IIM Indore PGP-Mumbai [Official] - Admission Queries 2018-2020

Greetings! This is the official thread maintained by Media & Public Relations Cell of IIM Indore PGP-Mumbai. All IIM Indore PGP-Mumbai aspirants can post their queries related to Admission process here.

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Link to the website: http://www.iimidr.ac.in/about-us/iim-indore-mumbai-campus

merit rank 607 any chance?? NC OBC

  • NO
  • YES

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Merit rank 495 any chances ?? (NC OBC)

@IIM-I.MumbaiCampus When does the registration and final withdrawal dates for admissions happen for Mumbai campus? Pls do confirm on this.

Admins could you pls share the placement reports of 2018 batch PGPM as it’s not available on the website.

NC OBC people who converted in the current list, please comment your merit rank!

Merit rank OBC 647. Any chances, please?

When does the academic session starts at IIM Indore campus ?

GEN MR 626, is it possible to convert IIM I Mumbai Campus?

General MR 860 Chances ?

Anybody knows ST merit list movement so far in IIM Indore? Please help

I am a fresher. Which college should I join ??

IIM Udaipur 

IIM Indore (Mumbai Campus)


any chance for nc-obc 550

@IIM-I.MumbaiCampus Is there any official whatsapp/fb group for converts of PGPM yet?? It would be helpful to resolve the queries.

NC-OBC 529 nerit list no. in IIM Indore, Have converted IIM Nagpur and expecting IIM VISHAKHAPATNAM and IIM Amritsar, waitlisted in IIM Raipur but with no hopes... Should I join Nagpur or VISHAKHAPATNAM ? Is there any chance of converting IIM INDORE Mumbai campus or HRM ?

@admins have you guys created the whats app group ?

Facebook group for converts:


Any what's app group for converts??

Any official or unofficial whats app group?

What is the fee structure?