IIMB or IIMC???????

guys, congrats to all who got thru! time for some serious thinking now…i’m thru B and C…not made it to A…which shud i choose? can someone draw up a list of pros and cons or something like that for the 2. i’ve heard that IIMB has a very to…

congrats to all who got thru! time for some serious thinking now....i'm thru B and C...not made it to A...which shud i choose? can someone draw up a list of pros and cons or something like that for the 2. i've heard that IIMB has a very tough life while C is relatively lighter.. is this true ..and if so..is this a factor worth considering ?
pls reply asap........

hi dere...

Guess this thread mite give you some inputs


hi dude
congrats for b and c
i m in c
b could not make it
neways both r too good
for me (engg) c is the first choice think about it ion ur own but
let me tell u if u want to have the best fun in ur life come with me( no it is not that i m into homo...)
but relax think and enjoy


its the time to do all thos ethnigs which we can
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hey mayurchn you must have scared that guy ...
anyway dude first things first congratulations if you are looking for a more relaxed life C is the place to be... i mean it is also very ver hectic but a little better than B which i have heard is a 16 hour day

so think abt it

garuda is also in the same predicament so consulrt him also
congratulations once again


IIMC has the most beautiful campus of `em all...........while IIMB is in the best city of `em all........hope it helps!

on a serious note.......u shud choose IIMC if u wanna enter finance.


Boss... u wanna decide...it's simple

IIMB neday over IIMC...

Life at which place is gonna be tough is an individuals point of view and a petty thing to consider when you opt for IIMs.

I am sure the next two for all of those who have made through will be that filled with labour and mixed with sweet smell of success that will follow.

Alot of guys on PG forum are chosing IIMB over IIMC which again is an individuals choice while mine differs alot:

1. When it comes to course content it doesn't matter much since its the student who needs to make the best of it. So on thsi one each of the IIMs are at par with the other.

2. Experience of faculty is something on which IIMA, B & C rate almost equivalent, since a huge chunk faculty in each of these places has over 20 years of experience and anything between 15-20 years or above is all the same. Here, IIML faculty can also be said to have a reasonable teaching experience.

3. Association with alumini would place the older IIMs above the younger ones which in this case means that IIMA shud be preffered over IIMC which in turn is above IIMB.

4. Student exchange programmes would again place IIMA above the rest and IIMB & IIMC neck to neck based upon the standard and number of international schools interacting with these.

5. Environment is a crucial factor for you have to stay in that place for almost 2 years. So as for the surroundings and facilities are concerned IIMK & IIMI do have an edge vis-a-vis IIML, but IIMC has a jovial environment with less pressure on students which makes them more comfortable and then IIMA has brain-storming crowd coming over from all the places so a geeky environment, while IIMB with regards to the city is a hip-happening place and last we have IIML which again has a good infrastructure.

6. Placements is the last word which everybody looks to with a greater care and something which has always had its share of controversies with institutes assumed to be hyping it alot. But need I say more than that the foreign placements are the best in case of IIMA with around 10% of the students getting placed abroad and that national-placements (in India itself) of IIMC are rated above even IIMA for this year atleast. So companies would come with better offers next year and hopefully next to next year as well at IIMC.

Now ratings of the three IIMs from two aspects (source being taken as different magazines, polls, etc. etc. ):

Students ratings - IIMA > IIMB > IIMC

Corporate ratings - IIMA > IIMC > IIMB

Well I just brought these points up summarising most of the threads, topics and views across this forum.

Anyhow conratulations from my end to all those who have converted their calls hope to meet you guys/gals next year in one of the IIMs.


I have to remark once again .. abhishek "summary" jain

hey akshay

B : its rated better than C. go to C onlyif u wanna specialise in Finance.

At the end of the day it really doesnt matter coz both in the same bracket.


if it helps..bangalore is the bestest city in the world !

alcatraz Says
IIMC has the most beautiful campus of `em all...........while IIMB is in the best city of `em all........hope it helps!

