IIM S (2016-18) WAT/PI Experiences

Hello Puys, we can share our WAT PI experiences in this thread.

Hi guys the wat/pi for IIM Shillong begins today.

Why do they have their interviews spread over 2 months? Mine is on 26th March :/

Post details about the interview guys. We are all waiting! Hope it went well 😃

Has the pi process started?

Ok so here some learning for you..

I have commerce background

Wat topic: everything comes to pass

Questions: whats unique about you?

Whats repo rate? How it affects interest rates?

How does oil prices in saudia arabia affect india and us?

A few economics term which never heard about..

Whats opprtunity cost and how its calculated?

Whats going on in north east?

Women have been denied their fundamental rights. What do you think?

How would u reach shillong from delhi? What about kohima?

What else do you do apart from your hobbies?

Some more current affairs...

Panel of two...

anyone who had a morning slot...plz someone tell till what time did you get free, or anyone else also...how long was the entire process from the reporting time you were given?

hey guys . how do we have to arrange the documents in the file? can someone please list out the order.

dear sir,

          Can  ISB's PGPMAX for senior executives give me some superlative value addition in my carrear in terms of my 23 years of industrial experience?Can this qualification be measured in equal terms with the amount of investment(40 lakh).


Please share your interview experience guyz!

About one of my friend's interview. The guy hails from aligarh, n interviewer hence asked a lot about locks,about its working, design, least count, margin of error etc... 😛 (Can't help ourself in such kind of situations, just handle pressure n remain calm n composed). And other very important thing which was asked about is the work experience. About work profile, about industry, future challenges, upcoming technologies in deeper and deeper. About current affairs, it was not that much, the guy was asked about latest news in North East, about presidential rule, difference between emergency and presidential rule n a few more.

Another feedback for S- (background-engg) WAT topic was something like "An hour can destroy the work of an entire age" The panel was very calm and the PI very chilled out. For most of the people, the focus was on academic subjects and hobbies.

ek aur topic... "feeling the blues, or turning yellow...what's your choice"

Were you offered candies in the end??

  • Yes
  • No

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WAT topic : One hour's can destroy work of ages

Questions :

Meaning of my name :Shivali

Books shaped my life

They asked me to shoot names of authors rather than books, all I had read till date

Led to a discussion on financial crisis

Investment banking and wall street


Delhi , Bikaner

By brother is in iim Ranchi , so I was asked if I'd prefer to go in a tried and tested institute

 iim Ranchi vs Shillong

What all calls do I have

MBA for money?

What after MBA

2-3 years down the line, 10 years, 20 years

This also led to a discussion on media and news reporting

Systems I feel need change : education, governance

Lot of cross questioning

Name firms of social entrepreneurship

Then in the middle of the interview, they  recommended Books to me

Tech round :


Use and application

Why matrix is used

Why this concept invented

They questioned about alternate ways of doing the same thing. Then asked to compare and kept on questing that if alternates exist, why this method

(looking for corner cases)

Determinants, how , why, non-square matrix 
Osi model

Network topology : Why when

How system works after url typed

Trojan horse: Explain


Then they smiled and asked me to take a candy

I took one

So they insisted on taking more

Other panels asked the students :

Greece crisis, transportation problem (Operation research), hobbies, dances and their respective states


History of place they live in

Politics and why


18 months of work experience. Not a single question on it.

Just picked up my academic transcript and slaughtered me for 15 mins.

IIM Shillong-3/2/2016

WAT - One plus One can't be two.

PI started with 'Tell us about yourself.'

And then PI mostly revolved around my profile, work-ex and job profile and further related follow up questions.

Overall a Chilled out experience.

Anyone have their WAT/PI on 15th Feb(blore)?

I asked the panel before leaving can I take one (pointing at the bowl with candies) they smiled and said yeah it's for you, please take one more and wished good day 😂

have they returned the application form to everyone or m the only one indicating that u r not able to make it :( 

they returned the application form for me too..is it a problem?...my interview was ok only..