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Make America great again. We often confuse labour rate with labour cost. Labour rate is the total salary divided by number of hours. Whereas labour cost is cost of production decided by total output. Now here is the funny part, labour rate may be high but the labour cost might be low and vice versa . This seem peculiar because how can a company paying high wages have low labour cost ? This is because of the concept of productivity . If the high paying labour produces a greater output then in spite of the higher cost of production because the output is high the labour cost or cost per unit worker comes down. This is the solution for high labour rate countries like USA. They need to focus on their productivity . Because if they increase their productivity their labour cost can be lower that other countries in spite of higher wage rate . Till now the only game that strategists have been playing is the cost game . But USA has a chance to change the game by focusing on productivity . And there by make America great again.

What is the fee structure of IILM? Do they offer scholarships too?


IILM is offering three different advanced certifications available from IIM Bangalore. The best things is, there are no payments to be made by students  for the certification.  The certifications are: 

Advanced Certificate in Data Analytics

Advanced Certificate in Entrpreneurship

Advanced Certificate in Financial Markets 

There will be online content, videos, discussion forums and one webinar per paper aired directly by the faculty from IIM Bangalore. Faculties of IILM  will also assist students with preparation. 

Two different styles of motivation I for one think there are broadly two perspective to do work . And accordingly two different motivational strategies . The first on is constant work per unit time . Under this method you aim to keep doing the same amount of work per day. For example I will read 10 pages a day till the book is finished. This thought process is suitable for those who think long term and a not motivated by deadlines rather fear working under deadline and pressure . Set a deadline {realistic one} and then divide work per day up till that day. I this you don't fix the standard quantity of work you want to do rather you set a realistic deadline that is achievable and then divide the total work in order to meet deadline. For example I have 250 pages to read . I can do it in 10 days so I will read 25 pages and complete this book in 10 days . This is for those who don't get themselves to work till they are forced to . And think short term and can only work when they have a clear end term in mind. A hybrid strategy could also be adopted For example you tell yourself I will read ten pages a day and complete this 250 page book in 25 days . This way you have both a dead line as well as constant work per day. So do what suits you but whatever you do don't stop working and preparing for CAT Best of luck everyone  


Innovation can be more than what we think. It goes beyond our thinking process, breaking through the knowledge lock to give us something that has never been seen before. Every innovation is a solution to a problem, big or small. Invention and innovation are two different words that serve different purpose but are often confused to be same. Invention is modification of what we have while innovation is altogether new idea. 

A three day session on understanding innovations in emerging markets taken up by Sudhanshu Rai, PhD Associate Professor of innovation in emerging economies situated in Denmark was organized by IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida. This was a great learning opportunity given to the students to understand what innovation actually is and think about how to look at a problem beyond what the eyes see. Make something out of nothing, gathering resources that could be utilized without being actually bounded by those resources only. This session was not lecture based but included learning through games and interactions and ended with presentations prepared by students on the problems they have seen and their solutions for those problems. 


In the field of excellence IILM has kept on achieving success from the past 25 years and many more years in coming. It not only caters to academic excellence but also shows us the picture out of the books of management. From organising CII clubs wherein the students present on the current topics to the 1- 3 months of global studies. It knocks each and every door of excellence which can in large help in the growth and development of the learners. From bringing final placement to having the glimpse of the corporate world it provides the learners with summer internship in order to be aware of the know-how of the corporates. The learner also get the opportunity to be a part of CDC i.e. career development cell which ensures that they look after the profile are they looking for and for which company they require as well as they also provide with industrial visit which caters to the learning which is out of the blue.


How to generate ideas Need to start an business. Looking for new ideas. Here are some time tested ideas to get ideas . Brainstorming Just let the ideas flow from your brain to the paper . No processing in between . Don't be critical. The idea of brainstorming is to get as many ideas as possible. Pain storming Look at the problem you and others face this would show you potential business venture that you can start to solve these problems. Go wacky Think of the stupidest idea that you could think of and imagine building a business around it. This is just to get your creative juice flowing. Pursue your passion Look into your areas of interest and hobby and see if you can leverage that to start a business.

CII skill will club I think it is a great initiative that IILM has taken . In collaboration with Confederation of Indian industries IILM GSM greater noida has started this club called the skill will majestic club. In it students of IILM( and I mean all of them, turn by turn , week after week, in groups of four) make a presentation or case study on a given topic and then present it in front of everyone including a CII Member ( who is the judge) . This really does wonders for student's communication skills. it helps build it up. And also helps students get over stage fright. I for one think that this is a wonderful initiative by the college to build the overall personality and presentation skills. I gave a presentation myself using this platform it was a great learning experience and I got to work in a team . This activity also builds us team spirit and teamwork as the presentation is to be given in groups of four.


Every industry searches for an overall multitasking student who may be average academically but has a will of learning new things and also good with cocurriculars. Building this in students is important and thus post graduation platforms have committees for different cultural, academic and sports events.

The qualities of a good leader, a confident person and teamwork are not learnt in a bookish way but through practical events. To make this true IILM has academic committees like the HR club, Marketing club, Entrepreneurship club etc. Sports committees include football club, cricket club, volleyball club, badminton club etc. Also the cultural club includes Dance club, Singing club, Blogging club, Photography club etc. These all clubs in totality improve a student experience of developing themselves in different fields. 

IILM also encourages students to participate in outside campus competitions and also organizes such events for inhouse competitions. 

