IIM Indore PGP 2015-2017 [Shortlisted for WAT/PI] discussion

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Congratulations to all the call getters! Continue your discussion here and post your queries if any. All the best for the next round!

Any Ideas, when the Interviews will happen?

Any idea when are the interviews are conducted in kolkata for PGP programme

work ex only till July 2014... Seriously?? ūüė≤

Hi... I haven't received an official email communication from IIM Indore yet. Although I have been shortlisted on the website... Can anyone help ?

The interview dates, they have mentioned in the mail are Feb 10-13, 24-27 and April 7-12. Any idea about which could for Delhi as per last year?

do i absolutely have to print the form and handwrite the answers or can i type the answers n then take printout.

i know its weird to ask but i wud really prefer typing.

when will the interview happen for kol?

From what I recall IIM indore had started scheduling gdpi dates after IIM ABC result so that only interested people will attend gdpi. I recall this was acknowledge officially by IIM I as well. Current students .. NY idea abt this?

can someone gimme the email and contact number of admission office?

I havent received any official conformation from IIM Indore though I was shortlisted for both the programs . When we are to receive the conformation . Many guys have already received the same

how good is iim indore mumbai , saw their summer placements for last year , looks abysmal  and non residential , is there something to this institute apart from iim tag? worth it?

do we need to send the interview form to iim indore?

please clarify coz i thought we will be just carrying it with us while going for interview.thats why i havent filled it yet

Wanted to know if a student who has been shortlisted gets a backlog in 7th sem is he eligible for admission ? 

i have not received any official mails regarding shortlisted .what to do?

What is the cutoff for GEM ??

IIM Indore is asking for work certificate (If applicable) what are the various formats for it and how to ask company to give such certificate

Anyone From WBUT here?

Will it make any difference if I don't attend wat/pi of IIM Indore this year?

PS:I have already started preparations for CAT 15 ,