IIM L 2008-2010: Final Results

IIM L results are out!!! IIM Lucknow Admissions All the best!!! ::

IIM L results are out!!!!

IIM Lucknow Admissions

All the best!!!!

I made it to IIM-L


Made it to IIML.


Me Converted L too

4/4 today

hello puys,
congratulations to all call getters!!!
I made it to IIML :D
and IIML is where i am going!!!


IIML converted !!!!!!!!!!!! , not joining though, C for me so far :)

Congrats to those who have converted :thumbsup:

My L interview and GD was the second best after A's PI and essay. still no convert:(. Is there an inverse relation in what an interviewee feels and the final conversions????

cant believe it......... got thru iim l ..........
waiting for indore to complete the hatrick..........
congo to all........ c ya all in lucknow

Does anyone have any Idea of waitlist movement at L? I am waitlisted at 56...

Did not get thru IIM L as well. 2nd reject after B - my only 2 calls..
Its end of the story for me this year as well. A gruelling 3 years have gone down in struggle for me..
ATB for all the achievers !

hmm .. i have to ask this often-asked question .. till where did the waitlist move last year?? im w/l 190 .. are they just teasing me or what?

hi to all,

I am Waitlisted (no. 3):eh:....almost converted it... hope to clear it soon....
and see you guys there...


Didnt get IIML..My name is not even there in the waitlist..:(

Lucknow...here I come!!!:gunsmilie:

Congrats to everyone who've made it..and best of luck for the wait listed candidates!

The admission is provisional in case of OBC Candidates who needs to submit the OBC Certificate, the format of the same is being sent to the candidate along with the admission offer letter.

what does this mean? does it mean iim l have send offers to obc s and further on proving non creamy status only u can take up?

Hey guys,

I am waitlisted 7... i dont know if i shud be worried

How many general seats are there?
How many confirmed general final calls were given?

Anyone can answer please...
This is my make or break call

made it to IIM-L......
this is like a dream come true for me...
i have waited 4 long years to see this result...my hands r trembling while writing this post...
i am sooooooooooo sooooooooooooooo happyyyyy!!!!!!!

Got thru

Not taking it up 😃

What a relief after what seemed like an endless wait!!! After a reject from B, this is like a god sent gift....IIM-L here I come!!!