IIM L GD/PI experience

i had my IIM L interview yesterday and well it was definitely an eye opener :frowning: GD: the topic was privatisation is not the remedy for the improving the efficiency and productivty of PSUs it went ok everyone spoke…but not a fish market…

i had my IIM L interview yesterday and well it was definitely an eye opener :(

the topic was privatisation is not the remedy for the improving the efficiency and productivty of PSUs

it went ok everyone spoke..but not a fish market...
my rating 7.5/10

well i was the last in my group so though other ppl had PIs for almost 20 minutes myself and the person just b4 me were thrown out 😉 in 10 min flat (the profs wanted to go 4 lunch i guess)
started with why MBA ? fine then went onto FMCGs and who makes Head and shoulders and who makes clinic allclear so in total some 15 products and then their adverisements....i said i had no TV at home (that shocked them since both of them simultaneously asked that how do u pass ur time then!!)
till this pt i was kinda hopeful that i might b able to make it but then the other prof who was going thro my file looked up and said wat do u knw abt Fuzzy cks...i told him with an example of acs and inbtween the other prof asked which company advertises that it uses fuzzy logic.
i said i dunno then he said oh yes u dont own a TV ( i really didnt know that it was so impt)
neways then we ent on to ANN(artificial neural networks) again i was able to give them the basic concept but they kept asking more and more 😞 then he says i'm really disappointed with u( I'm sure nobody in the history of GD/PIs was ever told that)!! then it was probability and functions
then some workex related questions which were ok...then we were back to HLL and wipro wat services i wld provide to HLL if it were my(Wipro's) client !!
thats abt it..
PI :3/10 or maybe even less
so please brush up on ur acads(not just core sub like i did but all the sundry electives also which u had opted for) coz every1 frm our group was asked only acads and nothing else irrespective of amt of workex....

BOL to every1 else...

Bangalore - 23/March 11.30am Panel-I

GD - PIL is an indication that legislative and executive bodies have failed.

Interview (30 mins)
Why MBA ? Why leave a high paying job ?
1. Where is Yahoo mail stored ?
2. Can Yahoo see your mail ?
3. How can you prevent it from seeing your mails ?
4. HOw does Microsoft Word correct spellings ?
5. What is Mobile computing ? Neural COmputing ? What is Multi Layer Perception ?
6. What do you look for in a candidate in interviews ?
7. What are your chances in this interview ? Why ?
8. Can a computer understand the term "decent chance" ?


hi all...

this is the experience of Neelima posted here


Hi friends,

Had my L interview today. Putting it down here to help you guys out.

Venue: IIMB
Panel 01
Time :1130 AM

we were a group of 7 people.....only one fresher...5 from IT with 2+ exp and 1 self employed ( he runs a gaming centre of his own,......pretty impressiev huh?! )
also we were 4 girls and 3 guys.

GD topic: Does PIL mean the failure of executive and legislative system?

Well, i had no idea what this PIL was!!!
So couldnt utilise much of the 2 minutes time given to 'collect your thoughts' before the discussion started. I was mainly occupied in not looking very stupid and trying to focus on the second part of the topic...ie 'failure of executive and legislative'

Its only when the GD started i came to know what PIL meant....for the uninitiated...it stands for 'Public Interest Litigation'..ie a case filed by a person against the govt/legislative etc
the IIM fee cut PIL filed by some students of IIMA is a good example.

The GD started off very peacefully and continued very peacefully and ended very peacefully
quite a contradiction to the ones I was used to, where literally everyone kept talking at the same time. I think the peaceful GD we had was far more superior as it showed that we could behave as mature to-be-managers who made their points but respected others when they wanted to make their point too.

