IIM Ahmedabad GD/PI experiences for 2007-2009 batch

Hi Everyone, Second Round Process for IIMA - one of the top management Institue in Asia is about to begin within 15 hours from now. The process will start at Ahmedabad. Please start posting your experiences soon so that other guys can benefit…

Hi Everyone,

Second Round Process for IIMA - one of the top management Institue in Asia is about to begin within 15 hours from now. The process will start at Ahmedabad. Please start posting your experiences soon so that other guys can benefit.

An astonishing amount of thanks reserved for the guy who post first. Charanam is the guy. Astonishingly quick... Whoever visit the thread should award him thanks (Charanam - Waiting for details of PI from u).

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:

Venue: Delhi/Bangalore/Ahmedabad/Calcutta/Other


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years - Country

CAT %ile:

Any other special thing abt u:

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail like they r checking certis, taking attested copies or else.

We will be waiting for GD/PI experiences from PG's very own - bellthecat, thattu , Warrior and many others.. Wish u all the best. We will be waiting for rocking GD/PI experiences from u - nothing less.

Venue: IIM-A Campus, Ahmedabad
Time: 9AM


X: 90.6% (CBSE)
XII: 96.3% (State Board)
Undergrad Major: 84%


CAT %ile:
DI 99.8
Quant 97
Verbal 95.33
Aggregate 99.66
It was a case-study based discussion. The case study was about a corporation which was facing problems with it's computerized system because of the negligence of the systems manager...

There were 8 members per panel. We were given 5 mins for reading the case and 20 mins for discussing it. It was a good GD but I felt my contribution was not upto the mark :(. After that we were given 5 mins to write the summary.

I was the first in my panel... they took my interview for 35 mins... mostly acads... one guy asked me about my hobbies... the panel was cool and i thought my PI went well :)

Best of luck for the rest!!!

Bhai logoan...Kindly post ur GD/PI experiences, with the type of questions being asked (Moi have to prepare for this lone dreaded CALL)

Hi All

Best of luck for all the call letters. hope all the puys make up to IIM-A.


Venue: IIM-A Campus, Ahmedabad
Time: 9AM

I was the first in my panel... they took my interview for 35 mins... mostly acads... one guy asked me about my hobbies... the panel was cool and i thought my PI went well :)

Best of luck for the rest!!!

Hi dude,
it would be great if you could elaborate on what type of questions were asked...35 minutes is quite a time...anyway...besties to u and waiting for other experiences

This is the thread i have been eagerly waiting for.....the most awaited A interview.Keeping in mind the heavy emphasis on acads...i m literally revising all that i hav studied in my grads:(....tough task uh.Anyways all the best to the call getters...:)

@charanam....It would be gr8 if u could post ur PI interview in detail....or atleast give pointers to how the interview went

Best of luck to all.
@all : Please do give some insight to your gds (to an extent) and interviews to the maximum possible extent.

prem_ravi Says
Bhai logoan...Kindly post ur GD/PI experiences, with the type of questions being asked (Moi have to prepare for this lone dreaded CALL)

Our good wishes are with you!!

Dont worry ...!!

Rock the interview!!!!


yeah best of the luck to all A call getters...crack it big time...esp. those hu have 'B' call also..:P

Hello prospective juniors!

I appreciate subodh's initiative and charanam's response.

But, it will be better if you people can elaborate on the case more without getting biased by your opinion of what the case wanted to test!

Also, try to put the PI in a dialog form. While, it will certainly help other puys, it will serve to be a wonderful tool of analysis, thus, improving your own performance in future PIs. If you will try to think hard and come up with the dialog and read it again a few times, you will understand what I mean.

All the best!

Hello prospective juniors!

I appreciate subodh's initiative and charanam's response.

But, it will be better if you people can elaborate on the case more without getting biased by your opinion of what the case wanted to test!

Also, try to put the PI in a dialog form. While, it will certainly help other puys, it will serve to be a wonderful tool of analysis, thus, improving your own performance in future PIs. If you will try to think hard and come up with the dialog and read it again a few times, you will understand what I mean.

All the best!

The most awaited thread is dead silent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.....Why is it so?...Every other GD/PI thread has atleast 2/3 post per hour.....But the thread for the admissions into the Best college of APAC has not yet started....Either in the 1 st 2 days none of our Puys had a slot or they dont want to share their interview details....

