IIM Indore EPGP 2020-2021

Candidates who have converted round 1 or shortlisted for PI in round 2 may join the group.

Hello everyone ! The group is created to sum together the applicants who have converted the IIM Indore EPGP Interview. Currently we have traced around 8-9 fellow students. It would be great if you could add your name here in case you have received the Offer letters.

Congratulations to everyone who made it through. I need a little help with my application. Could anyone please let me know what is the recommended length of an application essay that allows for uploading of additional sheets. 

is there group for applicants?

Hey ! I have been shortlisted for PI round on 12Jan2019. If anyone can help or give some insights about the PI, would be a great help.

I am shortlisted for interview in Mumbai on 19 January. Message here if anyone joining there.

Best of luck guys for Round 2 results ! Expect it to be out by 7th Feb 5:30 pm. Request to everyone, keep us updated here if you are shortlisted for provisional admission. We have a messaging group for R1 admits and we will be more than happy to add R2 peeps. Regards, Ankur

Got IIM Indore admit..any group ..pls add 8452847978

 Received EPGP IIM Indore 2019-20 admit..any group ..pls add 9883061925 

Hi ankur plz add number 9730771416 , 9766597708

got confirmation mail for EPGP IIM INODRE 2019-2020 on 2march 

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Hi, for all those who are interested in applying to IIM Indore EPGP and need support in SOP and Interview Preparation, do reach out to us on +91-9999898737 or [email protected] . Best, Abhijeet

Hi guys! With admission season coming in, you may require few insights and understanding of the procedure. I had created this group last year. We have admits and shortlisted candidates in this group. If you need any info regarding IIM Indore, please post your FAQs here. Regards,

 A lot of you have asked me about creating effective essays. Here is an article that lists some of the key points you should remember while drafting your essay. 


Hi IIM-Indore EPGP aspirants ! We are making a messaging group for the final converts. The results are yet to be announced. Please DM your phone numbers if you want to be added in the group. You can post your queries and FAQs there. A previous year alumni will as well be there in the group.

Congratulations to all the Aspirants receiving the PI offer letter from IIM Indore, for EPGP 2021.

I have received an email that I am shortlisted for Skype interview in Round 2. No further details like timings etc. Has anyone got the details ?

Hey!! Are the results out?? Did anybody get an admit??

Are the results out for IIM Indore EPGP? Did anyone get any mail?

Any updates on the result? Did anyone get the  email?