(The previous group's GD ended up being a fish market and I heard that the professor commented that 'it was a bit noisy'....so guys please try to keep your calm in a GD)

Now the PI.....I had gone there hoping to get stress interviewed.....(L is famous for that)
but nothing of that sort happened.....there were two profs (fin and OR). The OR guy started off by asking me to introduce myself starting 10 years in the future..........this was something that I was ready for and was hoping they would ask me to do....and i'd say that i did it really well.......had a 10 minute speech and by their looks they were pretty impressed
in between they kept interrupting to ask something but always let me continue....i could manouvre the questions very well during this 10 minutes....later on they started asking me about the IT industry from the indian perspective and the global perspective and why we had the dot com bust.....then they asked me why I wanted to take up marketing, was it because my confidence level was low in my Tech subject (which happens to be Comp Sci)
if anything i was not lacking in that was Confidence
handled that very well and told him genuinly why I want to go for Marketing and what I wanted to do. (which I had already mentioned once when I started my into from 10 years in the future)
Then they asked me about my job profile...why I have already changed two companies....gave them a good explantion for that.......
Then they asked me whether I watch TV...I said I dont own a TV set yet and since i stay away from my home i get to watch it only occasionally....( I wonder what they would've asked me if I had said that I watched)
after that they said "Thank you"
at that point of time I was really enjoying it...and dint want it to end so fast...but still once they show you the door, you have to shut up right?
So i picked up my file and started walking out....then comes a last questions
"do you have any other calls"
said I have K and I....then I saw a small smile on the person's lips who asked the question. have no idea what that meant. anyways came out happy and confused. 😲
thats about it guys.

dont be tensed about it.....you will end up screwing it up..just be yourself...be prepared for standard questions like "Introduce yourself" , "Why MBA", "Role Model", "future plans"

and a big advice to freshers....do brush up your technical subjects especially wrt the industry or wrt current happenings....like the Electronics telecom fresher was asked about "CDMA", "GPRS", "whether you can do rly reservation through mobile, if yes how is it done"

I'd say that go with a light heart
and you'll come out without a regret

all the very best guys!!!


Could you please let me know where exactly in IIMB, the interviews are held..
(block details etc..)

intv at iim-L:

Q:why is ur city so named?
karna sir,thats why,
Qpeople aware abt this.
A:there is lake also so people aware .
Qwhat do we learn from ramayana,mahabharata and do we
apply those things in life?
A:told some 10 qualities
Q:honest is liability these days.wholw nation
A:no sir,still hope left in form of good leaders like
Q:can u follow these principles?
A:sure sir.
Q:what u do at work.
Q:tell abt crm in laymans terms.
A:did it
Q:who heads company,where is it located,how many
A:gave all.
Q:tell us abt ur college activities
A:did it.
Q:what project u did.
Q:its very simple,how useful is it?
A:wanted to use college infra for learning abt
hardware,s/w wud learn anyway at infy.
Q:other calls.how was B intv.
A;told him.
best of luck

it seems that ,marketing guys hav to watch TV and know the ads for products. have to know their products well. i wud hav done well at these questions but im going for finance.
can anybody who applied for finance narrate their experience????

im a fresher doing B. of mgmt studies in bombay. got call for lucknow

please can anybody tell me how these guy treat to bad acads

who was there in panel - I
WHICH profs:
how many panelists?

hey bombay_underdog, we can pretty well c that u are keen on findin out as much as u can b4 u go for the interview....but u cud as well have fit all of 'em into a single post.....and do give ppl some time to reply back...not everyone is active at same time.....u need to factor that in while posting in a BB ....here, its considered spamming......hope u got it....all da best :)


Hey...I have NO idea of an IIM interview ...Could someone tell me if they ask for a written SOP etc beforehand... and what certificates we need to carry ... and MOST IMPORTANTLY whether the panel has a view at your certificates ?????? I've got my IIM L interview on the 8th of Apr at Kolkata


Could you please let me know where exactly in IIMB, the interviews are held..
(block details etc..)

Don't worry about that. As soon as you enter IIMB, there are directions to the interview rooms.
bartsimpson Says
Hey...I have NO idea of an IIM interview ...Could someone tell me if they ask for a written SOP etc beforehand... and what certificates we need to carry ... and MOST IMPORTANTLY whether the panel has a view at your certificates ?????? I've got my IIM L interview on the 8th of Apr at Kolkata

at the IIM B interview, one of the panelists went thru ALL my certificates, even matching it with the true copies which i had sent..... so tats pretty important....
also no SOP was asked for.... but after the IIM B GD, a set of 3 qs were given to be answered, which were essay type qs......