IIMC more beautiful than B ? Dude hv u seen both of 'em ?

abhi... thanks a lot ...that just makes me more confused :shock:

rahulkedia Says
if it helps..bangalore is the bestest city in the world !

Well i guess too much of importance is attached to the city by the students while the main thing shud be the institute one is going to... But like i said its anyone's personal call and after year(s) of hard work to make it thru, I guess it is ones own choice to work harder and reach the heights or to enjoy and have fun :wink:

Either way


abhi... thanks a lot ...that just makes me more confused :shock:

Well.....if u r confused ...then i guess my post did serve its purpose

On a serious note the post was intended to show that if u have to make a choice then you can't expect to get the best of everything except at IIMA... :wink:

Among IIMB & IIMC the choice is of better placement at IIMC or hip-happening environment at IIMB.

Hardwork & efforts are reqd. at both the places to get the top grades ....but ya at IIMB the pressure is slightly more , grace to its faculty

But where ever you go, my take is - make the best of the opportunity that you have. :thumbsup:



Well , the fact that Bangalore is a better city than Cal ( I gree btw ) isnt too immprtant , considering the fact that you probably wont have any time to leave the institute in the first year considering the hectic course load .


Hey guys,
Just my opinion on the issue, personally i feel both the colleges are equally terrific ( i hafta admit i have very lil info bout either of them apart from what i've read thru articles/news/etc.) and i just spoke to two of my cusins,one is from C and one is from B.

The verdict - the faculty, infrastructure, reputation, it all doesnt really matter cos both of em are just bout equal. It all boils down to how hard u work once u get into the institute. And thinking bout it,i guess that makes perfect sense.

Theres still time,and i'll need to take the personal opinion of people who were in the same situation ( i wudnt really call it a predicament) last year.

Cheers guys,its a choice of plenty, thats always good


nice predicament to be in id say just toss a coin.if its heads go to b else go to c on a more serious note,if it is finance ur looking for,go to C.if u looking for it go to b.the reason being the kind of learning u can get from ur peers.happy decision making.

sorry ! will post later.. got some probs .. cant attach a file

Note: Regarding the placements comparisions, I have used only the data from the Placemnet Reports of the Two institues, therefore, there should be no complain.
First of all congrats for being in the position of being in such dilemma, a dilemma many would envy you for. Not many people get this opportunity J
Having said that, its also important to realize that this is a big decision related to your career and the need to make an informed decision cannot be more important.
I neednt mention that B & C are a part of what is called the Big Three of Indian Management education. And rest assured these three are far ahead of any other institute in the country. And its after that that any comparisons start between them..
Now here I try to give a few facts that may help you towards making the decision. Broadly I will cover the areas
  1. Teaching Methods
  2. Student Life
  3. Fudging of data/reports
  4. Final placements
  5. Summer Placements