Bhai logoan Jagho..Aur hamara madath karo....
my experience... hope its helpful

Venue: Ahmedabad 16th feb 9: 00AM

Electronics and telecommunication engineer

2 years sales and marketing

CAT %ile:
DI 97.02%
Quant 95.45
Verbal 99
Aggregate 99.2

So IIMA interview actually that's been a dream in itself let alone converting it reached at 8 40 lil chilly 23 people divided in 3 batches (8 + 8 + 7) at dot 9 05 we were given the cases(PL reach before time ppl). almost 5 people evaluationg our GD:wow: was in panel 2

Was a case study about Zimbabwe s agriculture finance corporation it was in problems because they had computerized their systems without proper transition public, media, and govt were all complainingwhat shud afc do

Gud case I thought lots of points and angles to discuss very little calculation ,,, 5 minutes to read 20 minutes to speak and 5 min to write a summary however they gave less time to write and many of us cudnt complete

Overall our gd was goodatleast 6 ppl including me spoke well no fish market infact there were sorry thank yous n all

Then came the PI I was number 8 on my panel thts the last was not askin everyone abt how theres went wud hv put faltu pressure on myself just revised some acads n stuff

3 ppl on panelProf 1, prof 2, Prof acads (PA) moi isshtudent (S)

P1: Please come pratik have a seat give me ur file..
S: Obliges

P1: So you seem to be a great guy haan??: (almost laughing) so much in the form
S: (Whats happenin:wow: , stress????) : Yes sir very feebly.

P1: so you demonstrate bones, right?????
S: (Whts that:wow: ) I am sorry sir???

P1: You hv written it here
S: Sir that's "Bone Densitometer " it's a product I used to sell whe I was at ******** ltd.

P1: what does it do?
S: long blah blah mentioned abt osteoporosis, a bone disease because of lack of calcium, smokin and other stuff

P1: (pointin towards P2) shud lecture him abt smokin

All of us hv a light laugh

P1: So what does patient with bad calcium shud eat:
S: eggs and milk preferably

P1: I m vegetarian and consider milk also to be non veg
S: Calcium supplements are available off the counter

P1: No medicines for me
S: (Just forgot banana ) vegetables

P1: Which ones
S: I dont recollect sir

P1: ok anyways... so u were in sales for 2 yrs b4 u left.... did u like the experience...
S: loved it

P1: how were ur targets set...
S: blah blah blah...

P1: wats ARPU
S: i dont recollect sir( shit yaar ,:( its avg revenue per user)

P1: What were ur 3 major learnings at blue star
S: blah blah (did decently)

P1: How do u define success for a salesman
S: blah blah

over to P2

P2: so u were in medical electronics
S: yes sir

P2: so what is telemedicine
S: lots and lots of blah blah (lucky yaar, had read a lot abt this while working)

Then P2 went into more more specifics of the same... examples... did well

over to PA

PA: so u r an electronics engineer
S: sir electronics and telecommunications engineer

PA: OK, (he structured this question very nicely in laymans language)... how does mobile switch to a particular frequency
S: explained the process...

PA: Ok, diff between transverse and longitudinal waves
S: gave some points , not satisfactory..

PA started getting into very basics of waves... 3d, x y z axis... almost 5-6 min faltered atleast 30-40% of the time... 😞 shit man if i cud hv 12th physics book wid me that time ... however, tried to smile still...

PA: Lets move ahead.... difference between light and radio waves...
S: Sir light has dual nature and...

PA: wait, consider only wave
S: sir both are electromagnetic waves... howevwer light has much higher freq.. its used in Optical fibres with much better BW...

PA: hmmm...ok

P1: Ok pratik,,, i think that will be enough... pl take ur certificates.
S: thank you sirs...

P1: btw what calls do u hv...
S: Sir A C I K

P1: OK thank you

Moi almost leaving..

PA: Please help urself with a toffee.
S: thanks sir..

Again the same feeling wat i had after K interview... no idea how did it go...almost 35 min

As for suggestions... do ur acads strongly from a practical point of view... e.g. for me it went into GSM CDMA from a basic phone call... and this was seen in lotsa interviews...

So small dream of appearin for A interview over ...:)

fingers crossed for big dream..:neutral: :neutral:

Stay good puys....

Hello !

Just back from what has been an absolute massacre. I think the panel will probably remember these few minutes as the ones in which they have laughed the most ever....

Date : 18th Feb, morning slot

GD :

Business case study about a watch company which has to decide which way it should launch its premium product - by starting its own showrooms or by appointing franchisees. Also whether that product should be launched in the first place as the guy in charge of the strategy feels the product wont work.

Time : 5 mins for thinking, 15 for discussion, 5 for summary writing

Overall GD was quite good, and so was my performance. came in sporadically, but had some good ideas most of the times. no fishmarket, quite cordial. couldnt finish the summary though.

