IIMA PGPX (1 Yr Full Time MBA) Class of 2018 aspirants (PGPX 2017-18)

For people applying to IIMA one year programme in 2016.

I am planning to give my GMAT in Aug...I have almost 16 years of IT industry experience. Can any one suggest if this is a deterrent for PGPX admission? 

There is one essay in application form on 'Roles and Responsibilities', Is it fine to write in resume format i.e. point wise or do we need to write in paragraphs ?

Error on payment page "check your email". Pls let me know how to pay the Rs 3500 fee. Webpage of payment gateway is not loading instead showing "Check your email" message

I am an aspirant for IIM PGPX and would like take Gmat exam on last week of Oct and the deadline for PGPX 2nd round is 15th Nov 2016.  The official score comes around 5-20 days latter is what i heard of, so i am eligible to submit my canditure for PGPX or will i face some problem.

What kind of message do you  after making the payment?

I see  "Before submitting your application, click on View My Application Form  and check all the details again" but no submit button.

Anyone got shortlisted for next round i.e Essay Submission?

Please update your status once you receive any shortlisting mail from IIMA.

Is someone from adcom/coordinator on this thread?

Did anyone receive any shortlisting mail from IIMA.

It would be great to hear past interview experiences and areas to focus on.

The results are Out, and I have been shortlisted! Great feeling!! Hope to have the same during Stage 2 results. All the best!!

Is there a what's app group for the shortlisted people?

I heard there is an extempore topic in PGPX interview. Can anyone elaborate!

Lets start a thread where all shortlisted candidate provide their details.

Total Exp: ?

Total International Exp: ?

Total GMAT score: ?

dear shortlisted candidates- do we have to send the scores officially from GMAC or we can send pdf form. also in which format scanned documents are to be sent- .jpef or .pdf

Hey All, can anyone plz help. i tried to register for PGPX, but after filling the form when i am hitting on "register", nothing happens. i tried on different browsers, even different laptops, still the problem persists. How to register? i want to apply for round 2.

HI all..what u guys are preparing for interview.please discuss

Heyy..i am a working guy with 3+ yrs of experience as an electrical engineer in a manufacturing firm.

I want to do mba while working.

Is there any college which provides executive mba with some types of evening classes and placements too after completion of course in that field???

Plsss hlp me...its urgent..

Hey, Have shortlisted guys got essay topic yet? I see the shortlisted message on the website but no communication via email yet.