IIMA(ABM) results

Guys, any idea when the result is expected…IIML (ABM) is out…the anxiety is killin me!

any idea when the result is expected...........IIML (ABM) is out.......the anxiety is killin me!

Me tooooooo.......

Waiting for the coveted call.

it can be here....any moment





shogun,alcatraz .govind will u give ur sectional percentile & profile.at what minimum percentile (gen) ppl made to iim-a abm.got to iim-l also


me knocked out......bad luck

what about other people?

final ABM call getters please post ur profile....



yaar u all who got call donot forget ur juniors.

abhishek,shogun.alcatraz,govind plz post ur profile& xperience

Dear jyotir,
Have posted my profile at the iiml/a abm web thread.Do look there....Dont worry,we are here to help u thru to IIMA next year.keep up ur tempo.DO also post why ABM after vety?Thats a sure qn for u at the interview.....


govind how r u preparing.r u taking coaching.how is ur quant.

govind how r u preparing.r u taking coaching.how is ur quant.

Hi guys,

Let me answer some of Jyotiraditya ques. toooo

I am Govind Agrawal from Indore
completed my B.E. (Mechanical Engg.) from SGSITS, Indore this year

got 75.12 percentile in CAT 2003

DI: 73.9
Quant: 93.4
Verbal: 46.09

10th: 81.8 % (46th Merit in M.P)
12th: 75 % CBSE

Have special interest in AB
due to our family business of cold storage

Didn't got through this year....
though my GD/PI was really tooooooo gooood.
feedback available at http://www.pagalguy.com/cat/viewtopic.php?t=2979

But its true that 90 + percentile is very necessary for ABM at IIMA
i have met people with Agri bckgrd and percentile of 64 with GD/PI call

I am placed through Campus at Blue Star Ltd., Mumbai in Cold Storage Dept.
will work there for a year and again try CAT 2004

I had joined Professional Tutorials this year..... so don't plan to join any classes
will look for test series later on.

rest is going great.


Hello guys,,

am at iima and in case u need any authentic info on ABM at IIMA ,feel free to contact me...

2004-2006 Batch

HI Shogun,

Can u please check out profile of the ABM new batch....

actually my GD/PI was very goooood...but i thnk due to lower percentile (75.12) i was not selected.......

please do tell about the profile of this year batch......

their bckgrd, percentile, work-ex, etc....

i was from non-agri bckgrd... completeled my B.E. (Mechanical) from SGSITS, Indore and have special interest in Agri-Business.



hi shogun,
bon voyage to ur iim-a sailing.how do u find it mate.is abm corse better than nmims,xim general mba .since i had it this yr i want to know.any vety in ur batch. vivek sir will be there.convey my namaste to him.give ur e-mail id.

Dear guys,,

fist of all ,,dear govind...it seems ur cat % has got a lot to do with u not making it here..In fact 75% is too low for u..With ur engg background,,u def can get more...So try harder...Here topper in abm for cat % is by the way myself(98.18%) and most of junta fall in the 90 + bracket...Ther r some 80+s,but i duno whether they have quota or reservation or stuff like that.....So to be on safer side,,aim for max %.....

Jyotir,,vety guys in our batch is only 1...Life is so hectic that i sleep at 4.30 am..Need i say more..Here in first year u are a PGP student,meaning u compete with all the iit ,rec wallahas and the toppers in the country for ur grades..U r ABm identity comes out only in 2nd year ,when u choose electives...So u are relatively gradedw/r to the best brains inthe country...The academic standards ,pressure,competition is outta this world. ....Regarding Abm w/r to nm and ximb...it really depends on which fiels u want to be in..I can tell uthat the avg sal for last years abm watch was 6-6.5 l/annum and top offer was 13 l/annum..At the end of the day,,U EMERGE AS IIM A GRAD,,,NOT AN NM OR XIMBI PASSOUT....Believe me A means A and not b/c/l/k....and def not xim or nm...So guys its ur call all the way.....

Adios and bol for ur mock cats..


Now hrd ministry had demanded for only five exams then what about exams like IRMA,IIFT,FMS ETC?
Now hrd ministry had demanded for only five exams then what about exams like IRMA,IIFT,FMS ETC? :!:

Great to listen to u SHOGUN

Congrats ........

I am a Commerce graduate and have pretty average acad backgraound (55%-65%)but We have a century old agr business. Now can I apply for IIM ABM(A/L). Also what are the chances of my converting the call as i have non agi acad background and that too poor. If i can manage a percentile of 98+ can i make it?


Dear Ashish,
U can def apply to IIMA ABM 😁 ..But for IIML ABm u need atleast 2 years work ex in agri related fields....In IIMA ,they do check out ur acad background till date...So if ur a consistent performer , u have a fair chance..I dont know of any comm grad whos been selected for ABM...But if u can really and i mean really convince the panel about ur depth of knowledge and interest in agri,theres no reason they shouldnt take u.Having a max CAt score is only one of the criteria..There are so many others..My advice is if ur genuinely interested,,go for it.....