IIM Udaipur - PGPX - Class of 2018 aspirants

Dear Aspirants, we are very pleased to start this year's thread.  PGPX is a dual degree program that is a full partnership between IIMU and the prestigious Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in the United States, one of the world leaders in the Supply Chain Management domain. It is a 15 month's full-time residential program and admission is through the GMAT.

Unlike other one year programs which include a short international component, PGPX offers a full semester of five months at Purdue University where students have access to world-class faculty and facilities and the chance to learn and work with students from all parts of the world.

The 15 month PGPX offers a similar range of electives, demands equal academic rigor and uses the same grading criteria as a two year MBA.

It is designed specifically for students with diverse and extensive work experience - a minimum of 2.5 years. Their experience is integrated into all aspects of the program including course work, projects, and company interactions.

Students graduate with an MS-GSCM degree from Purdue and a Post Graduate Diploma for Executives with a specialization in GSCM from IIM Udaipur.

Hello Admin,

Please guide on the evaluation process at purdue. What will the evaluation process be like as in will it consist of an interview, a case study etc?Further, are the essays a part of the application process at IIM-U or at Purdue and are these essays similar to the essays given at the Purdue site for the M.S in Global Supply Chain Management course?

Hello Admin,

When will the applications open?

Thank you!!

Hello Admin,

  I will have around 8.5 years of experience in implementing supply chain planning systems including around 15 months of experience as planner by January 2017.  The curriculum of PGPX suits my aspirations. Am I eligible to apply for this course or my experience is on the higher side ?

Other query : since we will be obtaining a USA MS degree, are we eligible to apply for the OPT of 29 months in USA ?


Hello Admin,

What will be the exact date when the application opens?

Last year the applications opened on 4th of June.

Please let me know the exact date.

Thank you

The admission portal for the "class of 2018 " is now live, all interested candidates can visit the following link :


All the best people !!

May I knw the lowest Gmat score which received the interview call?? I understand dat there is no gmat cut off and there are many other parameters for selectipn, but still wat was the lowest gmat score interviewed/selected??

I will be giving my GMAT in September end. I will fill the application form by 2nd week of October. I hope that is fine. Will the admission process of IIM U and Purdue (if I get selected from IIMU) both get over before 30th November? 

Dear Admin,

Please let us know the payment schedule including the deposit that we have to submit to IIM U and Purdue while  accepting admisson offer.

Have any of the previous PGPX students taken student loan from Indian Banks ?

I am an Engineer working on Oil and Gas fields around the world... I recently got shortlisted by IIMU for the PGPX thru my GMAT scores. 

I know that IIMU is good for SCM and this being a dual degree gives further advantages. will my 7 years of O&G background be of any value to the admissions office of IIMU/Purdue

I am A Mechanical Engineer With 35 Months Of Experience in Operation/Maintenance(Adani Wilmar Ltd) and 25 months of Experience in Business Development (Education/Consulting Sector). I am Planning To Give GMAT in October and Apply For PGPX Program thereafter. Can You Please Confirm the Maximum Intake for PGPX.

Is It Mandatory to submit IELTS/TOEFL Score along with the GMAT score?

hey guys,

got a quick question. How do I prepare for the toefl examination? Is there a minimum cutoff that I need to achieve in order to fulfill the admission criteria for purdue krannert?


Hii guys..any1 here who has got provisional admission??

I have a GMAT of 710 and 9 years of experience. I wanted to know the following aspects: a) Placement for non IT people. I am from power sector b) Batch strength c) Industry Exposure d) If IIM - U is holding a session in Delhi for the same. I also got a mail confirming initial shortlist.

Is there accommodation for married students? What happens during the semester at Purdue?


I would be interested to apply for the PGPX program. The intial query i have is regarding the accepatbility of indian 3 yr Undergarduate degree in U.S context.

As far as i am aware Purdue would demand 16 years of eductaion where as i am holding a 3 year undergadutae(15 yr education) from a reputed indian  university generally accepted in india.

Will Purdue be willing to accept 15 yr?? or they would demand additional 1 year coursework.

Awaiting a response.


Mayank Agrawal


What is the Gmat score cutoff. Is it sensible to apply with a low Gmat score of 540.

Total Work Ex: 6.2Years(Software)

International Work Ex: 15 Months

B Tech : Nirma University,Ahmedabad

CGPA: 7.78 

Hi Admission Team,

I applied and paid on IIM Udaipur portal and got the reference number.But there is no user profile created.I cannot check what all documnets I have submitted.Also some documents are still left to be uploaded.Please suggest.How to upload remaining documents.

Hi, I have applied on 22nd august but i did not get any response yet.Does it mean that my application did not get shortlisted?

Hi, Normally how long does it take to get response from IIMU (after application submission) . Do they also inform if not shortlisted.