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welcome puys and pirls!!

we need to send the mail or just tick on the website in the admission status tab for expressing our interest?

Who all are genuinely interested in joining the newly announced


  • I am just interested in knowing the answer.
  • Yeah!! I would love to explore those sublime mountains.
  • Nopes!! I won’t opt for a ‘yet to make a mark’ IIM.
  • 50-50!! I would think about leaving others only if the “others” column gets exhausted.

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when will the shortlist be released?

My VA lags by very little difference, being 67.46 as opposed to 68 as given in eligibility cutoff. Cleared every other score as QA 71.79, DILR 95.58, OA 85.38... KUCHH HO NHI SAKTA...??? NEED A CONVERT REAL BAD, thanks

Can anyone throw a light on what happens next? I sent the EOI mail.....what now?????

Some are saying that confirming interest on the website only is required and some are talking about sending an EOI mail....Can anybody clear this confusion please?

Guys, give your views on this.

IIM Vizag>IIM Nagpur==IIM Amritsar>IIM Bodhgaya>IIM Sambhalpur>IIM Sirmaur>IIM Jammu

please send the link of how to apply to jammu

Can anyone talk on the number of seats at IIM Jammu?

guys at 93.16 percentile what are the chances?

It says "SHORTLISTED CONFIRM" after entering CAT reg id and email id?

Let's see what will be the composition of IIM J's first batch.

People who are willing to join(if offered a seat), please enter your percentile range. 

P.S. - people from any of the categories are free to enter their percentiles(no boundations). 

  • 80-85
  • below 80
  • 85-90
  • 90-95
  • above 95

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Showed Interest. Lets see


Like @mercurian , i would request everyone to take an informed decision. Go to sirmaur's PG group and dig deep to find the summer placement report of IIM sirmaur posted over there by a current student of sirmaur. Jammu will be somewhat like that only. Take a look and then decide if u really want something like that. Take care. :)

Cat - 95.48

10th - 84.4

12th - 68.53

general.. Comerce back ground.. Fresher.. My chances for iim jammu?

calculated composite score. approx 85. GEM. what are my chances? anyone has any idea?

Guys waiting for jammu, do u have any other converts? Please also mention the b school.