IIMK WAT/PI 2013-2015 batch

Hi! Please share your IIM-Kozhikode WAT/PI experiences here. Please mention the following *CAT'12 percentile*: *Other calls:* *10th*: *12th*: *Graduation*: *Discipline:* *Work experience*: *Category (Optional): ** E...

Hi! Please share your IIM-Kozhikode WAT/PI experiences here.

Please mention the following

CAT'12 percentile:
Other calls:
Work experience:
Category (Optional):
Extra curricular
Interview centre:
Essay topic :
Essay experience:
PI experience:
Any other comments:

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Hey Puys :)

Looks like i am going to to first one posting my experience
Venue:Hotel Monarch Luxor,Banglore
Date:19th Feb 2013
Time:8:00 AM
CAT Score
Calls:IIM B,I,4 new IIMS
5 Months in TCS

Extra Curriculars:
Quizzing,Oratory,essay Writing
Couple Of Certificates from British Council,
Vice President Of Dept Symposium

Document Checking took half an hour
WAT started at 8:30 AM
WAT Topic:'Absence of Evidence is not evidence of absence'
Wrote kinda ok(about scientific discoveries,just coz sumthing hasnt been found,no reason to believe it wont be in future,aliens,treasures etc)

2 Persons in the Panel,one old prof,one middle aged prof,gonna call them P1 & P2 here

Me:Good Morning Sir,
P2:Good Morning
P1:Tell Us about yourself
P1:(Looking at my Grad Marks),So your Marks went down in 3rd Year
Me:Yes Sir,subjects were tough and vague
P1:Pick a fav subject from Engg
Me:Software Engineering
P1:Ok,tell us about different SDLC Models
P1:Ok,If you were to design a space shuttle,which model would you use?
Me:(thought),told prototype mode
Pl:You would have to create a model and give it to the Client right?
Me:(thought again),spiral model & explained
P1:Ok,what is agile Programming
Me:(faint idea),couldnt explain
P1:Asked about about Clean room testing,Xtreme Programming
Me: Couldnt Explain Either
P1:Tell us the various types of testing
P1:What are the different types of maintenance?
P2: Give us situations from work and college life where you had disagreements with your team members and how you sorted it out
P2:Draw a normal Curve?
Me : No Idea
P2:formula for Standard Deviation?
P1: What is mean,mode,median?
P1:Do you read newspapers regularly?
P2: Tell us what's currently in the news
Me;Told about Chopper scam
P2: asked about portfolios of some ministers
P2:asked about my opinion
Me:Told guilty should be punished,security of nation is paramount etc etc
P1: ( asked some GK questions on current affairs)
Me: answered
P1:asked my opinion on PJ kurien Case
Me:Told its ironic that someone who's gonna pass a bill on women's protection is accused of rape
P1: What is the biggest problem facing india
Me: Corruption,Explained why corruption and not poverty(as suggested by P1)
P1:You have a Job in TCS..then Why MBA??
P1: asked would you like to do social service if given a chance
Me:Yes,i would like to teach
P1: Any other calls
P1:Interviews over yet?
Me:No sir,this is the first one
P1 & P2: Ok, Good luck
Me :Thank you sir

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CAT'12 percentile: 97.48
Other calls: B, I, 6 new IIMs
10th: 93.20 (CBSE)
12th: 98.00 (Maharashtra Board)
Graduation: 85.20
Discipline: EEE- BITS-Pilani
Work experience: 30 months- networking segment
Category (Optional): Extra curriculars: Dance, swimming

Interview center: Bangalore 1:30 pm(panel 4) - last one to appear around 5 30 pm.
Essay topic : Forgive your enemies but don't forget their names
Essay experience: prep-3/5, execution- 3/5
PI experience: 3/5 - 25 minutes
1. tell me about yourself? Is that all?
2. tell us something more. Qualities? How would this help in MBA ?
3. what do you do at work? Are you promoted any time? What were you evaluated on?
4. Do you read newspapers, business page?
5. tell us about any news that you are aware of? (discussion went on for 10 min- inflation, how does it affect citizens, proved me wrong at a point when the discussion was on assets, etc)
6. Most interesting part in your job? Why ? Nothing more interesting there?
7. Networking concepts - TCP-IP model and few more. Don't remember all.
8. Why don't you go for an economics degree? I see you have good knowledge and you would excel in that field.
9. You would have to leave your hobbies after getting into IIMK. How would that be?
10. What company you are in? who are its competitors? How is your company different from others? What is the revenue generated by your company and the rivals?

There were some more questions that i don't remember now.
It was an ok-ok interview. They cross question a lot and sometimes get the correct answer from you only if you say you don't know. Also they keep laughing most of the time.

Any other comments
I think spend dome time on essay structure too. Write crisp and to the point.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck guys..

To those who had the interviews: what was the time limit given for WAT??

45 min as written in the call letter.

@Ojasvita said:
45 min as written in the call letter.

