IIM Indore Gd/Pi List 06-08

http://www.iimidr.ac.in/iim/pages/CAT-Result/CatGDResult.jsp Woohoo I made a sticky ::


Woohoo I made a sticky

Khel Khatam !!
1/6 ... Khali Lucknow ...

3/6...BIL for me...all the best guys!

OK... so I also... BALKI for me... no C

QUant - 27.33
DI - 12.67
Verbal - 17.33

when will score cards come?any idea anyone

dejected feeling battered and torn to pieces no calls for me if i was able to cry out loud i would have posted that 2 with the msg anywz 0/6 maybe other institutes give me a call

all the very best of luck to every pg who has got even a single call get it for us who haven got a single 1

So my final tally is 4/6 - ACLI

So if at all I do my MBA this year, I would have to head north. Got bumped by both institutes nearer home.

Well I and K out too...

Left with a solitary call...IIM L

Damn you VA

Thought wud get atleast one of I and K.

Newez.. End of CAT 05...

XLRI coming up.. best of luck to all

And congrats to all those shortlisted.... May puys rock!!

P.S :Hey denish, were sailing in the same boat...
Tell me about your IIML GD PI thingy..
Lets keep in touch

So finally it is LACKI for me!!!
Congrats to all the guys getting the calls....n others, jus keep going...

BTW my scores:
Quant: 12
DI: 12.33
Verbal: 32.33
Total :56.67 (According to TIME)

its over puys,

15 hours since midnight,

6 insti's

4 calls

I got LICKed by the famous CAT....


its a BLACKI!!!! Congrats to evrybody who has calls

So now it is 5/6. No call from Bangalore.

3/6 LIK....oh-lord-I-dont-believe-in why oh why would you do this to me?:whatthat: :whatthat: Missed out on the top 3.....sigh.. congrats to the call getters....difficult to put in words the internal conflict i am going thro'.....anyway lets see how the wind blows.....


Ok so it ends at BLICK.....Jaake kehdo IIM waalon se.....

I'm loving it

It is also 5/6 for me . No calls from B 😞 ...


Congrats to all who have made it...
The new year has much more gifts in store :)
Gear up for the GD/PI and grab ur seats...:grab:

Prashanth K
frm IIM I with luv

Me too 3/6 (LKI) ... missed out on the top 3 ... hope to get to thru' atleast one of these eventually !!! :whatthat:

hello guys....damn IIM-I site isnt opening..cud any1 plzzzzz check my result and tell me.....my regstrn numbr is 4260426 and DOB is 25/01/1984

Ok so it ends at BLICK.....Jaake kehdo IIM waalon se.....

I'm loving it

Congrats Orca .. and all who got the calls.... wtg