IIM Indore EPGP 2017 Aspirants

To help the applicants of 2017 with their admission queries

The official group is created by the current students of EPGP to help and drive through the admission procees for the applicants. This forum will answer all the queries related to admission process.



Hi all,

A bit few queries if anyone can help. 

1) Do we need to have the entire application hand written or we can have the normal info hand written and all essays or descriptive questions typed and attached as inclosures?

2) Only in few questions/sections there is written use additional sheet if required. Does that mean for the rest questions we need to limit ourselfs to the space provided in the application itself and those need to be handwritten to confine to space?


Ankit Tripathi 




Could you please help evaluate my profile for EPGP.

Work experience of close to 6 yrs, which includes both 2+ years of onsite exposure serving as an application sole point of contact for various project deliveries and 4 years of work with the same client offshore, comprising of leading a small team and ensuring critical deliveries.

Awarded various recognition's related to work including Star of the quarter, Excellence in innovation, Team award key to Success, 5 Yrs of excellence and commitment, Reviewer of the month. 

Active member of a US based Non profit organization including active participation's and active leadership as event ambassadors. These events are scheduled worldwide in many countries at the same day to promote common cause. Also an active member of Delhi based NGO for certain events related to education.

Organized/Won/Participated in various events at work and college level. Member of a team which organized an international conference hosted for the 1st time by the India office.

GMAT 650 (QA49,V30)

B.Tech (Computers) - 74.5%

12th - 78.8%

10th - 76.2%  


Hi, under the documents to be submitted, the application asks for experience certificate(s). Could you please elaborate on what the expectations are for this? For instance, if I've worked for 8 years across various organisations, some International, should I submit letters from each of them? Please enlighten, thank you. 


I am asking on behalf of my friend. She is confused with the medical certificate. It tells that 


"The  medical  certificate  should  be  from  a  doctor  not  below  the  rank  of  an  Asstant  Civil Surgeon/Deputy  Director  /Health/Assistant  Medical  Superintendent."

1) This means a Government medical doctor right?

2) When she is sending her form what 'self-attested' medical certificate she will produce? 

Hello Puys,

I am not in India now. So can i scan the handwritten application and scan all my documents and mail it to admissions team?

@sandeepp007   Hi all, Application related queries if anyone can help.  Describe your strength & weakness : Do we need to just point down strengths and weakness or we need to describe each backed by situations faced. 1)

Hi All -

Can someone please assist me following queries:

There is a question in the application : "Did you have Mathematics or Statistics as a formal subject at graduation level?" ..  I had Mathematics as subject in the First Year of engineering, but not after that. Does that count??

And the next question asks for "Marks obtained in the Degree Exam" and there is space for only 1 line item, Am I suppose to enter details for my final sem results or an average of all 8 sems? 

Hi, Recommendation letters needed?

Can anyone help with cutoff for this year I have got 550 with 10+ years of work ex , this was my first attempt with minimal study as the day of form submission was getting expire , should I apply or not , please respond asap , need to send form tomorrow based on feedback or will there be R2 and should I re take ?

Hello, i have a doubt regarding the submission of GMAT score for admission. Accordin the IIMI EPGP "Admissions" page  it is stated that one can score the GMAT score upto 31 Decemeber 31,2016  - -  " a GMAT score obtained between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016 "  but according to the "Important Dates" page of EPGP programme the results for GMAT candidates would be announced by 31st Novemeber. 2016 ----
"Announcement of final admission offers  For GMAT – 30 November 2016".

 Now if the results are announced even before a candidate submits his/her scores it doesnt make sense.

My plan was to reappear for GMAT exam in the last week of November or 1st week of Decemeber '16 and if i get a better score than my present score i would like to resubmit it to IIMI for consideration but this two different dates have created a confusion. Please guide me here.

Hi all - few queries 

1. I have filed my application, which included the GMAT details and a copy of the official score sheet. Do I still need to request GMAC to send a copy to IIM-I??

2. Anyidea on when will the list for shortlisted cadidates for interview be released??

3. Does IIM-I send an acknowledgment note after receiving the application or any other way we can get the confirmation??


 Hi Guys ,

Can someone please let me know , what happens if application will reach after 10th Oct . My application is in transit now.

Shall I call and inform Adcom office about the same ?

Did anyone get acknowledgement from the EPGP office about receipt of application?

All the other groups like SP Jain, IIM Lucknow, Calcutta, Bangalore, XLRI are flooded with members and queries. But this one is relatively quiet. 

Hi adcom, I have already submitted my application form via email on the last date of application. I reappered for GMAT again and got a better score. Can I get the new score taken into consideration ? Will sending a mail to adcom with unofficial gmat score help? Thanks!!

Anybody got the interview call ??? or do we have to wait till 7th Nov 16

Hi all,

Are the number of applications generally low for EPGP as compared to other IIM's exec MBA programmes ? Does anyone have total applications count / total interview invites / total seats count for last year? Just wondering of this as mostly 90% of applicants do follow the institute groups on pagalguy but in our group the count of members is too low. Though the same is good for us as lesser compitition :D 

Got interview call :) 20th Nov!