Sustainable marketing of agricultural products Every year million of tons of grain and food product goes waste because of the mismatch between demand and supply of food products . Farmers don't even get remunerative price for their crop in the harvest season , because supply increases so dramatically .But at other times there is scarcity of food products. Pushing up prices of food products  several times. As we stand face to face with climate change it becomes all the more important to follow sustainable agriculture.Yet some of the best sustainable agricultural practices don't have wide adoption. The reasons behind this being the niche development of sustainable agricultural practices and their limited adoption to the place where they originate. Another factor, according to research papers , that hinders the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices is the fact that they are labour intensive . Yet as it stands even in labour surplus countries like India there seems to be little adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. So the real reason behind it could be the need for better management of input. That is required for sustainable agricultural but knowledge and information about sustainable agricultural practice are not easily available. Another reason that hinders the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices is the fact that they have a future benefit but a current cost. The benefits of sustainable agricultural practices will be reaped by the generations to come but the cost it very real and has to be faced now. This near sightedness of several farmers keeps them from adopting sustainable agricultural practices . The reason for the slow adoption of sustainable agricultural practices can also be found in the economic incentive behind them. As long as  fertilizers remain subsidized who would bother to switch to cow dung. Something need to be done on this front also. Sustainable agriculture practice need to be subsidized and incentivised by the government . In the end I would just like to say that a great role also remains to be played by NGO and self help farmers groups for the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. They need to go on ground and encourage farmers to adopt these technologies. All these things are required to make sustainable agriculture a day to day reality. A marketing intervention of cold storage , demand analysis and proper network for distribution of food products is required to ensure sustainable agricultural economy.

Everything has a opportunity cost Anything that you choose to do has an opportunity cost. Whenever you choose to do something you also choose not to do another thing. In that way everything has an opportunity cost. Whenever you study to you choose not to play. Whenever you play you choose not to study. So for every great achievement there is the effort that you put in and it's opportunity cost. Things you would have gained had you not chosen to achieve this goal. So in effect every decision  to do something is also a decision not to do another thing. So everything you achieve has a flavour of loss in it. And everything you lose has a chance to gain something else instead.



Problems are always a part of life that turns out to be experiences for future. Most people don’t utilize this right to question for their benefit because it always seems to be a ‘headache’ to even reveal the problem and then question it. ‘Asa he hota hai’ .People need to realize that if they have a problem they need the solution for it. Sitting around and then complaining that things don’t happen your way, the right way, is no way to address it. Start questioning why? Why is a very powerful weapon to kill a problem.   



History is not made by the fearless but the brave I for one believe that no one is fearless . There is always something that we are scared of. Be it loosing our friends and family or spiders or snakes or stage fear . The greats in this world were not fearless eighter they all had some fear that they needed to overcome. You see bravery is not the absence of fear . It is acting inspire of fear. So the great are not fearless but brave. Even they have fear that they overcome to become great .So don't try to get rid of your fears instead work inspite of they . You must have to go through hell before you get your peace of heaven.



Many a times people are misguided their whole life that they need to find who they are? What purpose are they carrying? What is their being all about? These are boundaries. 

One can think and go on thinking about this but the actual strength of life lies in challenging what you know about yourself and then focusing on what you want your life to be like. You’ll automatically get to find many interesting things about yourself as you move on to create yourself. Creating would be an adventure that will open many doors for you in the direction you want to go.

 So create your own goals, your own plans and thus your own life controlled by only you. You would be proud of it EVERYDAY.

Life is all about 'being' and 'becoming' In life we must find the perfect balance between being happy with what we have and striving to get more. Being happy with what you have is 'being' . Which is very important if you want a peace of mind. But That alone is not enough to carve out a comfortable and meaningful life for yourself. You also need to strive to become better. Now that is 'becoming'. We should always try to better our lot and keep striving to become a better person. Yet That shouldn't stop us from enjoying what we have and being content with it. Because what's the point of striving for something else all the time when you are not even happy. Good life is a journey not a destination. You must keep trying to become better all along this journey and at the same time be content with what you have and the circumstances around . So always try to better your lot and don't forget to enjoy the journey because the final destination for all of us is death. And it is only this journey that we would look back and remember. Enjoying yourself and working hard both have a place in this life of ours and we must accept what we have to do and enjoy both aspects of life.

Christmas is a time of joy for all. And there is no joy greater than the joy of giving. And in that spirit IILM GSM greater Noida celebrated christmas by first distributing books and stationary to children in a school in the slumps, an intiative from the NGO club ,that also marked the birthday of my dear friend Nakhila. After this some kids were invited from the orphanage to come celebrate this occasion of Christmas celebration at IILM greater noida. Where they cut a cake and celebrated Christmas with the students and teachers . I believe that is now the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in the spirit of joy . I know it's only 20 th and Christmas is on 25th but any occasion celebrated in the joy of giving is nothing short of Christmas and in the end I would just like to say that Christmas came a little early at IILM GSM grater noida

Sense of purpose for everyone Everyone must carry a great sense of purpose with him to maintain his sense of dignity . No matter how small ones role is. When John F Kennedy asked a janitor working in NASA what he was doing. The janitor responded that he was helping putting a man on the moon. Such great pride the janitor had in his work is an example of dignity of labour . We all must follow this example and take great pride in what every we do no matter how insignificant our contribution might seem. So get down to work. Pull up your sleeves and come to the realisation that there is nothing such as a small job only small mindsets and perspective. And remember there is nothing such as success or failure there is only doing. So be like that janitor who helped put man on the moon scrubbing one toiled at a time and carry and give others the dignity of labour.

Travelers are the best learners. How do i say that? They are the information collectors, not only information but experience as well. Ask a traveler and he will talk about a new thing you would have never heard of. A new information, a new piece of knowledge that books cannot create. Start exploring start exploiting the knowledge you have by experiencing something you have never seen. Be a traveler. Keep eyes, ears and mind open. That is all you need.