Let me know what u feel after reading this interview ?

GD was good..infact one of the best GDs,,I made some good points and the group accepted them very well....so I guess 9/10 in GD......but read on the interview and let me kniw !!!!


Q. describe yourself apart from what u have written in the form...
Ans . Sir I am a very ambitiou person who sets goals for himself and works hard to acheive them, and at the persinal front I am avery congenial person with a good camarediere and a person whom my freinds can count on,..a responsible and dependable person...

Q. about ur university and college..
Ans. Told him....

Q. Selection procedure and what rank did u get in PET.
Ans . told him..

Q. What do u think is the largst problem in front of rural india..?
Ans. Sir I feel its the lack of education...all other prolems of population, low productivity emamnate from this.....

Q. are u trying to demean the rural population ?? do u feel that its only education which cvounts...u elit ppl have a problem with the way u see society..havent they existed since so many years....
ANs.,. Sir I didnt mean to demean them, but I feel that elementary education is a must.....for growth and education gives all a perspective and thought process to think...

Q. give me an example supporting that despite lack of education our villagers are rational ppl...
Ans.. They are rational coz of there expereinces, the teachings of there fathers and foefathers reagrding agriculture, irrigation etc...

Q. so u agree that they are rational....u sounded as if u were demeaning them.....
Ans,. I kept quite...

Q. what is the kind of work u do in infosys?
Ans.. I am a team lead, programer analyst, taking bottomline of deliverable and managing a team of 4 engineers....

Q. what do u develop and what do u analyse ?
Ans... we develop code in java and we analyse the requirements from the customers to move ahead with design and coding...

Q. was infosys ur campus placement ?
Ans. No sir , my campus was with a diff company but soon I got offer from Infosys and I joined infy before joining other organisaiotn'

Q. what do u read..
Ans.. I read daily newspapers and magazines like outlook

Q. Aything else ?
Ans..I have read books like Jack welch and Lee Iacoca....coz they are highly inspiring works and depistin of hardwork and success which was against all odds etc etc...

q. have u read any indian author....or about any indian personality?
Ans . sir I have read Arindam Chuadhary(Biggest mistake ), he was shocked to hear this name !!

Q. Mr Singhal I feel u have a pretty weird reading taste...have u read gandhi ?
Ans. No sir I havent

q. Why didnt u read gandhi...his books are cheap, he is the father of the nation.....are u discounting gandhi against ppl like jack welch ?
Ans. No sir I am not discounting gandhi, I am not a voracious reader and my reading so far has been recommended reading....though I didnt get a chance to read gandhi...

Q. do u know about indian history ?
Ans.. yes sir whatever I hae read in my academic text books ?

q. which was indias golden era...
ANs.. I thot and said sir the period before britishers invaded india ??

Q. Are u sure ? who was ruling India before british came ?
Ans . Mughals.....

Q. so was it the golden age >
Ans. No sir..... It was the mauryan empire during which india had its golden age [email protected]

Q. who was the emperror
Ans.. Chandragutpa Maurya.

Q. Man u are lacking conviction in your naswers......u have fluid thots...we are here to judge u and future coroporate citizens....u shud be confident .
Ans... I was shocked !!!!!!

Q. Any ways....how long have u been in bangalore ?
Ans. close to two years sir..

Q. Are u familiar with the place..
Ans.. yes sir...

Q. Do u know here is a place called Hebbal..
Ans. yes sir, heard bout it, never seen though

Q. There is a CV raman centre of research...have u heard of it ?
Ans.. yes sir heard of it !

Q. who was CV raman and what is he known for ?
Ans. CV raman was an eminent indian scientist..I have read bout raman effect and he was a sceintist in the nuclear technology research...

Q. what is raman effect ?
Ans. I dont know sir .

Q. What other calls have u got ?
Ans . ALl six calls sir..

Though I was smiling throughout the interview and sounded confident in most of the questions...I feel they were trying to psyche me....

A broad smile on both theri faces....ok gentleman, we are thru, plz send the next candidate !!!


just a question, as per the interview letter no photocopies etc hv been asked for. so we need carry only the originals?

