IIM LUCKNOW PGPSM 2016-18 Aspirants

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Post your queries and doubts regarding PGPSM  on this thread , we will try our best to help you.Refer to the Eligibility criteria and admission policy for queries related to GD/PI shortlists.Also note that PGPSM has a mandatory requirement of 24 months of workEx (as of 31st August,2015).

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 50% marks (45% in case of SC/ST/PWD category) or equivalent, with at least two years professional experience.

Admission Policy :


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Link for the PGPSM 2015-17 batch brochure is below:



1) What this programme is about?

PGPSM is a two year full time post graduate programme being offered from IIM Lucknow Noida campus. This programme focuses on -

· Environmental, social and economic sustainability.

· Critical perspectives on policy institutions.

· Analysis of policy and regulatory environment.

· Systemic linkages among environment, social and economic issues.

2) Significance of sustainable management?

Businesses throughout the world are undergoing transitions. Increased awareness about climate change, environmental degradation and issues related to human rights infringement plays a major role in shaping consumer preferences, governmental regulation and business decisions.

Not only businesses, but also government and developmental organizations has to take the responsibility to integrate profit with people and planet for the sustainable development.

Sustainable management will cater to this need of business and society.

3) Where else is this programme being taught?

Amongst non IIM'S , NITIE , TERI and MDI Gurgaon has similar courses.   Amongst the IIMs, IIML is the first one to start this course. In the past IIMA has been offering short term courses on sustainability for executives. There is also speculation of IIMA introducing this course from next year. Outside India, people became aware of the importance of sustainability a bit earlier than us. So many of the top colleges in the US and Europe offer MBA or MS in sustainability.

4) Who are the recruiters for summer training of  present batch of 2015-17?

Students got summer internship opportunities with conglomerates like Mahindra, Tata Sustainability group, Wipro;  Cairn energy; Azim Premji Foundation, Fortis hospitals group; Sustainability and policy think tanks like Wipro CSTEP and startups like Valluri technology Accelerators.

CAT 71.67 percentile 

NMAT score 145

which colleges would fall in this range? 

Hi.. my CAT percentile 94.6 VA 82.5 DI/LR 85.72 QA 98.21 ..10th 86.33 12th 87.86 grad 76.65.. work ex 25 months.. general category.. is there any chance to get call..??





10th-92.8,  12th-94.8, Grad-73, Commerce, 20 Months Work Ex.

Any chance?

Total 95.01

VA 80

DI/LR 95

QA 95

10th 88

12th 78

Will I be shortlisted

CAT 99.33

24 months work ex

10th -91

12th- 80.4

Graduation- 69.8

What can I expect ??

Please help.

CAT OA-96.31,




Academic- 10th-80.2, 12th-86.4, B  Tech (ECE)-7.38

Work Experience: 41 months (Telecom).


should i apply? 





89.8/85.4/87.87 - GEM ...work ex: 25 months Chances???

CAT 2015 - Overall - 94.18

Sectionals: VA - 97.9, DILR - 92.68, QA - 77.39(Sectionals considered?)

Male. NC-OBC.

Work Ex of 17 Months in Recruitment, Consulting & Marketing (As of 31st Dec 2015) Will be 23 Months (By Jun 2016)

10th - 93.80%

12th - 90.25%

UG - BE(Electrical & Electronics) - 7.21 CGPA.

Do I have chances of getting in?

Overall Score: 130.12; Overall %ile: 91.94

QA Score: 47.12; QA %ile: 93.45

DI/LR Score: 26.74; DI/LR %ile: 79.42

VA/RC Score: 56.26 VA/RC %ile: 89.54

Female/ Non-Engineering/ General

19 months work ex as of 31/12/2015

Any chances at all?

Is the list for IIM-L out yet ?

CAT - OA - 95.24, VA- 97.07, LR - 79.64, QA - 93.4

X- 93.67, XII-93.2, Engineering-91.7

Work Exp - 24 months in IT


Do I have a chance?

CAT OA - 98.23, VA - 94.16, DI/LR - 99.23, QA - 92.48 

Eng: 89.9, X - 90+,  XII - 88

Work Exp - 16 Months. What are the chances?






Do I stand a chance of Conversion? Also since my Quant score is low Will I get a Call?

OA - 98.88

VARC - 97.72

DILR- 96.95

QA - 97.42

10th - 85.6.   12th- 81.2    grad- 7.85

Work ex only 6 months.

Chances of getting call/converting and what weightage is given to CAT score and other parameters?


Is the shortlist out? I found this link. Not sure if it is old.. http://www.iiml.ac.in/?page_id=1954

Hello, any chances of a call at 98.8 (sectionals 95+) with 10/12/grad 89.4/89.8/76 and 28 months work ex, GEM?! Thanks.