IILM Lodhi Road/Gurgaon 2012-14 admission queries & discussion

hiii, This thread is for students who are inetrested in joining IILM Gurgaon/Lodhi Road Campuses & also for those who have any query relating to the college. IILM have a good brand name & is among the top B-schools of India. Both the campuse…


This thread is for students who are inetrested in joining IILM Gurgaon/Lodhi Road Campuses & also for those who have any query relating to the college. IILM have a good brand name & is among the top B-schools of India. Both the campuses have great infrastructure, faculties, quality of courses offered is also good, provides great career opportunities & is in the business of providing quality education to its students.

I invite MBA aspirants, current students and Alumni to join the discussion and guide us on the way ahead...:)

its a pathetic institute...800 intake n hardly 200 placed

No. of companies visit every year for campus placement in IIlm. so placement is not an issue with IILM. Atmosphere of the institute is very healthy for grooming the personality.....

the intake of the college is very high as compared to the number of students placed......moreover the avg package is very low as compared to the fee structure of the institute . one of my frnd gt admission thr by scoring only 25 percentile in cat.....n gt a package of around 2.5 lpa after completing the course.....n spending around 8 lacs in 2 yrs......

refer to this lnk for details......n do u still thnk tht the money u spend thr really worth it.....

@Abir1103 Before making any comment its a humble request to you, please get your facts and figures right. This year for our batch the intake is 130 for both the campuses ( gurgaon and LR) and for our seniors 2011-13 batch it was 250.
The placement season for our seniors have already started with companies like Deloitte and Smart Cube coming in for recruitment. Smart Cube has already hired students with a good package of 5.5 lac p.a approx.
Now, coming to your friend, he got 25 percentile in CAT and got admission in IILM, it may have happened because IILM gives equal opportunities to all and he got a package of 2.5 lacs , well i must say it is very good, considering the marks he has got. Moreover, it depends on you how well you do in the interview, companies come with various packages, if you are able and can crack the interview then you will get a high package else not, as simple as that.
@priyanka15 o u thnk spending around 10 lacs including fees + accomodation n getting a package of around 5.5 lpa is good enough.......its almost half the amt u r spending thr in 2 yrs...n 5.5 aftr PG doesnt worth.....even i managed to gt more than tht jst aftr completing my graduation n tht too aftr spending only 4lacs in 4 yrs
@Abir1103 Let me tell you about the fee structure for the upcoming batch. It is 9 lac for both the campuses and includes hostel facility and food for two years. Moreover, all the girl students will be getting 10% scholarship and IILM also gives 50% and 100% scholarship if they fulfill some criteria. Even i have got 50% scholarship which has decreased my fee drastically and thus am getting a good ROI.
One more thing, 5.5 lac is not the sole package, some packages are more and some may be less. In fact, last year the highest domestic package was 11 lac p.a. which is good enough. At the end of the day, it depends on your performance-if you do well, you will certainly end up getting a good package. Now, if you are fresher and you do not perform and think your b-school will give you a job, then let me assure you, even if you are in IIM, you wont get a good placement.
At the end of the day, its you- your hard work, optimism and your ability to perform well, will give you a good job not your b-school. There is a saying- 'you can lead a horse to water, you can't make it drink'. It is applicable in this case as well.

u might hav gt the scholarship frm the institute.......bt thr r many students who didnt gt the scholarship n paying the whole fees n getting n avg package of around 5.5 lpa . n 5.5 is the CTC n nt the actual salary , 5.5lpa is including HRA , DA n other allowances . so on an avg 5.5 is nt a very good package if u guys r spending 9 lacs in 2 yrs. ya u can call it a decent package if u r spending only 2 lacs in 2 yrs n grabbing an offer of 5.5lpa....if the avg package of ur institute is around 11 lpa then it might b considered good enough

@Abir1103 Most of the MAT institutes have similar fee structure and even higher. If you are really aiming to get a sky-high package then there are IIMs and similar CAT institutes, no one is stopping you from taking admission there. And it would be very helpful for all of us, if you can tell us exactly which b-schools under MAT give an average package of 11 lac p.a...??

MAT is an useless xam.......most of the people dnt even consider it as a competitive xam...cracking MAT is a cakewalk for most of the people....MAT b schools dnt deserve such high fee structures

@Abir1103 u cannot say whether any exam is useless.Its up to to you whether you give that exam.You cannot really judge an exam by calling it a useless 1
@praful12 do u thnk by spending 9 lacs in 2 yrs n getting a package of 5.5lpa is gud....i dnt thnk so......i mean look at the investment n its return aftr 2 yrs.....even the govt . engineering colleges provide more than this n tht too at a fees around 2-3 lacs in 4 yrs.....n regarding grooming n mentoring of students , now adays every gud college has this facility IILM is nt an xception......bt the fees is xceptionally high as compared to the package provided

