IILM University, Gurugram MBA

What is the curriculum of IILM University.?

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Do alumni of IILM University, Gurugram have a strong network, and are they willing to help current students and graduates with job searches and career advice?

Alumni members are invited by the university to deliver guest lectures, sessions and workshops. This gives the students an insight on how things work in the real world. Yesterday (07Jan2023) The university organized a reunion. Other than the purpose of entertainment, this event was an opportunity for the students to connect with the alumni who are from various work backgrounds. The university has a strong network of resourceful alumni and would be willing to help current students.

IILM offers a well framed curriculum for all its students. It offers various kinds of major and minor subjects which gives students the opportunity to choose whichever subject they have interest in. Experiential learning takes places through seminars, workshops, presentations, moot courts etc.

IILM University, Gurugram provides an effective curriculum as they give flexible options to students to make choices during selection of minors which the major they have chosen. Activities are planned through out the semesters which helps in maintaining student’s development over the year. The current curriculum is made keeping the UGC Regulations in mind and accordingly goals are set for the students by the faculty, which helps students in communication skills as well as thinking abilities. The university offers a very diverse curriculum to the students.

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Does IILM University, Gurugram provides Technical Education & knowledge in their MBA Program?

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Yes, IILM University, Gurugram teaches technical subjects in their MBA program like :

TBIT (Transforming Businesses through Information Technology) - Internet Enabled Business, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Transformation of a businesses, etc.

IEB (Internet Enabled Business) - SSL, Computer Networking, WAN, LAN, TCP/IP Model, MAN, VPN, Routers, Etc

QM (Quantitative Methods)- Python, Java.

Can a student switch from Single Specialization to Dual Specialization in MBA Program at IILM University, Gurugram?

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Yes, A student can switch from single specialization to dual specialization before commencement of 2nd year i.e: 4th semester.

Also, There is a difference in fees of single & dual specialization. So, The amount for dual will be adjusted in 2nd year.

The student needs to approach his/her mentor or MBA Dean and write a letter/mail opting for dual specialization.

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Is there is any dress code in MBA in IILM University,Gurugram ?


No, There is no particular dress code in the MBA Program at IILM University Gurugram. Formals are suggested to be worn on Interviews, GD, Seminar’s, Workshops, etc. Rest, Students can wear their comfortable clothing on normal days/weekdays.

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What kind of Class Activities are conducted in MBA program?

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There are a lot of activities that are conducted in the MBA program, which includes overall development & learning of the student. It includes Debate, Presentations, Group Activities, Case Study write-up, Excursion Programs, Exchange Programs, Intra & Inter college competitions, etc. The MBA program has cells/societies where extra co-curricular activities are held every month, with emphasis on Practical & Task Based Learning.

What kind of events/activities are conducted in marketing society of iilm university gurugram ?

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What is the strength in MBA program in each section ? How many sections are in MBA program ?

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There are a total of 3 sections in the MBA program at IILM University, Gurugram. The sections are created on the basis of the total number of students in each batch. The 2022-24 batch consists of 150+ students which are divided in 3 sections. Each section has a capacity to entertain 50-65 students comfortably. The class room infrastructure & environment is student friendly and adaptable.

The Marketing society of IILM is known as Marketing Insights. It covers mainly upon marketing & its constituents. Marketing Insights hold Speaker/Guest sessions, Quizzes, Brain-storming events, Industrial Visits, Fun-to-do activities, etc. They provide great exposure for marketing students and those who want to deal in public sector.

How has IILM University, Gurugram incorporated hybrid learning and utilized online technologies to enhance student interaction and improve the learning experience?

The MBA Program at IILM University, Gurugram does not enforce a specific dress code. However, students are encouraged to dress formally during events such as interviews, group discussions, seminars, and workshops.