IIM Indore (Mumbai Campus) - Admission Related Queries(2016-18)

Hello everyone! This is the official thread for the Admission Related Queries, IIM Indore (PGP Mumbai) for 2016-18 batch

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last year I got a call for GD/PI from Indore Mumbai campus...does that mean this year also I can expect a call??

CAT results to be announced on 27th(evening). All the best to all the CAT takers!


Cat results are out. Check at


All the best!

Hi fellow aspirants and the Seniors,

I got 95.71 %ile OA,  Sec1 94  Sec 2 93.2 

X 92% XII 81 % B.TECH 74%  WORK EXP 15 Months  (GEM).

can I expect a call  from MUMBAI CAMPUS? wat was cut-off  in 2014?

Please help with ur valuable inputs. thanks in advance!!

OA - 96.28

Quant - 96.73

VA - 90.61

Work Ex - 30 months

Mtech - 68.1 (IIT Kanpur)

Btech - 74.1 (BITS PILANI)

XII - 90.0 (CBSE)

X - 93.0 (CBSE)

Do I stand a chance??

Hello! Is there a tentative date for Shortlist declaration..

X: 92.43

XII: 76.83

Grad: 68.52

OA: 96.95 (QA: 88.17, VA: 99.2)

Is there any chance for a call? Considering I'm such a GEM and all 😉 (General Engg. Male)


CAT - 98.89

Quant - 99

VA - 95.61

Work Ex - 34 months

Btech - 72.1

XII - 95.5 (AP Board)

X - 86.77(AP Board)

Can i expect a call from IIMI?

what was cutoff of obc ??

OA - 95.71

Quant - 93.64

VA - 93.67

Work Ex - NIL


Btech - 69.6 (MIT Manipal)

XII - 87.8 (CBSE)

X - 92.0 (CBSE)

Do I stand a chance ??

OA 97.48

Quant 94.32

Verbal 97.45

Graduation NIT 8.56

12th 91.3

10th 92

19 months work exp as Decision Scientist (Business Analyst)

Female, General

Any hope?


Overall - 98.93 %il3

QA & DI - 97.00 %ile

VA & LR - 98.03 %ile

Xth - 86.33%

XIIth - 89.4%

B.Com.(Hons) graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

Work Ex :

5 Months - Job at PwC

20 Months - Family Managed Business

Please throw some light on my chances ?

I have read that the placement process is 'integrated' for Mumbai campus.. Can someone shed more light into this ... Do the placements take place in Indore? Is there differentiation between students of Indore campus and Mumbai campus? Are there any separate placement figures available for Mumbai campus? Thanks!

Sectional cut offs will be there? And how are students notified ? via mail or we have to check the website?

I think last year we were required to apply separately for this? We don't have to apply again separately this year, right? I remember marking a tick against this college while applying for CAT. Someone please confirm!

oa : 94.20 

qa : 89.19 

valr : 95.19 

xth : 86.66 (state board)

xii th : 85.83 (state board) 

i have a medical background work ex: 23 months

do i stand any chance for a call ??? 







General category

Do i stand any chances??

Cat : OA 98.11 QUANTS 98.55 VA 93.40 10th 85% 12th 82% (science) Grad. CHEM (H) (from reputed D.U. college ) 63% ......fresher....genr... my chances for call based on my profile


Aspirants applying through GMAT, the last date for receipt of complete application packet is January 9, 2015.