Hey ssinghal,

i think u amde a mistake in the chandragupta maurya answer.
the golden age of the guptas was the golden age of india. it took place in ancient india. chandragupta maurya was the king during the mauryan empire.
more than ten years since i read it, but i think it was liek this...

..... (not very clear)
harsh vardhan, (around this time the great Changez Khan romped through central asia)

then the medieval period...
slave dynasty,

then modern india....
united front, 😛
bjp, 😁 😁
we'll soon find out who's next....

history studs, correct me if i am wrong.

And, do they try to grill all infy ppl??? i have a feeling i am in for the same thing.


This was definitely a 'different' experience from the B gd/pi. Here are the details:

Date: 24th March, Time: 11.30 am, Panel: P-I (two panel members), 8 members in the group

GD topic: Should professionals be allowed to enter civil services?
GD was once again very peaceful, but we beat about the bush a lot, in trying to define what we mean by a 'professional' and things like that. My personal contribution was very little, I spoke twice and gave one example and counter-example of a professional doing well in civil services. But overall, myown contribution was not good.

Coming to the interview, this went much better. Posting what I remember of it:

P1 = panel member 1, P2 = panel member 2, T = me

P1 = So how should we call you? Vaishnav?
T = No sir, Tadatmya is my first name.
P1 = Oh..ok. So tell us about yourself. R u from Gujarat?
T = Yes sir. I was born and brought up in Ahmedabad. My native place is a town called Bhuj in Kachchh. After staying for 18 years in A'bad, I went to REC Surathkal, and after completing BE, came to Bangalore and joined the job.
My interests include reading - both fiction and non-fiction, listening to music - mostly old Hindi film songs, ghazals etc. and quizzing. I participate in the public quizzes that happen in Bangalore.
P2 = Do you conduct quizzes?
T = Sometimes I have conducted, more in school and college than in Bangalore.
P2 = So when you conduct a quiz, who is ur role model? O'Brien or Siddhartha?
T = I suppose I like some qualities of both, sir. Siddhartha Basu is perceived to be pretty dry whereas Derek O'Brien conducts in an entertaining way, even if it is a Brand Equity quiz.
P2 = How can you combine these two? One dry and one entertaining?
T = By having the content of Basu and genial presentation style of O'Brien.
P2 = Ok.

P2 = Have you graduated, or r u studying? (all the certis. were with the other guy)
T = Sir I graduated two years ago
P2 = so what have u been doing since then?
T = I have been doing software dev. and maintenance job.
P2 = so what is ur current assignment?
T = (told him abt maintenance work, and dealing with customer issues, shifting maintenance work from US office to B'lore)
P2 = how do u deal with customers when u r dealing with software which is so new to u? Do u understand its design?
T = sure sir. we had a formal transition in place and following it, we are aware of the requirements from specific customers, architecture and design of the product etc.
P2 = so u just receive customer complaints and forward them to the designer or developer?
T = no sir, i have to fix them myself
P2 = is that easy?
T = it wasn't easy in the beginning since i was new to the product. but the transition process took care of all loose ends
P2 = so u work alone or in a team?
T = in a team of 3
P2 = hmm..so what r the roles of the other two?
T = they have much more experience with this product than I do. they have been working on the unix platforms for the last 5 years. i am now in charge of other platforms now.
P2 = enjoying the work?
T = yes sir

P2 = now if i ask u abt why u want to do management, i'm sure u will have an answer ready, right?
T = yes sir, i do have my reasons for this choice
P2 = so then i won't ask u that q. what else should i ask u?
T = sir u can ask abt my personal strengths and qualities, and weaknesses.
P2 = ok, tell me those
T = regarding my strong points, i am enthusiastic towards my work, take a lot of interest in it. i am hardworking. i handle stress well, in terms of short deadlines or long working hours.
i have my weak points in a lack of initiative as far as peripheral activities go. these activities are important, but not primary activities and i haven't shown much initiative here.
P2 = hmm..lack of initiative...so what causes this?
T = i suppose it is lack of focus. i have concentrated much on my primary project activities and consequently don't pay lot of attention to activities like interaction with other teams, config. manager or doc. person.