Now comes the fun part..... was the first. order was pre-decided, they had a printed list with numbers on them...

3 panellists, stern guy ( S ), acads guy ( A ), jolly guy who found everything that i said quite hilarious ( J ) and good ol' moi, I....

J : Good morning, come, sit ( very enthusiastically, took me by surprise a bit..... probably anticipating the fun he was going to have soon.... what better way to start the proceedings than to make a guy feel that he's the LAST person they'd take in..... )
I : Thank you.
S : Please give me your certificates..
J : ok....... So you were in Fergusson College...
I : Errrr, yes ( trying to recollect what year the college was started ??:)
J : Tell me names of prominent dignitaries who passed out from FC...
I : ( oh no..... ) Sir...... Bal Gangadhar Tilak........( long pause )..... Veer Savarkar....
J : who else?
I : ( long pause )... dont recall any more...
J : Who was Bal Gangadhar Tilak ? What did he do ?
I : Freedom fighter, was in congress, passed away in 1920...
J : what did he do ?
I : He was involved with the Indian National Congress, he was the chief in the 1910s... ( is this correct ? ). then left because of differences with Gandhi... ( correct ? ). he was more of the extremist thinking group..
J : he was an extremist ?
I : not quite an extremist, but he didnt agree with gandhi's moderate ideas.
A : So he joined the college in 1910 and passed out in 1920 ? ( big grin on everybody's face :))
J : Huh ? no no..... he passed AWAY in 1920...
A : Oh, ok...
J : So what did he do ? ( can we pleeeeeeease move on !!!!!! :neutral:)
I : Dont know....
J : Did he start any organisation ?
I : not that I know of....
J : you dont know....... ok... Who else were in FC ?
I : Dont know sir...
J : I think one of our prime ministers were from there...
I : I dont think that is the case, sir...
J : I think so. you sure ?
I : Yes..
J : what about narasimha rao ? he was from fc...
I : ( WHAT ???? :wow:) I dont think so sir..... not as per my knowledge, atleast.
J : ok... So your current salary is XYZ.... How do you manage to live off such a low salary ( have my own firm, just started out ) in Pune ?
I : blah blah about how we've just started out...:neutral:
J : What does your firm do?
I : blah blah
J : Why did you leave such a well paying job in ABC to do this ?
I : blah blah blah
J : What is the process involved in the formation of a company ?
I : blah
J : Whom is it registered with ?
I : blah
J : What do you do in case you want to close it down ?
I : guessed.... dont think it was right... told them that we have to go to the RoC again...
J : Sure ?
I : Think so...
J : So there is a Deregistrar of companies for this ? ( guffaws all around ). or is there any deregistration ministry ? ( laughter again ) :)
I : No sir, its just the RoC.
J : Hear of the Liquidator of Companies ?
I : No ( what the hell is this ? )
A : What are gears ?
I : blah blah....
A : Can gears be square ?
I : I dont think so..
A : Why ?
I : Because the diameter would vary...
A : Interesting.... DIAMETER...
I : Sorry, sir, not the dia.... the distance from the centre to the tip would change, which would cause problems in meshing
A : ok.... ( turns out I might be wrong..... square gears apparently exist... not v popular, but they do...:( )
A : Draw gears..
I : ( start drawing.... begin with a circle )
A : you draw gears like that ? ( big round of laughter all around )
I : Sir...
I : ( laughter continues ) ( i start drawing it in a different way... 3 teeth and the rest is a circle... used for representation as far as I can remember )
J : THAT's a gear ? ( another round of laughter... ). do you draw in like that in engineering?
I :....
J : that looks like a tulip !!!!! ( laughter again ) :)
I : No sir, these teeth are only for representation...
J : oh, so the rest of the teeth are going to grow afterwards ? ( laughter AGAIN ):wow:
I : ( WHAT ??????? ) smile
A : Why dont we use belts and pulleys in automobiles ?
I : belts have a tendency to slip, which would cause frequent breakdowns. also, require larger space
A : Ok... Then why use belts at all.... lets use just gears.
I : Explained about advantages of belt systems
A : ok...( Looks satisfied, for a change ) give me that paper back, and take this ( paper has a drawing of a pulley with 2 masses, m and M hung on sides with a spring ). What is the total tension in the string ? neglect friction...
I : i think it should be mg + Mg ( my friend in IIM A says it should be (mg + MG ) / 2... anybody sure about this ? )
A : sure ?
I : I think so sir...
A : How ?
I : forces acting downwards due to the masses...
A : Any other forces ?
I : No sir
A : Sure
I : Yes sir
A : If i give a force of F horizontally, what would be the frequency of oscillation ?
I : It would depend on the force...
A : OBVIOUSLY.... what else ?
I : It would be independent of the mass hanging on the thread...
A : WHAT ? so it does not matter whether the mass is 1 kg or 0.1 kg ?
I : No sir.. ( is this correct ?? )
A : ( looks sad )
J : Tell me the names of any 3 south indian districts ( where did this one come from ?? )
I : Err, Calicut, Bangalore, Chennai
J : Those are big cities. Tell us smaller ones.
I : Trivandrum
J : That's a capital ( so ???? its still a city ! )
I : Ernakulam
J : Whats the fascination with Kerala ?
I : Sir, I am a traveller, and Kerala has always keenly interested me..
J : Ok... Tell me the names of 3 south indian districts NOT from Kerala.
I : ( What the heck ???? ) errrr, Udupi
J : And ?
I : errr, Coimbatore ?
J : big city, again !
I : errr.... Dont remember any more..
S : Harshad, do you follow any sports ? ( arrrre yaar, have written SO MUCH in extra-currics and hobbies.... ask on that na... )
I : Yes sir, i follow cricket.... and a bit of F1. F1 not very religiously..
A : So you must have been told to say F1 by the coaching classes.. ( laughter all around ) :)
I : No sir...
A to J : These coaching class people think we dont know anything...
S : So what did they tell you in the class ?
I : They didnt tell us anything specific..
J : They didnt, or you arent telling us ?
I : No sir, they just told us to follow current affairs.
S : aaah ! current affairs ! tell us about current affairs.. ( big smile )
I : tata-corus, birla- novellis, vodafone-bharati...
S : thats all business... what else ?
I : cauvery issue, vidarbha farmer suicides, mayawati's taj case coming being brought up again...
S : ok...
J : What have you learnt from your business ?
I : blah blah.... about brand value and how it should not be diluted.
J : Then what should you do ?
I : blah blah about separate brands..
J : So you'll start another company ?
I : No sir, different division and brand within the company.
J : Ok. Which law governs companies in India ?
I : ( after some time ) company law ?:)
J looks at me as if I was a particularly repelling insect...:(
S : Is gliding an adventure sport ?
I : Yes
S : Is parachuting an adventure sport ?
I : Yes
S : was there any recent incident in gliding ?
I : No idea
S : in parachuting ?
I : No idea
A : So you dont know anything about adventure sports also...
I : Sir, I know about.... ( stopped in mid-sentence )
J : Thank you.... take a chocolate... and your file
I : Thank you sir


