IIM Bangalore : Queries 2007-09

Dear peeps, Hearty congratulations to all successful call getters, in more than one word "you guys thoroughly deserved it for the amount of hard work and dedication you put towards these calls"Now, it’s time to pull up your socks and prepare for…

Dear peeps,
Hearty congratulations to all successful call getters, in more than one word "you guys thoroughly deserved it for the amount of hard work and dedication you put towards these calls"Now, it's time to pull up your socks and prepare for the next stage. We as current students at IIM B will ensure that all yur doubts are clarified to your satisfaction levels. So, go on and shoot your queries.

P.S: All those who missed calls from IIMs, loose no heart... a large chunk of success in CAT depends on the 4 letter word which I feared a lot ( and I still fear luck ), given the peculiarity of this test and also the fact this year a number of questions were printed incorrectly , this magnified the luck factor by two to three times... I fully sympathise with you... I'm sure there are better things in store for you.

Good luck,


got a call from IIM B
my scores are
B.E. in Electronics and Communication engineering from
SSN college of Engineering,Chennai
working in Systech solutions,chennai for the past 5 months
just wanted to thank you seniors for ur help and hope we can do really well in the 2nd round.

Congratulations to all those who Made it thru the First Hurdle!
You are now among an elite group of 1000 odd people from all over India to have made it this far.
Its a big Achievement, and all of you deserve a Pat on the Back!

So party for a few days,
and then put in serious fite for clearing the next stage!
Your aim now is to be among those top 250 or so achievers who are going to be the IIMB Batch of 2007-2009.

We have our hols on currently, and its New Years time!
So we are all busy partying.

So be patient, wait for a few days, and we will all be back to help you out with all your queries!

And for those of you who dint make it, there's always Next Year!


Good work Anupam

and Guys, please post your insti of graduation too, when you post in those percentiles.


Ps - Anupam is my batchmate at IIMB - same batch, different sections.


Ive got a call from IIMB.

DI: 98.26
VA: 97.7
QA: 95.45
Total: 99.06

Have 18 months Work Ex as of Dec '06, did my Btech from NIT Trichy with CGPA of 8.50.

Hello Guys,

My Scores

QA - 94.26 (The reason for not having an A and C Call)
VA - 99.27
DI - 99.84

Overall - 99.76

My workex - 25 months as on Dec 2006 in IT industry (I know its quite common )

My Graduation - Did my electronics and communication Engineering from SRM Engg college Chennai. Pretty good acads with aggregate of 89.2

@ Anupam - I will come with a collated set of questions in a couple days. Thanks a lot to you and your batch mates for the help offered.


guyz!!! is there any internal link to check IIMB call....iimb site is not opening...

Hi seniors,

Got lone call(as far as the trio is concerned) from B
my percentile breakup

DI - 93.11(reason for no A nor C)
QA - 98.58
overall -99.59

B.Tech.(KNIT Sultanpur, U.P.) -76.4%(rank 2)

overall work-ex - 27 months(as on Dec 06)
I have small query, what is the general call to seat ration in IIMB...and what sort of stuff they test a candidate on...this is just a start...have loads of things to ask...Thanks seniours for this initiative..

first of all let me thank the seniors for thier time and energy spent to help us IIM B aspirants
I just called IIM B now and got my call confirmed.
my scores stands as :
DI : 98.25
VA : 96.3
QA : 93.96
Overall : 98.59

Graduated in 2005 in Telecommunications from PESIT, Banagalore(affiliated to VTU)
Worked for 13 months with Infosys and now in R&D; of another software company in B'lore

If there is any mailing lsit for the IIM B call getters please let me know at [email protected]

thanks a ton for everyone spending their time on this forum.

Hey Guys...

Got 99.74 %ile in CAT'06
DI- 98.8
VA- 98.2
QA- 98.9

Got calls from IIMA,B and C...expecting others as well

Inter(ICSE)- 92%
Highschool(ICSE) - 90.8%
B.Tech(BIET Jhansi affiliated to UP tech Uni) - 75.1%
18 mnths wrk ex with CSC as soft engg....

nothin much on extra curricular...

