IIML Call any1?



%AGE IN ENGG: 68% :x
%AGE IN CLASS 12: 91.6% 😃 : GOT SELECTED IN IIT also
% AGE IN CLASS 10: 90%. 😁 😁

i am currently free for abt 2 months as we have to do winter training.
pl tell me about the general trend of the topics given for GD.
pl also tell me about the type of question one can expect in INTERVIEW.

if you are thinking of queries on the types of interviews and GDs, well, think again. Interviews can be of any type and are common across IIMs....same for the GD. GDs can be of any type.....and topic....

pl tell me about the general trend of the topics given for GD.
pl also tell me about the type of question one can expect in INTERVIEW.

ROFL ROFL So much for that Mike :wink:

can anyone plz let me know hows the AGM course at IIML?? i "accidentally" applied for it and got a call...will give my best shot at it but first have to understand what & how it is! i am a telecom engg. with 15 months software work ex....not even remotely connected to agri!

opinions & even judgements are welcome...

thanks mike!

one thing though, does this mean that one could go thru the ABM course & can still be eligible to sit for the placements of the PGP course?? doesnt sound fair to the PGP guys right....

also any more info on this is welcome as i dont think theres ever been an IIML ABM thread on PG...

Am a fresher with 99.23 net percentile & splits of 96.92 di , 97.23 quant & 97.8 english..
Ended up with A C L and PGDCM at C !
Acads of 87 in class ten, 93 in class twelve & 8.44/10 in my BE..
I am decent at quizzing & debating !

I had a road accident a couple of years back and had to miss college for 6 months..So landed up with a year break in study..

Did some work on Embedded systems & stuff for three months after I recovered completely.. (A value addition ?)

Does this break affect my prospects ?
All ears

hey mike....count me in too for answering queries...
jas....guess i can guide u a little more on ABM as i myself got thru both PGP and ABM here...
last y,r as far as i know, there were arnd 70 calls and the current batch is of 20....u should be prepared to explain as to y u want to join ABM......do that and rest is a cake walk...
PI was concentrated on thinge related to my agricutural engineering....and some general ques regarding current issues in agriculture....and GD topic was easy...related to cricket :D....
regarding their placements.....it depends on the companies whther they want to pick ABM ppl or not..in summers, it doesnt matter much as all are still doing common courses and so, most of the companies were open to both PGP and ABM...but same cant be said about finals...tho nothing much can b predicted rite now....
venCATaramanan....i guess it doesnt matter much...u just need to say the truth and thats all....we know couple of guyz here who had extn in coll...and anyway, u missed the coll due to accident and not due to any poor academic reason, so just chill about this fact...just think that if they have called u, then they wish to take u in :wink:
chalo guyz.....there may be delay in responding as our end terms finished today...going back to home now 😁
all the best

Hey Mike!

Me too got an L-call (plus a C-call)...
And me too got splits of DI 96.42, QA 99.11, Eng 94.51, Overall 99.18 ( > any individual section)... Is this a coincidence then, or do we see a trend here?

Anywayz, tht aint my query... just wanted to know the total no. of seats in ur batch and how many calls were given last yr... if the same data for this yr can b obtained, even better...

Thanx in advance...

Thanks guys for your prompt replies !

Was losing some slepp over the break thing..cuz having done all the hard work for the past year & landing up with calls.. I really did not want an accident to ruin my chances.. & your words were comforting to say the least!


hey mikey...how u doing dude?? hope ur leg is improving faster now with no load of any sort.....recover soon mate 😁 ...waise just to confirm, haan ghar par baitha rotiyaan thod raha hoon 😁
mike put it really well abt ABM....hope ur all queries r now answered...
last yr...i heard there were arnd 720 calls given out(i guess final)....obviously this is wat i heard and there can not be any official confirmation of this.....but this yr, i think the finl calls may be a bit less....

has anyone receieved the call letter from IIM L?????

has anyone receieved the call letter from IIM L?????