boy, what an experience !

tata A... its a shame am not gonna be here again... such a rocking campus... awesome culture.... but dont see any chance of getting through after something like this...

watched a game of frisbee football late last night between facchas and tucchas. awesome game..... very, very fast....

will put in any more questions i can think of later. total interview time : 15 mins approx.

dont know what to call this.... but looks like a stress interview.... didnt lose my cool at all, stuck to my stances, smiled a few times though the joke was always on me. didnt get nervous at all or stutter or babble.... was laughing a lot in my head at the way they were taking my case !

tough 15 mins, but I enjoyed them.... gotta take the rough with the smooth...

what's the junta's call on this one ?

yesterday's interviews were a breeze...... very calm and nice... and then today morning the firing started. everybody's having a not-so-good time...

god knows what they are looking for...

next up, IIM L after a bit of a break....

all the best to the junta awaiting their calls...


here goes the Dexters second interview

Date: 17th Feb 07 1400hrs
venue : IIM A
panel: 1
members : 9

my profile
cat: 99.46 ( 98 approx in all three, ACLIK calls)
exp: 40 months in IT
college: NIT Surat Electrical (decent acads)
extra: average

GD topic:
case study, john is vice president of a company and his company president and chairman are willing to acquire a company which is underperforming for their own benefit, what john should do?

lucky thing is all are Puys 😃 and met them already so a decent one, I entererd 3 to 4 times, I think i could have done much better.