Wht r my chances of breaking thru and needs lots of suggestions for GD/PI

hey fellas!!!

Can you please check my result at IIM-B ,I haven't been able to check , I know won't be able to make this time, since my performance is highly skewed(Di-99.98 Va-90.97 Qa-92.45, overall-99.5and no work ex (stats grad), tried calling them but had no success after i disturbed them during their lunch time, my details are like this (registeration number-6550410 , dob-15/12/87 , app no-105265),...,
It would be of great help...

Cheerio and thanks in advance!!!

Good work!!! guys @IIM B'students,..., students @B seems more professional than the insti:)

Hello Puys,

Have got a call from B. My scores

LR/DI - 96.68
VA - 99.27
QA - 98.20
Total - 99.59

Work ex - 29 months (As of Dec2006)
Graduated in Information Science and Engg from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology in June 2004. Pretty good acads. But hardly any extra-acads. Hope this doesn't hit me

Hi,can any1 help me out.
i think m on border line 4 B call.
my reg no 6131253
dob 12/12/78
hv 5 yrs work ex
thanx in advance

Hey Guys,

From the above posts, I conclude most of you require some basic grounding on how to go ahead with the GD/PI process in terms of preparations. So, here are some pointers:

1) IIM B has a tradition of giving calls to freshers with extremely high percentiles ( 99.75+ range ), incase any fresher/under 12 months of workex still wonders why he/she didn't manage a call even after a decent split-overall, this is your answer. This has been the trend in the last 3-4 years.

2) I have no idea on the call- seats ratio this year. But, last year B gave some 900-950 calls for 250 seats inclusive of all categories, that means a healthy ratio of roughly 4:1

3) When the IIM B call letters come, you'll find three empty letters of reccommendations forms. What the institute would like you to do is get in touch with your supervisors/teachers/facilitators ( who know you well ) and ask them to fill these forms. Also accompanying these forms will be an admissions form. This form might have some basic essay type questions ( last year it included an SOP ), the entire form along with the reccommendation letters would have to be sent to the institute before a prescribed date ( would be mentioned in the offer letter ). So, a sincere request to all you guys to start contacting your superiors right away. Last year, quite a number of call getters had their PLs/managers abroad and that made it really difficult managing the letters of reccommendations. I'm mentioning it early so that you guys act fast.

4)I've already mentioned in a different thread that there is a very high conversion rate in people managing single calls ( this has been the trend atleast in my batch and the previous one ), I believe such a trend would continue. So, people with single calls loose no stones unturned in your preparations.

5) One more observation, for people with a certain amount of work-ex, I personally think the percentile thing dissapears once you are called. In other words, even though you've managed a low percentile but have been called for the interview process, you stand at the same level as any other guy with a high percentile. ALl will be treated at the same level, and your performance in stage two will be extremely valuable. (This is purely my personal observation and is open for debate )

6) The IIM B stage 2 consists of :

a) Performance in the GD ( maybe a case or a GD )
b) Performance in the interviews
c) Letters of reccomendations
d) Statment of purpose ( the details of which you shall receive with the call letter )
e) some weightage to your profile and CAT score

The best part about the GD/case would is that you'll be doing GDs in small groups of 6-7 people... hence no chance for a fish market. You shall be tested on your analytical and team skills.

Freshers can expect their interviews to be on acads ( mind it, a lot of questions are asked ), and ya please don't ignore any subject, read up everything just to be on the safer side. Be very clear with any projects/internships you've done. The faculty won't be much interested in the type/quality of your internships... they would be more interested in your learnings. ( why this project?, what did you learn from this? etc etc)

People with work-ex, please learn everything about the domain in which you are working, the latest hapenings in the world in that particular domain. Be very clear on your role in the organisation and how you as an employee have contributed to the growth of the organisation. Again, the faculty would be looking at your learnings in your work place and how your work ex has helped you evolve from a fresher to a professional.

