IIM Bangalore PGP Class of 2005-2007

Hey guys, time to start this thread to continue the celebrations here! lets get to know each other…i’ll start with myself… I am Jasmeet…been in mumbai thru out my life…telecom engg working in IT for past 20 months…hobbies include …

Hey guys, time to start this thread to continue the celebrations here!
lets get to know each other...i'll start with myself...

I am Jasmeet...been in mumbai thru out my life...telecom engg working in IT for past 20 months...hobbies include reading(history), music(rock/metal), badminton & swimming...
hope to have a rocking time with u all @ bang galore!

hey all, i am from hyderabad. B.E mech 2004 pass out.
CAT 99.85%le.( by the way got thru IIMB ) .congrats everyone!.

Congrats to all those who got thru ...

Gosh .. the world is so beautiful :)

btw I have started a yahoo grp ...

[email protected]

for better interaction and exchange of material ...

plz to join it by mailing at :

[email protected]

me Sai Krishna ....BE (CSE) from CBIT hyderabad. Have been working with cognizant for the last 1.5 years ....CAT - 99.45

Cant wait to go to IIMB !!! am already soo excited ...

Got thru IIMB. I'm Atulya from Bangalore. I'm from RV College, Bangalore (passed out 2004) been workin for the past 8 months.
CAT 99.98
Congrats to all the guys who cleared IIMB


fresher from Rvce Bangalore
cat: 99.78

hi all. posted here once already, but what the hell..feel like posting again,to say
WE DID IT!!!!!!!!

Myself suneet from IIT Kharagpur, fresher, electrical engineering

percentile :: 99.99

Hobbies :: reading novel, writing

Home town :: Bokaro


Welcome aboard guys, u will have 2 rocking years at IIMB. Looking forward to meeting all of u in campus in July.

BTW no need to make a seperate yahoogroups, SIGMA the systems club at IIMB will be making a yahoogroup of all people who have got in. All your doubts and questions will be answered in there.

Also there will be freshers welcome parties in all the major cities.

Till then, enjoy and prepare for your exciting future


PS: in case of any doubt or question, u can always pm me of the other PGites such as BJ, Godfather, MS etc

People selected or waitlisted but not joining XLRI (BM or PMIR), please take part in polling here http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/poll-for-xlri-25007956.
This would really be of great help for others.
!..Thanks n Cheers..!

Hi people..

Got through IIM B...

Cat % = 99.55
10 % = 92
12 % = 91.2
B-tech in IIT Madras (electrical engg) = 9.3/10

Got calls from B and K..
was shortlisted in K

how many here think the party and pubbing scene in Blore is worth chuckin Ahmedabad... seniors post some dough on this pleez..

oh god thank u thank u thank u!!

dear prospective iim b classmates..forgive this absolutely shameful expression of joy!!!! but im absolutely over the moon at the prospect of joining iimb in jun 2005!!!!!!

i know im going to be really embarassed at this post tomorrow, but so what, this is one of the truely greatest experiences in my lifetime :)..the feeling of success!!


Hi all,

Could convert only two of four calls namely A and B. Share same concerns as of Bou Tsing about joining which IIM.

Seniors kindly advice (unbiasely) over the issue.


After getting rejected by all the other instis i got calls from (A,C,L) gettin thru IIMB feels like .........(what to write??)

My profile:

Cat %le 99.41 DI-99.46 MA 98.05 VA 94.10 :sad:
Fresher Btech mech engg in IITM CGPA 8.2/10:
12th 95.5% 10th 89%
Average GD and Decent PI.(basically i cant be good at them as other calls say!!!)

And this is not to scare ppl who r all set to go to B but any changes in the list from now on as it happened with gd calls is going to get me heart attack...so plzz IIMB no shockers this time again...

congratulations guys for finally getting through IIM Bangalore. Me too will be joining you people. Got IIM B, C and L till now. Did my Engineering in Comp Science from IIT Roorkee and I am working in an MNC Software firm in Pune for the past 18 months

hi all!

CONGRATS to all my classmates (yeah, I have made it too ) !!!
A great relief after being chucked out by A!
nyway, Iam priya, final year BE(ECE) student from hyderabad.
CAT %tile - 99.76 (now this does'nt matter nyway 😃 ).

waiting to meet u all u ppl at IIMB 😃

Congrats everyone. Time to set Bangalore ablaze. I'm in. See ya all at IIMB.

cant wait to join iimb!!! ....right now cant feel anything...guess the result hasnt sunk in yet

anyways..heres my profile...
i'm tyagarajan...basically from cbe..wrkng @ chenn for cts - 9 mnths..
did my be at psg tech in comp sci....

eager to meet u guys....