Me didnt get yet... though got frm IIM-C
has anyone receieved the call letter from IIM L?????

Me didnt get yet... though got frm IIM-C

me didnt get call letter frm lko for iim-L abm


I got 99.18 %ile with even distribution among the sections. And I'm an fresher doing BE.

I'd like to know something about the nature of the interviews - whether it is technical/acad based or current affairs etc.

Is there a preference for people with work-ex? What is the work-ex/ fresher ratio? What is the intake for this year?

And what are the strengths or unique features of IIML wrt other IIMs?

And I'd appreciate it if you could throw some light on GDs. IIMC invariably has abstract GD topics whilst IIMA has case study and so on.

Lastly, what is the distribution like in terms of acad bg? Is IIML "known" for any specific specialisation?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry about my prev post. My queries on GD and PI stand cancelled!

Joining Mike an Jain to answer any queries. 😃
As Mike wrote in his first mail, there's nothing particular about interview. It all depends on the panel u get. Most of the times it is not stress, more of a relaxed interview where u come out with a good feeling, but no strict rules, u might end up on the other side.
Last year's intake was 272 for pgp and 20 for ABM making it a batch of 292. Will probably remain similar this year except for ABM where we are expecting a bigger batch.
No preference as such for people with work ex. In our batch we have around 30% people with work ex.

Well guys...running late for class...will catch u some time later...keep posting ur queries....

My Profile:
😁 B.Tech : 72% (upto 3rd yr) ie i have the disadvantage of being a fresher.
12th : 89.9%
10th : 92%
Cat percentile: 99.28% ( 97.14/97.45/97.6 respectively in DI/QA/EU-RC)
I have calls frm IIMC and IIML. Other than that i have my GD/PI of MDI on the 27th. any tips frmthe gurus???????
I ahve been continuously asked about my choice b/w MDI and IIML. Obviously its IIML and i really want the brand name. I really slogged for JEE but cudnt make it to the IITs and now i want to make it to the IIMs. Its too imprtant for me.......
but how do i say that to the MDI panel?
Also, ne idea when does NITIE send the calls?

Hi All,

I am quite new to PG... so if you consider my queries are duplicated / junk then pls excuse me for my inexperience

First of all... Hurray!!!! Got calls from LICK 😁 😁 😁 😁

CAT Score: 99.45
Acads: Quite decent
Education: B.Tech in Electronics
Work-ex: 2.5 yrs at IT

1) Can I expect myself to be shooted with any techi questions related to B.Tech studies? Honestly, I have completely lost touch abt them now I Read some posts on IIMC and got to know that they drill down a lot at Maths... Does it hold good for IIML also?

2) Is there any trend used by IIML in selecting a batch profile (e.g --- work-ex - X%, and within work-ex -- IT - Y%, public sec - Y%.. etc)?

Thanks in advance,

Has anyone actually seen their IIML interview dates on the website. cos I saw a post yesterday on pg which said that IIML iview dates are out but the website has been down since then. It just started working now but the site still says

You have been short-listed for GD & PI. For Interview date & venue details please logon after January 25, 2005

Hey Estella,

I thought I was reading about myself. My acad stats are almost identical but it is strange (and lucky for me) that I also got a call from A besides C,L. I have TAPMI on Feb 16 and I'm constantly thinking about the same thing as you are.

Guys who've been there before.. your inputs are very much welcome.


Interview/GD call letters would be dispatched to shortlisted canaidates by speed post/Registered Post as well as by ordinary mail latest by 10th March 2004.
This information is electronically generated and bears no legal liability.

Interview Schedule:

Bangalore : (22-29 March 2004), Mumbai : (29 March - 4 April), Delhi :(25 March - 7 April), Kolkata : (5-8 April), Lucknow : (12-13 April)

The Shortlisted candidates who did not receive Interview/GD call letter by 12th March for Bangalore Centre and by 19th March for all other centres may contact Officer Incharge, Admissions at IIML or e-mail to [email protected] with details of their TR Number and interview centre chosen