IIM Calcutta Official Thread for PGPEX Class of 2016 (PGPEX 2015-16)

Dear AspirantsThis is the official thread for IIM Calcutta PGPEX program for Class of 2016 aspirants Feel free to post your queries in order to seek information about the programYou can find details of IIMC PGPEX program at the following…

Dear Aspirants

This is the official thread for IIM Calcutta PGPEX program for Class of 2016 aspirants

Feel free to post your queries in order to seek information about the program

You can find details of IIMC PGPEX program at the following links. Please visit regularly for important updates -

IIM Calcutta - PGPEX Website

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Hello !! Help to evaluate my profile pl.

Total work Ex =4.9 Years Supply Chain, Logistics,Manufacturing . ( 3 Yrs in MNC & 2 yrs in small scale industry)

B.E Production = 70.75%

12Th = 59.3%

10th =71.57%

I am planning for PGPX 2015-16 so should i go for GRE or GMAT ?? (what min score required for all IIMs in both )

@IIMCPGPEX Hi ...firstly i would like to thanx the PGPEX students and / or faculty, for starting this initiative for the class of 2016. I was looking for such forum since few days, but couldn't find the right place to ask my queries.

My first qsn is regarding the Eligibility...my post-graduation work-ex goes like this:
1. around 13 months in a Supply Chain Industry as Associate Soft Engg
2. for arnd 14 months - involve in business with my uncle..he had a few at that time including Restaurant & Import-Export...i was involved in these.
3. would be completing 3 years in March 2015 as an Inspector of Customs & Central Excise.

so my qsn is whether the involvement in business can be taken as Managerial / Professional experience.....since IIM C eligibility criteria says 5 years of "Man / Prof exp"

hat are the chances with 680 GMAT and 9 years of work ex in automobile?


I am planning to apply to IIMC PGPEX class of 2016. I had taken my GMAT in Jul 2011 (within the last 36 months) and had sent my score to IIMC on Aug 2011. However, I hadnt applied to PGPEX at that time, since I had some other family commitments. Now, do I need to send my scores again or would IIMC already have my score ?

any tips on how to prepare for the essays and the interviews ??

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Dear All,

Request you not to post any profile evaluation related queries on this thread. The thread is intended to help applicants with their queries regarding program, application preparation and process. Kindly abstain from posting evaluation queries / comments here.


hii..i have given the GMAT 2 times..i got scores of 640 and 710 respectively..which score will IIMC consider?

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hii..i have given the GMAT 2 times..i got scores of 640 and 710 respectively..which score will IIMC consider?

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have you submitted both the scores to IIMC PGPEX ?? if no, then submit the better score .. else IIMC will consider the higher score to shortlist, but you might have to explain the difference in scores during the interview.

GMAC reports all the valid GMAT scores. IIMC considers highest of the valid scores. So, in your case, if both the scores are valid, the higher one will be considered. In your application, you can mention the higher score.

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I am applying for the 2015-2016 batch PGPEX program of IIM Calcutta...I started filling the online form which was opened on 27th June 2014.In the application form, they have asked for scanned copies of all transcripts. Can you please let me know,is the transcript different from a marksheet. Also, if yes, then the scanned copies of marksheets won't do?

The online application for the PGPEXprogramme is now open http://bit.ly/pgpexapply
Submission deadline is Aug 31, 2014

I have currently a work ex of over 5 years and a gmat score of 680.. how good is it to apply for the PGPEX coiurse for 2015-16.. i see everybody with an exp of over 7 yrs generally.. then wudnt people with less exp be at a huge disadv ?


   I am interested in applying for PGPEX 2015-2016.  I am person with 9 years of exp in Business Intelligence domain of IT industry. Can you please throw some light on the following questions that i have:

1. Do companies recruit for Product manager positions? If so what are those companies and any ball park numbers/ratios on the number of people recruited in those companies vs other IT companies.

2. I see some electives in Business Intelligence, product management. Are there any other courses in these areas. How many electives can be taken up from an academic group? How many in total per term, any restrictions on electives?

3. Are there any guest speakers from IT companies? especially from product focus companies. If so, they are from which companies? 

4. Please tell about professors who teach electives on Business Intelligence and product management?

5. Any one in the current batch with similar area of interests? If so, can you please provide their contact?



Hi, I have a query. Do the recommendations also need to reach the adcom before 31st August? Or just the application needs be submitted by this date? Regards, Shiven

How many words does IIMC-SOP should contain, and is there any  word limit ?