To all: Please be very clear on why you would like to do an MBA. Last year, there were straight rejects for people who weren' clear on this. I understand given our indian system and the lucre that generally accompanies an MBA grad, a lot of you might have taken the plunge either to earn money or to get away from the frustrations met at work place. But, given the time you have, I'm sure all of you can prepare really well on this front. People with clear cut goals on why MBA, just make sure you practise the answer quite well, sometime you might be put at a stress in an interview.

What to prepare?

1) first and foremost: brush your acads. and yes that goes to people with work-ex too.
2) Be very clear on career based questions (success/failures/why not Phd., etc etc )
3) Read up last 6 months current events with special emphasis on the indian economy and any related discipline which might have a connection with your profile. ( eg., I was working in the manufacturing domain.. so I had to read up anything related to manufacturing )
4) Try and join a coaching institute ( any of TIME, IMS,CL.. ) make sure you choose an institute/program which enrolls the maximum number of call getters. Incase you are at a disadvantage in doing so, form small groups among yourselves and then practise cases/GDs, etc
5) Make sure you keep yourself abreast with the latest happenings in the world from today ( read a national daily, a business magazne for sure )
6) Read up some stuff on your extra curriculars/interests. Sometimes the faculty might ask you some questions incase you have acheived high in your extra currics.
7) Some people were also asked some arbit GK and higher level maths last year. Just refer to last year's interview threads and extract some more info from there. ( incase you are lazy, there were some questions asked on probability, basic calculus, capitals of countries, their currencies, etc )
Last but not the least, never hesitate to post anything on this thread.. this thread is for you to use it to your maxim.

All the best once again,


err..ok me got a call too...thnx seniors for this thread..(now am i optimistic..:P)
my score
DI 95.22
quant 99.91
VA 99.78
over all 99.95
last yr engg ..Btech in ICT frm DA-IICT gandhinagar..
one thing i wanted to ask..i see frightfully less number of freshers amongst those hu hv received a B call...is it alwaz the case or jus this time...nd if this is the first time...shud i read nethin into it..??


Most of us are having our term breaks now and are away from campus. Hence we are at a disadvantage to help you check your results. Pardon us for this. I agree the IIM B server has been under some serious load since morning, but all should be well in a few hours time. You can call the admissions office and enquire your results ( numbers I believe would be present in the CAT brochures )

@amonArun: Since you have decent acads, I don't think it should hit you that hard 😉 but yes, it always serves well if you have atleast 1 extracurric under your belt. You must b doing something in your free time, see if you can mention that. ATB!


@evergreen: if you read my post above yours, you'll find the answer. Fear not 99.95 + fresher is one profile that is easily spotted here at IIM B 😃 Prepare well.


Got a solitary B call (out of Big3)

DI 98.45
VA 91.86
QA 94.26

Overall 98.11

Somehow, seems that I am the one with the lowest %iles....

Acad Background
X = 93% (ICSE ... so no big deal)
XII = 87% (again ICSE)
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur CGPA 7.70

Extra Curriculars:

Quizzing & Creative Writing in School
Quizzing, Creative Writing & Fine Arts (yup... cartoons and caricatures... methinks vengeance we share that pastime) - but have been very lax with the certi's


Manufacturing & EPC company (BTW its BHEL, a PSU) - Project Management milieu, with wide exposure to Contracts (legal), Commercial(financial), MIRs (budgets, exception reports and stuff) and Green Belt Training in Six Sigma Methodology.

Duration = 40 months (yup... almost senile... @ 25 years)... wasn't sure about MBA... last year decided that i need one to actually round-off the edges in my portfolio.... gave CAT with 0.00 prep 96%ile... got hooked and this time actually prepared by taking a full fortnight of official leave.

Any pointers for preparation for GD/PI.... as my acad + work-ex covers a verry big area... and am sorta at a loss as to what should be my focus...

@ vengeance + awr - you talking to a biig fan of the cross-talking personas...

Great Job Anupam ... yaa we are here to help u with any querry u hav about the selection procedure , college and possibly some gyaan which might help u all out .... prep for the best ... u all have decent probability to getting through as the no of seats are 250+...
so we will be more than happy to face ur barrage of querries ....:)