  1. Teaching Methods:
Both the institute follow a mix of Case based and Theory based teaching as against IIM As total case based teaching. A typical example of a course evaluation can be:
Course: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management at IIM C,
The evaluation is
8 Surprise quizzes: 24%
Portfolio Management: 25%
Case study: 15%
Class participation: 6%
End term: 30 %
Okay that was 1 extreme. Actually it totally depends upon professor. There can be courses which have just one project, or 1 Mid term and One end Term on which the evaluation is based.
A slight difference is the so called Quantitative heavy teaching of IIM C. IIM C is based on MIT Sloan model and is hence more quant focused than IIM B. It is argued that is the reason for perceived finance strength of IIM C. That can be true as I myself was in a workshop by Amit Boardia of Deutsche Bank(an I Bank) and he specifically said that we favor IIM C guys because of that dy/dx factor.
But again, it should not be the reason for Commerce guys to scare away from IIM C, as almost every time there are 1-2 guyz in top five from Commerce Background. Last year the topper of IIM C was a CA. But yes, IIM B might be slight easier for Commerce guys as will IIM C be for engineering guys. The point to note here is the word slight.
  1. Student life.
This is something in which both are unique some and different some, and none can complain to be superior in one aspect or other. For each unique thing in one there is a compensating factor in other. Both have similar clubs e.g. Marketing club of IIMB which organizes Marketing fair, which is organized by Marketing Cell in IIMC. So on.
Regarding the sports, IIM C had the IIMC XL meet, which used to only of its kind in the country. IIMB from this year started IIMBK meet. But then it becomes difficult to match the enthu and spark of a 30 year tradition with newly started sports meet.
One example is that of my friend, whose boss and super boss both being from XLRI passed out 7 yrs ago, the first thing that they tell him is so XL beat IIMC by 13-4 this time. Them keeping the track after so many years says it all. Its like India Pak match compared to India with some else team.
Where IIM B scores is the B factor, with some students getting attracted because its Bangalore- The pub city. That is an advantage. But then with the few hours given at B-Schools to indulge in self pleasure dwarfs this advantage. Calcutta with 10-15 pubs/restaurant more than fulfils the demand of those few after exam weekends. Presence of 30 -40 more pubs at Bangalore make little use.
Okay then those are a few difference, but hardly so strong one to decide in favor of any one institute..
  1. Fudging of Data :
Okay I am placing it so much above because this is something which I feel reflects very badly on Institute of such great repute.
To start with, Deutsche Bank, DB for short is one of the highest paying, most respected Investment Banks that visit only ABC in India, one of the revered Slot 0 Companies that come to the campus. It made 2 offers & got 2 accepts both at IIM A & C and 1 offer & 1 accept at B. Initial information that floated out of B was that DB made 3 offers and got 1 accept. 3 offers for any slot 0 company is or sure good. But it turned out to be fudged information, the true being that it was 1 offer and 1 accepts. DB on getting this information rang up IIM B and threatened with dire consequences, including canceling its next year visit there until this information is refuted.
Three years ago too IIM B had to go through same embarrassment when it quoted its Avg. salary at 7 Lpa, while all other where around 6, A & C being at around 6.5(remember, those days economy wasnt so good). Afterwards, they revised their figure to around 6.5.
All I am saying is that, Institute of this great repute should not indulge in this kind of things. And it does put the news that comes out of B a bit suspicious.
  1. Final Placements:
Needless to say that both of them are just high up there. But then this world is real and its difficult for two things to be exactly equal.
As far as Indian companies are there, B & C both are as big as it can get. It is the foreign firms for which the differences exist. These companies come in what is called as Slot 0 in these institutes. This slot is the Dream job slot. This slot is traditionally reserved for international I -Banks and Consultancies (McKinsey, BCG, ATK). This year both had 16 slot 0 companies.
One valid point is that how big a difference can be there if say out of 250 students around 50 get through Slot 0. The answer to that is apart even though you might not land up in Slot 0, if a campus has better slot 0, the curve of placements shifts upwards. Thus, for the same position, you will definitely get a better placement at the place having a better Slot 0.
Few Insights: ( I will be focusing only on difference, rather than stating whole of the slot 0 scenario, which trust me would put other B-Schools mouth wide open.
    1. Dresdner KW or DrKW, a very famous I bank, visited both IIM B & C, but it made 0 offers at B, though it will figure in both Institutes list of 16 Slot 0 Companies.

    1. McKinsey made 8 offers at IIM C and got 7 accepts, while making 4 offers at B and getting 3 accepts. Last year the figure was 7 at C and 4 at B. They made 5 offers at A this year as well as last year.

    1. All three Consultancies McKinsey, BCG and ATK made their highest offers at IIM C. (highest including A too)

    1. HEDGE FUNDS, have till now came to both A & C campus while they still have to debut at IIM B.

Where the firms debuts is imp because - as a first option, they will go according to what they perceive of the institute, after which they may diversify in coming years so the choice says a bit bout the imgae of the school outside India.