IIM Lucknow 2021-2023 Call Getters [Official]


To address all the queries and concerns of the call getters, share relevant information/updates on behalf of the college, and create a meaningful channel of communication.


Hi Guys, I am having a doubt. I am shortlisted for PGP -ABM and PGP -SM for IIM Lucknow. But there is a discrepancy in my composite score due to which I couldnt get shortlisted for PGP. They have not given any mark for Work experience while calculating my composite score. (I am having 2.5 years work which should ideally fetch 9-9.5 additional marks) How can I get this corrected? They are not responding to mails as many candidates are already mailing them for login issue.  

Hi! The mentorship Google form asks for the interview date but that hasn't been communicated yet. The document says it will be informed at least 48 hours before the actual interview. Is there any way around this? 

Hi. I was shortlisted for all the 3 programmes(PGP, ABM and SM). However, for ABM and SM, i selected "Not interested" while filling the profile detail form. But in the call letter, I see its written that I am have been shortlisted for all the 3. So,

1. Will I be asked questions regarding ABM and SM in the interview?

2. Will there be a single interview for all the 3? 

Any idea when the website will be live. Currently after logging in, can't see the dashboard which consists of the Interview Call Letter.


I have been shortlisted for PGP and PGP-ABM. In the form I selected "interested" for PGP and "Not interested" for PGP-ABM. Still the personal data form is showing both of the courses along with the additional page of ABM. Will I be interviewed for ABM too? 

When can we expect the IIM L's PI round to begin? Currently, in the interview letter, no date is mentioned.


Hello Aspirants!

Team Ignicion extends its hearty congratulations to you all on securing coveted PI call from IIM Lucknow.

Please join the Facebook group for all official communications.

Please make sure you send a screenshot of your call letter to any of the admins along with joining request to join IIM L Official Call Getters FB Group. We can't accept your request without this mandatory step. Kindly cooperate.



Team Ignicion

Many of the students have got the Document verification emails and some (including me) have not! When can we expect to get the emails? Do we need to contact the Admission office?

 Is there any IIM L call getters ...... group?

@adcom I am not having payslip for first and last month but I do have some random payslips and I am having all other documents required to prove my work ex. So will that be Ok?

Can anyone tell where we can share our call letter to join the group as there is no option to upload picture while sending personal message to admin

  Hello, I just got my schedule for the interview of IIM L, and the date clashes with my already set interview for CAP. Any suggestions on if I can request IIM Raipur to move the date a day for CAP interview forward or backward?   

Approximately how long after your documen verfication does the PI take place?

My IIML interview is clashing with CAP call, both at 9:30 AM 15th Feb. Is there any way my interview can be shifted by 2-3 hrs later or to another day?

Dear Admission team,
I am Nitin Darade  (CAT ID -20015084).
I have been given a Personal Interview date for IIM Lucknow on Wednesday 16th Feb  

(PI - 20015084-16-02-2021-03:10 PM-P8-DARADE NITIN LAKSHMAN)

But I have already a CAP round interview scheduled on the same day (Wednesday, 16th Feb).

It will be really helpful if it is possible to reschedule the Interview.

@ignicion @Shubham_Rangari

Hi. Is anybody done with their interview process of IIML yet? If yes, please do share a brief interview experience along with your panel number.

It'd be really helpful. Thank you,

Will document verification and PI happen on the same day? Any whatps group for Call getters of IIM L?

The interview call letter mentioned 48hrs before the interview date, would be intimated. However others got the mail, just wondering is it just me who didn't get any schedule or anyone else ?

Hi! I have my PGP-SM online Doc verification via Google Meet tomorrow. My CAT registered email ID is not gmail (it's live/outlook). But Google Meet will obviously open with my Gmail ID login. Is that a problem?