IIM-A PGP 2016-18 Waitlist Discussions

This thread is meant to serve as a source of quick information on any waitlist movements that happen in the coming weeks (and to save any effort towards futile conjecturing).

Any idea on the total number of Waitlist released??

Saw this converstion on the FB group and could not understand it.

Raunak Bhiwal:- In one of the letters it was written that 450odd students have been given calls. And if the official number of seats are around 400. Than for general category there have been around 25 buffer calls n the rest for the reserved.

Namrata Yadav(senior):- Not really. Think about deferals too.

Raunak Bhiwal:- But last year deferred students will join this year . I guess.

(If the number of calls are 450 and the number of seats are 385 then the number of buffer calls have increased this time.)

Are the waitlisted guys also getting some sort of letter from AO. I haven't received one yet, who would be good person to connect with regards to same ?

Deferment results  are coming today. Can we expect WL movement ?? 

Is the waitlist out?? Heard someone cleared.

Got the mail cleared iim a 

Anyone who converted A today and not joining??

Any movement in nc obc waiting list of IIM Ahemdabad?

Guys, I talked to AO and he said that there will be no more waitlist moment now until the 21 June(unless someone from converted WL rejects the offer). If someone who has paid 5k and does not turn up on registration day then they will call the remaining waitlist. Good luck until then. I'll be in IIML by then :) 

Guys, converted A. I think gen WL moved till 12. ATB