IIMA (PGP-ABM) GD/PI Experience

GD - CASE STUDY (IIM-A’ PGP-ABM) 31/03/2004, 2:30 P.M. IIM-A, Syndicate Room, KLMDC, Ahmedabad[/align:ab1014d894] The Maha Pradesh Seed Development Corporation has developed a hybrid variety seed for the growing conditions of Maha Prad…

31/03/2004, 2:30 P.M.
IIM-A, Syndicate Room, KLMDC, Ahmedabad[/align:ab1014d894]

The Maha Pradesh Seed Development Corporation has developed a hybrid variety seed for the growing conditions of Maha Pradesh. The seeds in terms of appearance are similar to farm-saved seeds. Initially, corporation had problem in making farmers understand that the hybrid variety is beneficial. So they decided to dye this hybrid seeds in blue colour, so that they looked different from farm-saved seeds.

Also the farm-saved seeds are free-of charge or available at marginal price. But these hybrid variety is cost is comparatively expensive.

Some unscrupulous traders brought similar seeds from Devanagari and normal seeds & dyed them blue. These were not according to Maha Pradesh requirements therefore farmers who bought these wrong seeds land up damaging there crop. This destroyed the image of corporation.

Now corporation is wondering how to regain farmer's confidence. Suggest them what could be done.

(Time: 5 mins. to read, around 15-20 mins. to discuss. They were instructing when to start, stop, etc. No fish market , Round (Oval) table, Already given numbers, extra-sheet provided, 4 panel members in 4 directions)

31/03/2004, 4:00 P.M.
IIM-A, Room-3, Syndicate Room, KLMDC, Ahmedabad[/align:ab1014d894]

(Duration: 20 mins.)[/align:ab1014d894]

Panel: 3 members (all males) Prof. G. Raghuram, Prof. P.K. Sinha, and one more found through my contacts.they were calling one by one...read Interview form thoroughly beforehand.

The interview was cooooooooool, cool panel.. no cross-questioning.

-Complemented me for looking smart in the suite. ( I was the only one wearing suite in that summer)
-Questions related to cold storage (our business)
-Cold chain?
-What if temp. is kept below answer as a businessman.
-Temp. of different commodities at our cold storage.
-Varieties in potato crop?
-Period of potato crop.
-Which cold storage lies on the way to new IIM-I campus at railway crossing.
-Charges for keeping stock.
-the season. for keeping potato.
-one question related to mechanics
-Why ABM?
-Why mech.?
-Paper presentation at IIT-K?
-My business plan- Agri Ventures Inc tell something about it.
-How potato produce could be increased?
-Explanation for my lower marks in B.E.? 
-Kind of cereals, spices, kept at our cold storage, there temp., charges.
-They thought I am full time in cold-storage business

I am Feeling very happy with my Interview! Keeping fingers crossed.

IIM-A a big place to be. great people, great profs CAT topper 50 % IITians. big shots.. great building. huge library cool canteen. confusing dorms big lawns.. great crowd. BIG names world-class facilities. only few companies allowed to enter campus. students handling almost all processes. authority in hands of students. very less faculty intervention...profs with Padmabhushan.

PGP & PGP-ABM students live together in same dormsrandomly distributed same class in first year.. same prof nothing much difference. some subjects same in 2nd year toooo.

hey were you there for PT sure shot batch?


Dudeee u r through pack ur bags and get ready for the backless cholis of ahmedabad


Nice to see u had a good interview,B/w can u state ur edu background and the cat percentiles??r u from any iit?then why after that go in for abm?anyway u did hell of a job,posting the entire case study..kudos to u for that.B/w,,me too scheduled forIIMA ABM interview at bangalore....


I am a PT Student and was at IIM Sure Shot Batch....

My percentile is 75.12
and pursuing my B.E. (Mechanical) Final Year at SGSITS, Indore

I have strong interest in Agri-Business because our family
business is of cold storage, thatswhy, applied for ABM.

Please do share your percentiles, background & GD/PI experience.