check this out

@Abir1103 hey abir,let me tell you about the link that you have shared here is fake and IILM is not responsible for any third party advertisment, for true and real facts you can visit the official website of IILM and get to know about intakes and placements,and this is not the place to argue and fight about any particular college and mat exam.
@Abir1103 being alreadsy a student of IILM i can suggest you that if you really need some industry exposure and PPOs go for IILM..LIVE PROJECTS and student grooming is done considering all professional aspects..n considering the ROI u r speaking...even Chetan Bhagat got a package of 4.5lpa being an IIM passout...ROI in the end does matter but doesnt matter totally....if you get good skills and good concepts you'll dertainly get placed..n IILM provides healthy placements...so now its you to deceide..btw i want to ask you which exams are you giving??
An honest review of IILM specially gurgaon .i am a current student of iilm gurgaon and would like to share my experience for prospective admission seekers to get a true idea of what to expect .
fees - 8.1 lakhs , but they give 25% ,50% scholarships to lotta ppl to lure them . catch is that u need to get 65 % in all 3 first year terms for it to continue . but the marking in assesments is such that very few actually end up getting it in second year also . Also whoever gets scholarship is forced to do work/stuff for teachers ranging from 4hours to 5 hours each week for a term atleast .
NON approved college - taking admissionw we were told we will get ignou mba degrees and fees etc. included . but nothing done till now and now they are not giving ignou mba degrees anymore even though website mentions it . they now just give a PGP , not even a PGDM so be careful as ur govt. job prospects and most PSU etc chances goneeeee. even though we not getting ignou degrees no refund given to us .
Study method - NO BOOKS are given to students and no handouts or anythng printed is given . teachers just share their ppts wht they make to teach in class and some pdf files to study from. in mba there are case studies etc. ranging from 12-26 approx pages and no printed stuff given to study . the college does not even have a photocopy machine to take copies from library books .
120 odd people in class and all in 1 hall with a projector to show ppts . 10 seats in 10 rows . so unless u get to sit in first 5-6 rows forget able to see well the projectr well specially in excel based classes which are quite a few .
a lotta assesments are through groups made randomly by teachers and due to others poor performances in presentations etc. ur marks get reduced and that scholarship gets doomed !
infrastructure - buildings may look big but dont get fooled . atleast 10% chairs in audi where 90 % of our classes aare held are broken and its been made just this year only in a basement so no phone signals as well there .
no water or toilets near our audi in basement you need to go to other bulding for that .
no wifi in audi as well and in the canteen as well . we spend our whole day from 10-4 in audi n canteen and no wifi facility provided . its there in other building but not where its needed .
big problem of light as well and it keeps on going and coming . the most important thing we have to plan for in presentations etc is what to do if light goes away as its quite often. also note there are rats in the audi and sen by most people . really hygenic class we have .
sports facility - theres a basketball court but college does not even give a ball , get ur own .
placements - cant say much as im in 1st year only .
teachers - mostly good .
hostels - around 2 km away in a house . no transport from there given . triple sharing rooms .
i may have focussed on too much negative points but i will answer any query u have in mind .
all info 100 % true and verifiable .
@lonewolf123 i have only simple things to say for u..c the post you have made...i admit its almost the same story..but you can laso look at the positives of the institute...netbooks are good for study purpose...do u utilise the pdfs given to study in ur netbook or just other activities...photocopy machine...sorry this is postgraduation thing...so better print outs...n u have an oppurtunity to swap ur college...get to NOIDA campuss for ur so called recognition and govt. jobs...y create such a hue and cry over here....u have brought out a good scenario though creating a huge post...applaude!!
@souparna123 even the student of ur own college is criticizing the college......most of the people noe tht iilm is nt a good college.........n 8.1 lac fees for a IGNOU degree doesnt worth.....n even the avg package of ur college is less than u guys spend in 2 yrs...........now a days even a graduate student frm any govt. engineering college manage to gt more package than tht n tht too spending only 2-3 lacs in 4 yrs.......
i took cmat n cat this yr n planning to take xat
i am a student of iilm gurgaon and i wld like to say tht iilm sucks . lonewolf is rite . the institute is not approved and it is spoiling the life of so many students . and ignou degree is useless . the placement of the college is horrible and i feel that i have wasted my money while taking admisn in this institute . as the institute is not approved so frgt getting into govt. jobs . the guys who got placed in so called MNC's by our institute were serving as slaves under the pg's frm iims or similar lvl colleges .if u didnt gt placed by our college then the only thing u can do here is join our college as a faculty member n spoil the new comers with ur crappy knowledge which u hav gained in those 2 yrs .
the marks were only given to the students who used to be the ass lickers of the teachers . the ratio of marks is :
marks obtained in xam is directly proportional to - 1) helping teachers , n it doesnt matter whether u study or not
2) ass licking policy
they also provide us crappy laptops . taking admission in this institute is a waste of time and money as i hav wastd by taking advice from one idiot and got stuck here . and even if u hav good skills and knowledge n if u wanna waste it then u r most welcome to join our institute . and scholarship programme is just for fooling students who thnk they can get an MBA degree by spending less amount of fees as compared to others . if u hav knowledge , skills n talent then why shld u take an admission in an unapproved low grade institute n waste ur money here . the owner of this institute is only running this institute for business purpose n not for providing knowledge to the students taking admission here . the future of these students r doomed .
its my advice that if u have huge sum of money in ur account and wanna waste it then take admission here
its one of the worst b schools in delhi ncr . its my bad luck tht i'm here .