IIM Indore - Batch of 2004-06

Hello fellow IIM-I batchmates, Started this thread exclusively for those who are going to be in the batch of 2004-06 at IIM-Indore. Let s get to know each other before we actually meet up at the spanking brand new campus at Indore. Am a …

Hello fellow IIM-I batchmates,

Started this thread exclusively for those who are going to be in the batch of 2004-06 at IIM-Indore. Let s get to know each other before we actually meet up at the spanking brand new campus at Indore.

Am a B Com Graduate from Bangalore Univ (batch of 2000) with 31 months work exp at Arthur Andersen (taxation). Was busy preparing for CAT and various other things the whole of 2003 and the first half of 2004.


Hello folks and Jamster in particular,
Wanted a piece of information, "When does the commence" Wanted to know so that I could plan my resignation and a short trip to visit my parents.
Expecting more activity in this space.

HI people,
I was also lucky enough to get in 😁 😁 ... I have done BE mech.. worked in a call center for a year ..


If I don't get into L even in the two waitlists... and If I decide to quit my job, I'll be joining I for sure...

I guess I'm kinda 'for' joining if I dont get L ... what with the foriegn placement news and going by the latest ET rankings... placing I behind only ABCL... and ofcourse the spanky new campus....

Hhmm... lets c what happens. 😃

i called up iim i. to know when the session begins.

they said if we do not need the prep course( maths) then it is july 1st... otherwise a bit early

he mentioned exact dated have not been decided yet.

HEY Guys..

WELCOME to IIMI .. This is Sachin Kalra here,, and wishig you all a hearty welcome..Won't be able to answer many of your queries right now as i am travelling to Swiss for a paper presentation, but you guys can ping scorpy,, get his mail id from IIM idr site and his name is Neal avinash daniel..

we both r in bangalore as of now..

So me off for 1 week..

Cheers to you all..

hey sachin.. i am also in bangalore..can i call u up sometime...

just incase u dont want to put yr no onthe forum u can mail the same to me.


Hey there Sachin,

Really appreciate ur help in this regard. But, I required one small clarification. How does one get student details from the IIM-Indore website ? And can Neal be contacted if i Private Message him through Pagalguy ?

And hello to all the other guys !!! Looks like only 4 or 5 PGites have actually made it through/or are actually joining IIM-Indore.


Hi , Congrats to all the ppl with IIM calls.I had a call from IIM I and have converted it. To ppl intending to join IIM Indore 2004-06 batch, I think it would be good if we keep in touch so that we can discuss the common issues. I have made a yahoo group. Mail me at [email protected] so that i can send you an invitation to join the group. regards, Pramod

hi, guys congratulations!!
this is Niharika BMS from HR Coll(bbay), have converted IIM I and XLRI(BM), will most probably go in for mkting....was wondering which one to choose....pls help seniors!!!(basically comparing student-industry interaction, brd name and faculty)
also if anybody out there knows any IIM i students past or present pls let me know ( here or at [email protected]),
thanks a lot,

Welcome to IIM Indore.... U can get in tuch with [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

All these guys arein Blore....

In Mumbai....write to Stephen ... at ... [email protected]


All u guys and gals... Welcome to IIM Indore...

U can mail us at [email protected] for any queries.... and pls pass it on ur friends who r in a dilemma.... U vud get a reply pretty soooooonnn...



Hi IIM I ites,

Me, Jayaram- 2003-05 batch. Currently in Pune.

Ne1 in Pune can send a mail to:

[email protected]

All the Best to unfortuneate multi-call getters 😉 !!! Tough decisions to be made in the next few days!!! Any queries- welcome.


Hi guys!

me too made it in I 😃
This is was a big surprise as I had screwed up my interview BIG time!!!! :!: anyways am not complaining

So its KI till now...waiting for L waiting list

Am a Btech from REC kozhikhode, working in Wipro.

Cat percentile : 98.7

[email protected]

Hi all...

i am also joining IIM-i
I am from Vizag, AP. Btech from AU with 76%.
Work ex of 13 moths in a startup ( as fo june 2004 )

CAT percentile - 99.56 ( net )
90.01 - va
99.87 - qa
99.16 - di

Goodday ,

Hi jayaram,
I am IIT Madras 2003 pass out and working in Thermax Ltd. in Pune.. Made it to IIM Indore.. Could we meet in Pune some time.

Hi IIM-I'ites,
Congrats to all!!

Me, Anand - 2003-05 batch.

Currently in Mumbai doing summers in TCS .

ne1 in mumbai can send a mail at: [email protected]

Queries- welcome.



Hello Everyone,

Me - Vivek
Batch - '03-'05
Current Location - Mumbai
Job - To help you confused souls
F2F meeting - email and we can fix up something
Email - [email protected]

Feel free.

Hey there seniors,

My name is Jairam and I shall be seeing u in Indore pretty soon. I had a few (actually quite a few) queries regarding life at Indore. Would appreciate it
if you could resolve them for all of us joining Indore this year.

Which bank has an ATM inside the new campus? Would facilitate easy transfer of funds from parents to me.

What about the educational loan facilities? Does IIM suggest any banks or can we go ahead and go to a bank of our choice?

What are the various things that I would need to carry from home other than the usual stuff like clothes, books, etc?

How are the hostel rooms organised, ie, individual rooms, twin sharing rooms, etc?

Please note that the above points do not make any difference as regards me joining IIM Indore. These are just a few issues that I needed to resolve.