Hi Friends,
I am giving CAT in oct 2013 and wanted to get some info abt IIMK in advance regarding my profile being suitable or not :). If not, what more could I do to improve it..
10th :- 66.26%
Diploma :- 61%
BE :- 55(Aggregate of all semesters frm 1st to final yr)
60(Aggregate of Fina year sems)
Work Exp :- 36 and counting(IT)
Would like to knw whcih aggregate is taken into considerations by B-schools...All sems or only the fina yr sems..
Also, do I stand a chance to get int FMS with, lets say, 95+%le in CAT?

Pls let me know r views on this !

Any help is highly appreciated.
Harman D

CAT'12 percentile: 98.05
Other calls: B, L, I, 6 new IIMs, XLRI
10th: 97.4
12th: 87.8
Graduation: 81.94
Work experience:2.3 years
Category (Optional): Extra curriculars:
Interview centre: BLR
Essay topic : "I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone"
Essay experience: agreed to the topic, gave gyan as to have to why failure takes place, gave examples that a person suceeds when he does one thing at a time, as to pursues his goal, at the same time may not please all

gave eg of steve jobs(how short tempered with his colleagues he was)

gave eg of Dhoni -who takes unusual batting line up decisions, inspite of what critics say

gave eg of lord Ram, who agreed with a washerman and banished Sita, in attempt of serving all equally

concluded etc..

PI experience:

2 panelist, one normal(P1), one stress interviewer(P2)

introduce urself---gave

P1 - asked about advantages/disadv of outsourcing..gave some, not satisfied..asked wrt india, gave some, not satisfied.. i said have to think for a moment

P2 started asking : job etc, what is ur take on delhi rape case(me being from NCR)

gave bhashan(he listened intently)

P1 interuppted saying wat is ur take on allowing sex work as in singapore,

i said ya taht wud somewhat agree


me: yes , it will be helpful, but difficult in india

P1:indians are hypocrites(blatantly)

me:yes again somewhat , but we do have "bura na dekho,suno" attitide"

P1:asked about Electronics branch, fav subject, De morgans law..prove it..

me:gave ans

P1:fastest memory device

me:on 2-3 attempts - cache memory

P1: u shud rem

me: 2 yrs since,

P1: so

me:blah blah

no other quests...

Any other comments: all the best, be honest


@aqua_fun when is ur B interview?

Hey ,

To all those who have already given their interviews..is the panel asking for a resume of the candidate? or are they just referring to the form we had filled up earlier.
Thanks a ton.. please reply asap
@nikita105 no resumes needed ..form will suffice :)

@aqua_fun Was there a word limit in WAT?? :O
Time limit i suppose was 45 mins :O
CAT'12 percentile: 98.99
Other calls: New IIMs and now FMS
10th: 94.4 CBSE
12th: 91.6 CBSE
Graduation: BE
Discipline: IT
Work experience: 18 months
Category (Optional): GENERAL
Extra curriculars: Didn't matter at the end. They're not even looking at the certificates.
Interview centre: Monarch Luxur, Bangalore
Essay topic : I asked the Lord for a bicycle everyday but didn't get any. So I stole a bicycle and asked the Lord for forgiveness.
Essay experience:
Hadn't really practiced essays that much, but knew about the structure to follow. Put in around 2-3 points and elaborated further.
PI experience:
Went decent. Two profs in the panel- both middle aged. I'm currently working in SAP CRM so almost 90% interview was only on that. No acads, no current affairs . Started with tell me about yourself and then why I had fluctuations in my college scores in all the years. Didn't have any any particular reason myself ..just told them that i gave my best honestly and maybe was unlucky and they didn't question me further on that .Then started asking me details on my job responsibilities and CRM .Asked me to apply CRM on a company which sells mineral water just coz an aquafina bottle was there on the table. Told them the whole process in CRM from Sales, Marketing to Service. Fumbled a bit at Service part coz I couldn't recall at first but then thankfully recalled a few things and one of the profs was convinced. Both were chilled and didn't really stress on points where I fumbled. I think it really helps to keep a smile on your face in situations like these and not look stressed.
Later they asked me that why MBA from IIMK, what if hypothetically you get to a management position at the top level in your present company. Told them that wouldn't be that much of a learning as in an institute. Weren't convinced and told me that on the job you would learn more. So i thought some more and told them something like on the job I can't really focus on learning as much as in a job coz most the of the attention would be on my work blah blah. He looked convinced at the end . Hadn't anticipated such a question so I think it would help to think on these type of questions where they can put you in hypothetical situations.

Another one was on the competitors of my company- no problems there. One final question was on what does the 'Private Limited' in the name of my company meant. Answered it almost correctly and they signed off saying to each other 'finally someone who gave the correct answer' .ďťż
Total time somewhere around 20 mins.
Just a bit unsure about how the WAT result would be. But for the interview ,it's very important to be confident and cheerful .

@khushi1991 yes time limit - 45 mins, word-limit-500