Govind Agrawal
[email protected]

hi guyz,
any idea abt the no. of calls sent out for PGPABM at IIM-A and L and exact no. of seats there????????
i was surprised to see this thread as i thot that ABM GD\PI r scheduled later this month......i hav L on 13th and A on 22nd....
congrats shogun for XIMB 😁 too.....i m sure u will make it 2 A 😁

good to hear that all went fine 4 u buddy
anyway i have not filled abm but the way you narrated all stuff with the great retention
hats off
good luck and hope even i have a ball at iim a interviw in del
take care

Hi ABM buddies,

govind bhai,for ur info my background is thus.

B.Sc (Agri )from Kerala agri university.

..Passed out on nov2003

..cat percentile is 98.18%...

got irma n ximb offers,,now aiming at iimA :wink:

..Anyway ur background n profile must have really interested the IIMA profs,judjing by your interview....All the best to u,and hope all of us can be together at IIMA.My interview is on 17april at bangalore,so will post after that 😛

Yaar abhishek,,

Thanks for the congrats and ur confidence in me.

B/w there are 30 seats each at IIMA n IIML for ABM..IIML ABM coordinator said this in a interview at www.agricultureinfo....com..But general category will have only about 21 seats,rest 8-9 will be reservation seats..IIML is focussing on developing entrepreuners in agri,who will be daring to be self employed..He said that around 8-10 students wll be encouraged to setup their own ventures... Anyways,i am not in IIM for that.

Hi Guys.......

Hope some of u must have appeared for ABM GD/PI on 17th........

please share ur experiences
and also the kind of people u met....
their background, work-ex etc........


I was surprised to know that at 75 percentile you can have the call from IIM A ABM, Was it miswritten or is it true. What about the IIM L ABM is it lower than that. At what score can you expect a call of ABM. Plz guide me as I am a CAT 2004 aspirant and your suggestion can come handy for me.

I was surprised to know that at 75 percentile you can have the call from IIM A ABM, Was it miswritten or is it true. What about the IIM L ABM is it lower than that.

Its totally true,ashish.During my interview at IIML,i met a guy with a percentile of 30.Can u believe that?*phew*

u r through

Hi buddies,,

my ABM gd n pi as ok i feel.Gd was on a extn worker who was facing oppsition from farmers,coz he wanted to spray pesticide in fiels.The villagers got misled by pujari,who said no need for chemicals,,the punya thirth from temple will do the trick.

I was quizzed on agri economics lke hell.Had to solve around 4 problems.Law of diminshing mar returns,demand function,production curves n functions were really doled otu to me..The panel was cordial though..asked me about kerala,,indian agri scenario,,plans for next 10 years etc...all in all a good tech interview.

30 percentile guy MUST be a reservation candidate.even general mba from IIMs send out calls with lower cat perentiles like this,as they gotta fill in their reservation seats...So aam junta,,take no notice oft hese percentiles n aim for 90+ percentiles..then u have a fair chance at ABM...

So dont get misled by such percentiles.In fact last year around ,most admitted to ABm were 92+ with lowest at around 80%. :wink:

Hi guys,

Let me answer some of Jyotiraditya ques. toooo

I am Govind Agrawal from Indore
completed my B.E. (Mechanical Engg.) from SGSITS, Indore this year

got 75.12 percentile in CAT 2003

DI: 73.9
Quant: 93.4
Verbal: 46.09

10th: 81.8 % (46th Merit in M.P)
12th: 75 % CBSE

Have special interest in AB
due to our family business of cold storage

Didn't got through this year....
though my GD/PI was really tooooooo gooood.
feedback available at http://www.pagalguy.com/cat/viewtopic.php?t=2979

But its true that 90 + percentile is very necessary for ABM at IIMA
i have met people with Agri bckgrd and percentile of 64 with GD/PI call

I am placed through Campus at Blue Star Ltd., Mumbai in Cold Storage Dept.
will work there for a year and again try CAT 2004

I had joined Professional Tutorials this year..... so don't plan to join any classes
will look for test series later on.

rest is going great.


Hi everybdy,
nice to c everybdy contributing in their capacity ... If anybody comes across something useful while trawling thru the vast expanses of net ... plz add a link of that to the grp ....

:grab: lets grab it with both hands :smilecol: