IIM C PGDBA 2021-23 Aspirants

This is a group for the candidates aspiring for the PGDBA exam for 2021-23.Interested candidates can view and post their experiences.

The group is created by Public Relations team of PGDBA. It is a student driven team. We are the point of contact to the aspirants.Final decision on admission and other aspects is with the institute.

Dear Aspirants, This is to inform you that IIM Calcutta has released an updated set of criteria for the admission procedure for PGDBA 2021-23 Batch. The dates and further details would be published on the website soon. Stay tuned! https://www.iimcal.ac.in/programs/pgdba/admissions/admission-policy-2021-23-batch Please follow our Facebook page for more updates. https://www.facebook.com/PGDBA.IIMC.ISI.IITKgp/

We wish you Happy Republic day. Keep preparing the forms will be coming soon. There is huge demand for the course and Business Analytics. Till then keep hustling.

Quoting Mr. William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and all men and women merely players”, and hence we must play our part well if at all we play it! And what better platform than Act ‘O’ Mania to channelize the real-life drama into reel life and making the best out of every minute emotion. Act ‘O’ Mania is a drama competition organized by Abhinay, The Drama Club of IFMR GSB under Abhyudaya where we give you a chance to prove your knack to act. So, put on your thinking caps and come up with something that makes us go- what an act Sirjee! Details: Be the Shakespeare for a Day Round-1: Premises/Storyline for Round-1: Teams registering for the competition have to choose any one premise/storyline from the list given in D2C section and have to come up with an ending for the same within the stipulated time period. Be the Amitabh Bacchan for a Day Round-2: 1. The qualifying teams are supposed to make a 15 minutes(max) video on the script submitted by them in Round - 1. 2. Any video format is acceptable and no limit as such for the size of the video file. The stage is set for the biggest spectacle of fun, entertainment, and glory. The bells have rung and the Carpet has been set. The flag is up! Are you ready to participate? To Register please refer to the link of our official registration page on D2C: https://dare2compete.com/o/act-o-mania-abhyudaya-2021-ifmr-graduate-school-of-business-at-krea-university-sri-city-145324 For live updates please follow our official handle: Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/abhinay_ifmrgsb/ Regards, Abhinay The official Drama Club, IFMR Graduate School of Business, KREA University, Sri City.

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amra ki porikkha debona??........debona amra porikkha?

Let the memes flow

waah main (see my DP)  waah... IIMC director and Chairman are fighting and PGDBA forms are not getting released.

Hi... Are the forms out?


Paṭivaṅkaḷukkāka evvaḷavu kālam kāttirukka vēṇṭum? Pōtum pōtum!!
Hindi, english and bengali did not work so posting in Tamil.

PGDBA 2021 Exam Update : Tentative date for PGDBA Exam for this year is first week of May. The application will be out soon. More confirmation awaited from the admin. Till then keep hustling.


Dear Aspirants,

Greetings from the Public Relations Team of PGDBA Batch-6!

We hope your exam preparation is in full swing. We have been thinking for sometime to launch a telegram group to understand your queries regarding PGDBA and guide you in preparing for the admission process. Please join us in the below telegram group and get your queries answered by the students of PGDBA Batch-6.



PGDBA Public Relations


The much-awaited #PGDBA #Admission #notification is finally out!

The Opening Date of Registration of the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics is April 01, 2021, at 4:00 PM. 

And, the last day to register is April 20, 2021. 

The notification also mentions the date of the PGDBA Admission Test, i.e., Sunday, May 09, 2021. 

 PGDBA Admission: Exam Date is Out! - AI Monks | Counsel 

Read about the exam pattern, syllabus, selection criteria, reservation policy for PGDBA 2021 admissions.
And, find out how AI Monks can help you prepare for the Exam!

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Hi adcom! just let me know one thing. The eligibility criteria is college performance should be above 60% or above 6.5 GPA (on scale of 10). Now, My College CGPA is 6.48 (conversion factor is 10 so it becomes 64.8) but on the website it says that conversion from CGPA to % or vice versa is not allowed. So i'm not eligible ? Right ?

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Hello Everyone, Greetings from the Public Relations Team of PGDBA Batch 6! If you have an analytical mind, if you like mathematics and statistics and if you want to learn about the business applications of analytics, then the PGDBA course is for you. We realize that it is imperative that aspirants and prospective students are provided with relevant information about the same. Keeping that in mind we are delighted to announce the launch of our newly designed website.This site is run by students and our goal is to provide aspirants with resources and the interview experiences of current PGDBA students. Visit us at pgdba.ml. Aspirants will find useful information and resources here. This year the PGDBA admission test will be conducted on 9th May and the last date to apply is 20th April, 2021. To apply: https://www.iimcal.ac.in/how-apply Feel free to reach out to us via our social media platforms in case of any queries. Thank You!

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Join our query group: shorturl.at/esvEK 

Can i upload NC-OBC certificate of last financial year. This certificate expired on 31-march-2021. Getting a new one might take a while. ADCOM response please.

Is there a chance of exam getting postponed again due to rise in covid cases?

Are PGDBA summer and final placements conducted with the MBA batch or is it a separate process?


Hope you are doing well during this season of work from home.

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