IIM Lucknow 2020-2022 Call Getters [Official]

To address all the queries and concerns of the call getters, share relevant information/updates on behalf of the college, and create a meaningful channel of cimmunication.

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how many seats are there under ews??

I am not receiving OTP on my mobile for login. What should I do? It isn't there in  my spam folder too.

 For people who are shortlisted for all the programmes will there be three WAT-PIs or one common WAT-PI for all three programmes?? 

Do we have whole 13th day till midnight to complete the form?

In IIM L form they are asking to upload first and last salary slips of all Organizations... I don’t have the first salary slip from my previous one... will it cause any problems?

have co-founded two ventures. Since I left my job at TCS in December, 2017 and after that I joined my venture full-time. I have incorporation certificate and all certificates for my venture. What should I upload in Work Experience Document as it's asking for first and last months payslip?

Can anyone give an idea on how interviews at IIM L usually are?

For iim- L form what to do for the conversion formula? like my college hasnt given an authorised document for it but the conversion formula is on our college website so should I just print that and upload it?

Hi I have a doubt in IIML form filling. For 10th, it asks for marks obtained and max marks. I studied in CBSE, and CBSE says to multiply mark by 95. So, can I fill both max marks and marks obtained as 95 (10*9.5)? TIA

It's a kind request to please extend the timeline for submitting the GDPI form of IIM Lucknow. We need to upload many documents and fill very necessary questions regarding SOP. An extension of 1-2 days will help us do our work with the best of our abilities. It will help if you can do this. TIA. One more query, do we have whole 13th day for submitting the form as it is written to it latest by 13. TIA.

In IIM-L form other than first month and last month salary slip what other documents we need to upload for work experience?

The registration keeps crashing. Tried finishing the entire procedure but was held up by the requirement for aadhar. When I resumed after getting it, the web portal crashed. Can you guys give me a heads up when the site comes back online? Would be a pity if aspirants are unable to register because of this glitch.

The registration page when logged in is displaying internal error message. Is the website down?

Hey! Do we have to merge our 10th and 12th certificate in one pdf? Coz if im trying to do so and  compressing it to less than 50kb then the quality is getting highly degraded. What should I do? Please help.

How should we write our graduation marks. My college follows the procedure of 25 %,50%,75% and 100% weightage for first second third and final year marks respectively.Each semester is of 1000 marks .First year marks I should write out of 250 or 1000?Because on writing out of 1000 the percentage mentioned in marksheet is getting changed

How to jot down the achievements and awards? Detailed or points?

What does nature of work imply in the work experience column ? Does it mean Full Time/ Part Time or does it like role eg. software developer, tester, operations etc ?

If someone is shortlisted for both pgp and pgp abm then they will have to seperate interviews for both or one single interview?????