IIM Calcutta PGDM/PGDCM (2005-07)

Now that the results are out lets have the ritualistic intro session … I will start with mine… Myself Rohit Singh… Currently in my final yr at IIT KGP( B.Tech , E&ECE;)… Profile: 10th : 92% 12th : 83.4% B.Tech : 7.43/10 (II…

Now that the results are out lets have the ritualistic intro session ...
I will start with mine...
Myself Rohit Singh... Currently in my final yr at IIT KGP( B.Tech , E&ECE;)...

10th : 92%
12th : 83.4%
B.Tech : 7.43/10 (IIT KGP)
CAT %tile: 99.93

hope to see u all very soon at IIM C...

With so many KGPians out there ... i think IIM C wont be much different from IIT KGP ... 😁

Name: Praveen Agarwal

10: 73.2 % CBSE
12: 59% WBHCSE

B.Tech CSE 80.33% (Kalyani university)

99.57 %


Since I live in Calcutta. Let me play the perfect host by welcoming you all to IIMC

hi guys

Nikhil Jacob

BE ECE CBIT Hyderabad
10th : 85
12th :93.7
BE: 76.3 ( fresher, gotta clear my final sem )
cat %ile 99.71




hey all..
i ll start w/ my intro (dis being my 1st post here)
Sandeep S Cheema
DCE 1999 batch
IT Work-ex-3yrs, own startup-2yrs
cat %ile: 99.14

ll be joining c

Hi PPl

Me got in too ..

Both PGDM and PGDCM ...

20 months of work-exp.
elecs eng. 68%
XII 93.5%
X 82.4%

Converts - CLKI

So finaly me joining BIMEI ( for the uninitiated thats Bhale-known Institute of Management from Eastern India )

Looking forward to having a blast with u guys at Cal .......

hi all me in to pgdcm
name lokesh vij
backgrnd b.e. pec
wrkex 46 mnths enterprenurer
9 mnths teaching
10th 70
12th 75
be 67
i have a querry can anyone throw lioght on course structure and job opportunities available after pgdcm, applied just bcoz of hold in maths.

Hey Everyone

Posting after a long time. But I am through to both PGDM and PGDCM 2005-2007 programmes of IIMC.

My profile

X - 91.2 % ( 1998 )
XII - 91.2 % ( 2000 )

B.E. (Comp. Engg.) NSIT, Delhi (Class of 2004) - 71.8 %

CAT Percentile : 99.75

Workex - 9 months ( 2 in Hughes Software + 3 in Motorola + 4 in EDA )

Calls C, L, K, I converted C, L, K waiting for I

Will be joining IIMC PGDM

Cheers to all future class mates


i got thru IIM CALCUTTA .

the college of my dreams.feels as if i am on top of the world.


i got thru IIM CALCUTTA .

the college of my dreams.feels as if i am on top of the world.


Congrats Rinku!!

Ppl, now that all the IIMs have declared their results (except Indore), you could post your profiles etc. on the following thread :


This was of great help to us while we were analysing call outcomes. It would be of great help to the next year batch.




Me in too.
Profile :
CAT 99.34
B.Tech (electronics) from ISM Dhanbad
2 yrs cumulative work ex with Kanbay Software and Reliance Infocomm

joining PGDM


ME Siddharth Goyal. GOt thru IIM C PGDCM

3 Cheers

BE Final Semester ( Mechanical ) Jadavpur University

Profile :
X - 80.4 %
XII - 83.6%
BE- 72.4 % (avg)

CAT %ile - 99.50
Calls A,C,K

Converted only C PGDCM ....
Koi Farak nahi albatta Koi Farak nahi Albatta

hii ...

i'm Anoop ...
got through cal .. feeling v v happy ..

cat %le : 99.74
X : 86%
XII : 88%

B-Tech (mech from rec calicut) : 78%

Work ex : 2 years in murugappa group.

looking forward to meet all you wonderful people in our wonderful college ..



People Plz poll on the following thread...if u've also converted XLRI


It'd be a great help.

got thru
not taking it

g'luck all

Cal site is jammed as of now...tried checking but link is not opening...
Had got 3 calls
CL n K
converted L and waiting in K
Eager fo C

[hi guys
feel great- got thru iim c-
im pranav dedhia
heres some info on me
Cat %le- 99.94 - very bad gd and decent pi( Got rejects from a and b so it all worked out fine in the end)
done my chemical engineering from dj sanghvi (2002 pass out)
worked wit ashapura china clay co for 2 yrs and then with iftex oil and chemicals ltd
just quit work on 1st april - will chill for 2 months now
hope to see you guys sooon-
lets start a yahoo group as well
take care
congrats to us all

Hi guys.

Finally the good news came for me. I am selected for PGDM at IIMC.

CAT %tile- 99.95

Fresher ( B. E comp Sc from VTU)

Good GD/PI

10th/12th - 85%
Engg- 73%

Congrats to everyone and hope to meet u all at Joka.


Congrats ppl! Gr8 work. Well,if any of you have converted L too,

please contribute to the COUNT. Would appreciate the contribution!
Click on the link below if you are not joning iimL


Hi Pranav

U remember me from IMS santacruz ??

me too made it to IIM C PGDM ....

really happy ... gald to have u as batch mate ...

gud luck

and looking fwd to meeting u at the freshers party ...