after hearing the familiar "donno" response ,they asked me if i knew about some crisis going on b/w iraq and usa( as if i am coming rom some other planet) and my opinion on that. he interrupted me in my answer and asked how it affected india. again he came in mid way after i said a couple of oints.they looked totally disinterested.then they asked me how % i thought i wud get into iiml.i said 50 %. he asked "wont it be wrong for u to get thru having not been able to do well in iview and gd." i cudnt come up with a good ans. even here. told him since it was all relative i might stand a chance and the preformance onthat particular day need not reflect exact abilities of the person. before leaving they asked on my other calls and why i diint get thru iimc.

was quite relieved to get out.


Hi Anoop.

That was tough, man ! I can't think how i couldhave fared if i had been asked the same things ! Bad luck ! As u might have heard "Lightning never strikes twice" :wink: Hope u have better luck at the other intws !

hi ravi,
thnx for the wishes and all the best for ur iimc .

i did both gd and interview pretty well...so pretty satisfied....interview was for 15 mins..as for everyone

IIML transcript:
Gd: economic development can eliminate terrorism (7 people)

Interview: 2 on panel: both old ;1 eco prof

1.tell me about yourself
2 (cant really remember it)
3. tell me about ur family background
4. but for general mgmt, u have to be first expert in something?..so what specialisation?
5. do u know about huggies ?..how would u estimate the demand, when starting a new plant?
6. what is the difference between western and indian classical music?
7.tell me about the work u do ?

hi guys i am bit late .....but better late than never
had the gd topic 'space program is a wasteful exp.for developing nations'.....it went pretty well ,no fish market,thought i performed well.
interview was different story though.....
the guy started with
1.ur family background.
2.why the gap after 12th .
3.then one guy launched full time into acads for next 15 minutes....from maths(matrices,laplace,graphs) to physics.he got me inthe laplace qs rest were fine.
4.then came wht is the type of regulator in the fan(he showed me the ceiling fan),i told him analog electro mech and the guy just started shouting on me,that he was surprised i am an engineer!after shouting his heart out he aske me to go and check the regulator ,i did the same and stuck to my earlier reply.
well after that it was a bit more of shouting,then the other guy asked a little abt my hobbies and bbyee
well it took arnd 20 minutes and i came out pretty much drained.

The L experience.
GD: Cottage and small scale industries have no future in the era of globalization.
Very bad, One of those idiots spoiling the show for everyone by being unbelievablly aggressive. The discussion was stopped in under 8 minutes.
Started with Linear algebra, Cube roots of unity, DeMoivre's theoream, Cultural differences between Bbay-Delhi, How did they ever take you in to Software development with such low acads, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, etc etc etc.
Rating: 4/10

then they asked me if i knew ahat an arrow was. i asked if they meant it in the ordinary sense.they told the they wouldnt have asked if it were so. ( somebody has some idea on this?? )

I think the whole object was to see whether you could muster up a creative reply for it eg: a weapon, A shirt etc.
I'm not sure if assuming what he wanted is the best way.
Please let me know.