IIM Indore- Admission Queries 2015-17(Official Thread)

Follow this thread for PGP admissions(2015-17) to IIM Indore. Also, post any queries you may have regarding the same!!

By Media and PR Committee-IIM Indore

Greetings from Media and PR Committee, IIM Indore!! All the aspirants can follow this thread for admission related queries. You may get the admission guidelines and schedule at the following link:


For more information about the shortlisting criteria for the 2014-16 batch, you may read the Insideiim coverage at:


P.S There might be deviations this year! This is just to give you all a brief idea about what it takes to get into Planet-I.

Wishing you all Good Luck!!

Could anyone please give me the email id of the admission office?


10th-76,12th-83,Grad-7.35,Work ex-25 months,Category-NCOBC

Any chance of getting a call?

Hi, all!

You can also check out this new article on InsideIIM..


This should help in answering your queries! 😃

Good luck! 😃

OA - 95.71

Quant - 93.64

VA - 93.67

Work Ex - NIL


Btech - 69.6 (MIT Manipal) 0r 7.66 cgpa

XII - 87.8 (CBSE)

X - 92.0 (CBSE)

Do I stand a chance ??

Greetings from Media and PR committee at Planet-I 😃

The shortlist announcement date for WAT/PI according to the schedule posted on IIM Indore's official website: www.iimidr.ac.in is 16th January 2015. Kindly follow us on Facebook:


 to keep yourself abreast about the same.

Also, all the shortlisted candidates will be directed to an official group on Facebook along with a thread here for any further discussions.

All the best, everyone! 😃

@sav-9 found it 😃







General category

Do i stand any chances??

does iim i have a pyschometric test?

OA 94.28

93.48 QA

89.80 VA

10th 83.8

12th 75.2

Grad 74.1

Work Ex 12 months IT firm


What are my chances for getting a call from Indore and Converting it?

OA 98.63 Va 98.92 QA 96.20 10th 91 (CBSE) 12th 84 (ICSE) Grad 75 (Mum Uni) GEM fresher, Do i stand a chance for a call?

I have a doubt regarding percentile cutoffs for shortlisting. Do students over 95 percentile in CAT, with 90% in SSC/HSC stand a chance for getting getting a call? or only exceptional performers above 98 percentile  get the call for WAT-PI? I just want to know ifeven by the slightest prospects , we guys have a chance.

Hello everyone. My profile is as follows-

OA - 96.85

QA - 95.02

VA - 95.45

X - 91.6 %

XII - 92 %

CGPA - 7.45 General Category

Chemical Engineer from BITS Pilani presently working in a core chemical company. 

Work experience - 6 months as of Dec 2014. 

What are my chances of getting a call from IIM Indore (including the Mumbai and UAE campuses)?


Please evaluate my profile-

1. OA - 97.41 , QA - 86.44, VA - 99.67

2. 10th - 86 , 12th - 76

CGPA - 7.44 (67%) from WBUT

Work-ex in a social sector company - 6 

Do I have any chance of getting a call? Also, if I can expect calls from other IIMs, which ones would they be? Please advise. 

Oa : 94.20  qa: 89.19  va 95.19


: 86.66 (state board) 

Xii : 85.8 ( syate board ) 

Graduation : 64.15 bds nair hospital mumbai 

Any chance of getting a call ?? 


Pls. evaluate my profile,

OA: 96.31%ile

QA: 94 %ile VA: 94%ile

12th: 91%

10th: 95%

Male, Engineer, fresher, general.

Do I stand any chance of getting a call?

hey, i got 86.39 OA, quant-88.06, VA- 76.55, X-89, XII- 92.8, grad 67.65(7.12 cgpa from NIT)  i am NC OBC can i expect a call from IIM Indore ?

OA 97.62 / QA 96.6 / VA 95.45 

X 91 / XII 81.4 / Btech 86.5 

Male / General 

Chances for IIM calls ?

CAT Score 94.02

Verbal 88.18

Quants 93.64

10th 79.6

12th 74.5

BTech 84.73


Work Ex: 39 months

Any chance of getting a call?