P2 = ok, what is the most cherished moment in ur life, which u will remember for the rest of ur life? and what is the time u would like to forget forever?
T = most cherished wud be getting into rec, surathkal, more so because it wasn't on my radar screen initially. but as the admissions process in Gujarat was delayed a lot, i began thinking of alternatives and opting for this alternative paid rich dividends for me.
i wud like to forget the way i approached the iit-jee exams. after preparing well enuf for two years, i suddenly lost focus after appearing for the boards, and did badly in the exam.
P2 = so why did this lack of focus come in?
T = probably becoz i had done well in the boards and that one surety of a good result made me more secure and hence the focus on this exam was lost.

P2 = ok, so u r from gujarat, what is ur opinion of Mr. Modi?
T = sir, as an administrator,he is an able man but his religious and political ideologies are partisan.
P2 = what good has he done for gujarat?
T = one is in the area of water. he has carried on with spreading the network of canals carrying Narmada water to saurashtra and kachchh.
he also convened a global investors meet last sept., called Vibrant Gujarat. that met with excellent response, as investment proposals totalling Rs. 60,000 cr. flowed in.
P2 = investment proposals worth 60,000 cr.? what were the major areas in which these proposals came in?
T = petrochemicals was one area where Reliance made a handsome proposal. gas and crude-oil pipelines carrying gas etc. from Hazira in south Gujarat to other states was another. heavy engg. has received a lot of investment. also there is some effort in reviving the textile industry of gujarat.

P2 = name one great cricketer from gujarat...past or current.
T = Vinoo Mankad was a great.
P2 = and in current?
T = currently, i wouldn't term him great, but we have Parthiv Patel.
P2 = oh, he is great, isn't he?
T = yes, he is very good and his entry into Indian team at this young age has to be appreciated. but he is yet to prove his mettle in a consistent manner.
P2 = hmm..any other cricketers?
T = we have two fast bowlers from Baroda, Zaheer Khan and Irfan Pathan. Munaf Patel is another prospect.

P1 = (looking at the certis.) why do u have marksheets from two universities in ur degree course?
T = sir in the first year, our college was affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Tech. Univ. which is like an umbrella univ. for all Karnataka engg. colleges. From the second year onwards, we got affiliated to Mangalore univ. again.
P1 = how many rec's are there in Karnataka?
T = only one sir
P1 = so this is among the more well known rec's?
T = yes sir.

P1 = tell me why earthquakes happen in kachchh
T = sir it has always been a zone of high seismic activity. the most devastating earthquake of 1890's happened in kachchh. we had another major one in 1956 rocking Anjar, and now this recent one.
P1 = yes, but why all this activity?
T = kachchh is located on the interface of two tectonic plates and their interaction gives rise to small tremors. and sometimes a large disturbance or built-up strain over the years gives rise to a large earthquake
P1 = so r ppl still living in kachchh or have they moved?
T = they still live there, and a rebuilding is currently underway
P1 = have u visited the place after this quake?
T = yes sir, that is my native place, and i have visited it.

P2 = r u forgetting ur maths?
T = i didn't get the question sir
P2 = u have scored a 100 in std. X in maths. then onwards the marks haven't been too good.
T = sir a direct comparison between school-level maths and college maths cannot be made, and i found scoring marks in maths tougher
P2 = do u use maths in ur daily work?
T = no sir
P2 = then what do u use?
T = software engg. concepts, and computer networks and distributed systems concepts.
P2 = i suppose there is something called the 'mathematics of computer programming'?
T = sorry sir, i am not aware of such a concept.

P1 = ok thanks you may go.

In all, 20 minutes where I found myself to be a bit uncomfortable at times but overall satisfied.


Ted I think u had a great interview.

I wanted to confirm the forms sent out by IIM L. since I had gone out of town for my IIM B interview, I have no clue whether some papers from the envelope got misplaced. Does the form ask for just general details without any essay type Qs ?? ( only one abt extra curriculars i believe?)
Please reply ASAP since i have my interview on 29th.

no essay types in L..dont worry...u did'nt misplace ne thing. Go and smoke the interview..