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hey guys how many score require to get admission in IIM ?

hey guys how many score require to get admission in IIM ?

Just want to know how to prepare to get in IIM-A . I am not talking about Cat ... The interview and gd i am asking about (Like how to prepare in day to day activity). My target is the class of 2017-19. Seniors plz help

Guys my details are



UG-75%(B.com-distance mode)

work exp- nil,

achievements-nothing much,

extra-curriculars- average.



what is the minimum cat percentile to get a call from IIMA?.

will the mode of my UG course -(distance mode) affect my chances during PI of IIMA.

any other certificate courses that may help improve my resume?

hi guys, general merit qa 94.5 va 91.6 oa 95.53 .totally confused as i haven't applied for any colleges like MDI gurgaon or other top B school just wrote CAT .. do i have the slightest of the chances ? GM category 10th 91.6 cbse 12 - 87.83 BE -8.3 grade work experience 5 months as of 2014 december   

OA 99.74, QADI 99.94, VALR 96.04, X: 76.5, XII:84.6, BTECH: 80.9, WorkEx: 19 Months,General Engineer Male. Chances for a call?

which is the group for gdpi prepration for iima

What's the deal with IIM-A's "Top 1%ile" criteria? As per the admission criteria for 2015-17, the top 1%ile students from five separate streams would get a direct call for AWT & PI. 

Has anyone managed to get a call through this criteria? Any experiences? 

Hey Puys, what is the expected date of final merit list for IIM Ahd, and other old iims, if u know?

anyone who is in IIM ahmedabad, could u answer these questions?

Why do you love being there?

How are you contributing to the campus community?

Why are you a good match?

any help is highly is appreciated

Short question:  What do you mean by converting a call?  What is a 'final converts list'?

Is it that you are shortlisted for the final selection, or is it that you are shortlisted for the final selection AND that you have accepted to join?

what is the tentative date of final list?

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad: What if AR-22,Non-engineer (AC-3), 3 year work ex, NC-OBC, how much percentile required to get a call?

How does the graduation percentage affect admission in a top IIM while one is having an enough score in CAT ? What is the minimum percentage required in gradation for a top IIM?

10th: 88%

12th: 68% (Science)

Undergrad: B.Arch (Bachelor in Architecture) GPA 3.54 / 4.0 Gold Medalist with Distinction Few other Awards

Post-Grad: Masters in Green Buildings, USA

Experience: 3.5 years

Clearly do not satisfy the selection criteria for 12th class for PGP at IIMA.

Does that mean there is simply no chance?

Can I get admitted in IIM A after holding 7 years of Work-Ex, assuming that I have scored 99.98 percentile in CAT ? I am skeptic about this because of my Work-Ex and because I want leave from current Work-domain and get into a completely different domain...So, will I allowed to do so by the IIM A faculty ?

My profile is 10th - 93.8 12th - 91.20 Grad - 8.40 Work Ex - 6 months @ Coal India Limited I want to know whether the work ex from PSUs like CIL are valued by IIMs?

While filling the PI form. Can we fill the co-curricular activies, for which we do not have any proof???

When will the final merit list be announced?

What is the proportion of engineers in the current batch of 2015-17?