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You interview date and city?

Who has got interview at Chennai- FEB 2016?

Guys, have a single thread with all the details

Please post in the following format as comments. -

Interview Date, Time, City

CAT Score, Work Ex, Grad score, Grad Stream, 12th Score, 10th Score

Any Arts students got calls?

AWT/WAT is a prime factor in all interviews... 

Lets share topics that are asked earlier or current topics. And discuss our ideas on the topic. Who knows? We may be lucky enough to get one of the topics discussed here!

That said, I am giving a topic :

Is vegetarianism the only solution for health problems?

Comment ur essays/ideas 😛

wat say?

Guys got the interview form by courier? I got it just now!!

What are the total seats in IIMA for general category ? How many people get selected out of 568? Any idea ?

@ferlonso  What are the chances of convert with a 'just-in' Composite score in the first shortlist?

Do we have any such converts in the current batch?

I want to change my venue from Kolkata to Hyderabad, do you guys have admission office maid ID to communicate?

How one should prepare on daily basis to increase conversion chance?

Could someone who has got a call letter post the pictures of the form, for us to get an idea of the content until we receive ours. @vijaykm @c.aastha 

Ppl I read somewhere that our gdpi scores of Iim A process will be shared with new iims if we didnt get in here. No need to attend seperate process for them. Is it true? Any idea?

Guys! Do we have to submit any proof f conversion from Cgpa to %?

ABM shortlist out as well.

OA 99 VA 81 DILR 98.9 QA 99.78 OBC

Xth 89 XIIth 86 BTech 83. Got call from IIMA.

Could a senior guide me on how to prepare for the interview.

I'm from NIT, Surat and we have the specific conversion from CGPA to Percentage ((CGPA-0.50)*10). But I read somewhere on the thread that for IIT/NITs, the conversion is CGPA*10. What should I follow?

People with higher CS scores in their respective categories have their PIs early, atleast it appears so.

People having Hyderabad as AWT/PI venue, when is your respective interview dates?

Do any of you have awtpi in ahmedabad itself? If so, pls share the date?