Interview: (nearly 20 mins)
I am the 6th guy in the panel1 for interview

there are 3 professors
p1, p2, p3

i said goodafternoon to everybody
p1: let me have a look at your certi..
p1: so what is bonafide ( my employer mention that i am a bonafide employee of the company 😃 )
Dexter (me 😁 ) : given funda, bonafide is goodfaith ....
p1: questions on my name
Dexter :i said this part is my name, this is caste name and this is my village name ( i belong to A.P 😁 )
p1: questions based on caste, y this caste is dominating in andhra..
Dexter :answered decently in a diplomatic way
p1: and he asked my caste and religion
Dexter :i have mentioned I am reddy and Hindu , and almost every Reddy is a hindu
p1: so who is ur CM
Dexter :Y.S.R Reddy
p1: which religion
Dexter :hindu, no sir he converted into christianity i corrected my answer ( these profs know everything 😁 )
p1: our CM's qualificatin and place
Dexter: Doctor and rayalseema
p1: questions based on power in Andhra
Dexter :answered well
p3: so u talked so much abt power tell me about power factor
Dexter: ( oh my god, this prof seemed to be a tech one) i said [email protected] ( assume theta)
p3: i dont know [email protected] explain in detail
Dexter :i had drawn two sine ways with a phase difference and power traingle and explained this is real power and other is imaginary power
p3: u have drawn two diagrams , how u got the second one from first one
Dexter :i tried something P= VI = something..., i said i dont remember
p1: u said imaginary power, is there apparent power
Dexter :yes sir
p1: so there are 3 powers imaginary, apparant and real what is imaginary power, is that what Dr Manmohan singh has and
all three started laughing
Dexter :i too joined them :D
p1: asked abt interests
Dexter :i have mentioned chess
p1: so do you know openings
Dexter :I said, i was playing for the past 12 years but dont know about much, i have a idea abt sicilian defence and dragan openings, i explained those
p1: seems convinced, asked me abt what Gambit
Dexter :i said i dont know
p2: do you read news papers
Dexter :happily yes sir( for the last 2 years i was doing that)
p2: recent news
Dexter :mentioned abt tata corus, aditya birla, vodafone and in sports i said Austrail lost by 10 wickets
p2: y so?
Dexter :shane bond bowled well
p2: so
Dexter :he took 5 wickets
p3: 5 for?
Dexter :i guess 5/42 (it was 5/23)
p2: shane in which team
Dexter :i have mentioned sir this is shane bond from Nz
p2: who is the otherone in Aus
Dexter :shane warne he declared his retirment
p2: what are the latest news about him
Dexter :apart from retirement i dont have any idea
(Shane warne started coaching centre in England)
p2: what else in cricket
Dexter :PCB doping
p2: what else?
Dexter :i tried to recollect
p2: given me clue Nagpur
Dexter :explained entire thing about controversy
p2: whats the wrong..
Dexter :given funda about bookies
p2: i have 10 rupees i want to bet on india for the current match.
Dexter :in india it's illegal
p2: i want to bet
Dexter :i said in developed countries it's possible, u can bet by using ladbrokes.com
p2: means the countries which allow betting are developed ?
Dexter :no sir, that depends on the country in china accessing so many sites are not possible
p2: what happend in Mahabaratha
Dexter: ( oh my god where is he heading to 😁 ) i have seen so many telugu movies on the mahabharatha so
explained every incident from starting in brief
p2: why there is 14 years vanvaas, even ram also sent for years
Dexter :i thought of saying lifeimprisonment even 14 years ( in back of my mind, i thought if i mention lifeimprisonment
this prof will ask me abt courts all stuff and decided not to mention that)
I said dont have an idea sir
p1: what are other interestes
Dexter :Trading in equities
p1: you seems good at business things
Dexter ::D
p1: how much u earn, i guess all are earnng
Dexter :explained how i do, and the procedure .... pretty cool
p1: why MBA
Dexter :my own firm and had given some ideas
p1: he contradicted some
Dexter :i justified my views
p1,p2,p3 said thank you and to take some chocolates
i picked up one :D

according to me it was pretty decent, i dont bother about the result
this is my lifetime achievement to meet those wonderful people and campus i stayed in their campus only.
Later i came to know p3 ( prof 3 in my interview panel) got best prof award in IIMA

this is really a wonderful and awesome experience.

i hope this may help somebody, all the best for to rest of the guys.

Harshad..As it was u who told me that people after IIMA interview have got a 50-50 feel..Its the same I hope even u r going through...Hope & will pray for u to convert this call....All the Best & U deserve this call to be converted...

Well done M.Dexter....

hey harshad...i dont think we can judge our interview went...we didnt see our body language.. we dont know y the panelist asked a part question... etc etc ...so chillax ... and wait for the results... thts wat i m doin!!

ATB to ppl... keep posting

hi dexter,

what is your B tech stream?

hey great goin guys..
good luck to all the puys whove got calls!!!
Crack it big time!!