Iim K Wl

Guys… does K comes out with a WL or there second list generally comes out of nowhere?? piyush

does K comes out with a WL or there second list generally comes out of nowhere??


hey mods shudnt this thread be moved to cat and related discussions section.
just a suggesstion.

Any idea about the number of calls given by K?

seniors any information


hey ppl
lookin at the fact that k comes after 4 iims and mebbe spjimr or xlri
shouldnt they have come out with a wl yet???
no idea as to whats goin on in k
anyone can clarify the situation plz

phoned iimk,new list on monday evening.definite that there will be a list.

Well guys they have themselves said about waitlist after23may so our time starts from now

anyways PT made a fool of me by sending me congratulations for clearing IIMK ???????????????????????????????????????

and after i checked it on site i am depressed again??????????????

dont worry man
theres still hope

hope u make it
after i do :wink:

Hi boys,

IIMK's second list should be out within the next couple of days.
The batch strength for the incoming batch is almost definitely 120.
So keep your fingers crossed.

Arjun, IIMK coming after SP?? Dude, get real. 😃 If it's rankings you're going by, we're ranked ahead of them. Yeah, they might be in Mumbai and might be older, but we're an IIM. 😃 And they can't match our infra, faculty, brand and students. Half my classmates didn't even apply there. Neel Kothari from my batch ditched his 1 lakh deposit to come to K. :)

Yeah, XLRI is strong competition. They're a very good school, but lots of people who only wanted an IIM (including yours truly) didn't even apply to XL. neelima on PG has ditched XL for K this year.

Either way, within the top 10 b-schools outside IIMs ABCL, it comes down to personal preferences/priorities when deciding which b-school to go to.

Good luck chaps with the IIMK second list!

called up IIM k asked me to call up in the evening when i tried calling no one was lifting, hope the website is upfated quickly, i a m in a fix need to pay for BIM before 28th I can only wait till 25th, but my K interview was a disaster in making still i m just curious bye

Hey called up the office they said that 2nd list is out and no general are available on reserved seats are available as of now !!!!! Me got through IIM K others wait and atb

IS it really true?? Please confirm...
Im really disappointed first I dont get thru WL of I, and now not even K...
But hey what the big deal..
I managed CAL!!!!!!!!!!!

the supplementary list is out



Anyone got it in the 2nd list ?????